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  1. You should change the location ofyour house if it is inside the keep out-zone. It will be demolished.
  2. Velice


    Haha good reputation! thank you!!
  3. Velice


    Yes, it is!!
  4. Velice

    Guess which show is?

    My entry for the Crunch, I don't know 100%, but I think that it should participate in #ARKart. Do you know which TV show is it? That guy with glasses, a "LABoratherium" as vehicle...
  5. Hi guys! I know that you all are occupied talking about the mod contest (what is obvious) but I have a question There is any prize for winning ARKart? I have seen something in the Contest post, but that info is not clear. Not for me, maybe ^^'
  6. Velice


    I uploaded the template to arktemplates.com but there is a strange problem with that page right now
  7. Velice

    Toruk Makto

    My entry for the #ARKart contest, my quetzal painted like Toruk, the legendary bird from Avatar! I hope you like it!
  8. They just changed, they saved my buildings But that is true, it could be awesome some big white field, with dense drifts occasionally! There, the dire wolf would win a lot
  9. Our buildings in our dedicated server (NO BOOST OR CHEATS USED TO BUILD AND TAME ALL THIS). We are here since almost the beginning and we build and tame a lot. We haven't finished yet but, if devs extend the snow biome, we will lose all...* This is our entry for the #ARKitect 47th contest, but it is a petition to reconsider the biome extension too.* * UPDATE: They changed the snow extension intention, they saved our town today ^^ I hope you like it!
  10. Please, don't put too many rocks over the east of the new snow biome! We have an huge (REALLY HUGE) base (or town) in the east shore, near the cliff and the puddle, in front of the carnivore island. We have a lot of cells with dinos inside and we can't move all of them to another zone... We built an enormous platform over the water where we have our houses, plantations and "airport". Anyway, that zone, I think, should be like it is right now, peaceful and calm, near two mad and dangerous zones. The extension could end just past the mountain, without covering the little oasis that is hidden in the forest. Just my opinion and petition, I would love it if you consider all this. (I will upload soon some pics of our base)
  11. Its just amazing. I want to see the front of the helmet!!!!!!! (Don't do it like halo armours please... xD)
  12. I will take the Hansen's idea when I have tamed the Tusoteuthis (I hope that it will have a platform saddle ^^'). He (or she) will be my kraken!
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