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  1. Hi Trenrifus. I really really like your picture. Congrats on winning the day twice back in 2016. 

  2. Congratulations @Trentifus on your poetry thread mention, you bloody earned it ya parrot!!
  3. Hey @Rippy,

    Cant see your about me, whats up with that?

  4. Holy cow, did you know that our birthdays were only a little over a month apart! I am older though by just a lil' bit, as you could probably tell LOLLLLLLL

  5. Wicked thanks @Trentifus, do you know what they can be picked up with?
  6. Can't wait to get home and update our server! Does anyone know where Arthopleura resides yet? Can't access the wiki at work. Also what creatures can pick one up? Noting their size, I am guessing only a quetz?
  7. Yeah just crossed the 1500 mark @Trentifus
  8. Hey Rippy, just nominated you for a 100 Rep point award like you asked. I didnt tell the Moderator either. You're welcome! x

    1. Rippy


      hahaha your attempts to get me banned for no reason are funny :)

  9. Hey mate, I just noticed your updated your banner. It is looking great, but just be careful as it is a copy righted image, and I dont want you to get sued.

    1. Trentifus


      Thanks mate, I spoke to the OP and he said it was cool

    2. Rippy


      No worries dude. Keep up the good work.

    3. Trentifus


      Thanks Rippy Martin, really appreciate it

  10. are you the guy who force fed me poop until i died?

    1. Rippy


      no that was Chow Meng

    2. Trentifus


      It's true, saw his beady eyes in the dark

  11. Mate, wanna join my tribe?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Titanius


      i feel like the underline is like putting a smiley face at the end of a comment :-)

      All heil the underline king!.

      Does this mean I am accepted to the tribe sirz?

    3. Titanius


      I also have wicked le RAP skillz, if you require these for the tribes convenience

    4. Trentifus


      I believe there is the tribe of Frodo and Alice whoareafter people of that skill set

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