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  1. Killing a Titan

    Normally I use Lightning wyvern with 400+ damage to kill it 25 minutes. Titan is kind of different from other wild dino, if you attack it, it will kind of only attack those who attacked it (remember to whistle all passive to your dino nearby first). As in, you can attack it from the sky, and land a distance away, it will only follow the attacker aggressively once the attacker lands on the ground or buildings. Another thing is that, Titan will start attacking when the attacker is near its Neck or buttock part. That's all, and good luck.
  2. Why no 2x raising?

    x2 breeding will make server reach the Tame limit in no time
  3. PIPES omg they suck

    we need more updates on Ark buildings =)
  4. Not sure if anyone reported this yet, it seems Ice/Frost Wyvern eggs cannot be uploaded? Is it supposed to be like this or glitch? high lvl egg is gone because of uploading...
  5. "You died" after server went down

    happened on me sometimes, in Ragnarok map, i always get teleported to very far away from where i log off too....
  6. Mod Idea "Ark: Dinosaur Hunter"

    i think it will be just like other mmorpg concept, just different Theme and graphic.
  7. Tamed Calculator

    thanks mate ! hopefully there is a website always update new calculation =)
  8. Web App to Rapidly Practice Fishing

    finally someone made this ~ hahah thanks
  9. Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    what else we can say? awesome job
  10. Community Crunch 92!

    awesome well done~~
  11. Community Crunch 93!