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  1. Just thought of a map completely submerged in water with 5 biomes A red wood forest cave biome . A crystal cavern biome . A giant dome tek city biome . A ocean trench biome A deep dark depth ocean biome Each one has it's own set of creatures and a few new unique creatures The only biomes that would be dry would be the red wood forest cave biome , the crystal cavern biome , and the Giant dome tek city biome . ======================= Giant dome tek city biome creature set -------------------------------- Enforcer Scout Attack drone Defense unit Void wyrm , the tek wyvern Tek raptor Tek tyrannosaurus Tek Parasaurus Tek stegosaurus Tek triceratops Tek giganotosaurus Tek strider Tek Quetzalcoatlus Tek dinosaurs Tek pteranodon Tek carnotaurus Tek iguanadon Tek guardian a.k.a. tek golem Tek Ankylosaurus Tek pachycelophosaurus Tek gallimimus Tek dilophosaurus Tek velonasaurus Tek thorny dragon Tek sabertooth tiger Tek equus Coelacanth Sabertooth Salmon Piranha ======================= Red wood forest cave biome creature set ---------------------------------- Aberrant Carnotaurus Aberrant Pulmonoscorpius Aberrant spinosaurus Aberrant Otter Aberrant Parasaur Aberrant Dimorphodon Aberrant Stegosaurus Aberrant Triceratops Aberrant raptor Aberrant sarcosuchus Aberrant Iguanadon Aberrant diplodocus Aberrant Sabertooth Salmon Aberrant Piranha Aberrant Coelacanth Aberrant dung beetle Aberrant gigantopithecus Aberrant Megalosaurus Aberrant equus Basilisk Giant Bee Giant Bee Queen ======================= Crystal caverns biome Creature Set ----------------------------------- Crystal raptor Crystal Tyrannosaurus Crystal golem a.k.a. crystal elemental Crystal stegosaurus Crystal triceratops Crystal Parasaur Crystal pachycelophosaurus Crystal dire Wolf Crystal mesopithecus Crystal thylacoleo Crystal sabertooth tiger Crystal ravager Crystal pachyrhinosaurus Crystal megaloceros Crystal baryonix Crystal iguanadon Crystal allosaurus Crystal rock Drake Daedon Aberrant Sabertooth Salmon Aberrant Coelacanth Aberrant Piranha ======================= Ocean trench biome creature set --------------------------------- Megalodon Ichthyosaurus Dunkleosteus Coelacanth Sabertooth Salmon Plesiosaur Liopleurodon Ammonite Trilobite Anglerfish Electrophorus Mosasaur Tusotheuthis Manta Basilosaurus ======================= Deep dark ocean depth biome Creature Set ---------------------------------- tusotheuthis Aberrant Manta Aberrant Trilobite Aberrant Coelacanth X-basilosaurus X-sabertooth Salmon X-megalodon X-ichthyosaurus X-dunkleosteus Cnidaria Anglerfish Electrophorus ======================= Red wood forest cave biome unique creature set -------------------------------- Land Drake a.k.a. the forest dragon Caelifera a.k.a. the giant grasshopper ======================= Crystal caverns biome unique creature set ---------------------------------- Archaboilus a.k.a. the cricket Irritator ======================= Ocean trench biome unique creature set ----------------------------------- Sea serpent ======================= Deep dark ocean depth biome unique creature set ----------------------------------- Elasmosaurus Tylosaurus ======================= Map boss creature set ----------------------------------- Leviathan terror of the deep Dizuncon venomous serpent queen of madness Malfunctioning Omega mek ======================= New item saddles -------------------------------- Sea serpent saddle Elasmosaurus saddle Tylosaurus saddle Irritator saddle Caelifera saddle ======================= New item weapons ----------------------------------- Sub-machine gun Spike grenade Tek arm cannon ======================= New item attachments ----------------------------------- Bayonet ======================= New item blueprints --------------------------------- Sea serpent saddle blueprint Elasmosaurus saddle blueprint Tylosaurus saddle blueprint Irritator saddle blueprint Caelifera saddle blueprint Sub-machine gun blueprint Spike grenade blueprint Tek arm cannon blueprint Bayonet blueprint
  2. I thought I would revisit the Dos Muertes map idea and expand on it a little bit . I'm not sure it would be on the official game or not , but maybe it will become a map on PC as apart of a mod or something , or maybe it'll get its chance to be on ark 2 . Hope you guys (& ladies) like this new map idea . New map with eight biomes it will have two islands , each island has three biomes . First island will have a Jungle biome , a Desert biome , and a underground Lava biome . Second island will have a snow biome , a red wood forest , and a underground mushroom biome . There will be two ocean biomes a pillar biome , and a deep ocean biome . Each biome will have its own set of creatures and unique creatures . There are three new boss creatures . Some of the new unique creatures will have saddles . The map will have new items , and new blueprints . ======================= New Items Creature Saddles ---------------------------- Therapoda saddle Tarbosaurus saddle Ceratosaurus saddle Herrerasaurus saddle Dryosaurus saddle Olorotitan saddle Sivatherium saddle Livytan saddle Aqua Drake saddle Xiphactinus saddle Concavenator saddle Cryolophosaurus saddle Giant bison saddle Deinosuchus saddle Balaeniceps saddle ======================= New Items Foods ---------------------- Lycomate , a Tomato Lycomate Seed , a Tomato Seed Stonepip , a Peach Stonepip Seed , a Peach Seed Cerise Berry , a Strawberry Cerise Berry Seed , a Strawberry Seed Dahl Berry , Peas Dahl Berry Seed , Pea Seed Acubal, a Banana Acubal Seed , a Banana Seed Beef Milk ======================= New Items Weapons ------------------------ Burst Pistol Assault Shotgun Semi-Advanced Sniper Rifle Survival Knife Freeze Grenade ======================= New Items Attachments ---------------------------- Advanced Scope Advanced Flashlight Advanced Silencer ======================= New Items Miscellaneous ----------------------------- Fish Tank ======================= New Items Blueprints -------------------------- Therapoda saddle blueprint Tarbosaurus saddle blueprint Ceratosaurus saddle blueprint Herrerasaurus saddle blueprint Dryosaurus saddle blueprint Olorotitan saddle blueprint Sivatherium saddle blueprint Livytan saddle blueprint Aqua Drake saddle blueprint Xiphactinus saddle blueprint Concavenator saddle blueprint Cryolophosaurus saddle blueprint Giant bison saddle blueprint Deinosuchus saddle blueprint Balaeniceps saddle blueprint Burst Pistol blueprint Assault Shotgun blueprint Semi-Advanced Sniper Rifle blueprint Survival Knife blueprint Freeze Grenade blueprint Advanced Scope blueprint Advanced Flashlight blueprint Advanced Silencer blueprint Fish Tank blueprint ======================= Jungle Biome Creature Set -------------------------------- Triceratops Brontosaurus Therizinosaurus Mesopithecus Oviraptor Compy Pteranodon Raptor Dilophosaurus Iguanadon Pachyrhinosaurus Pachycerophosaurus Allosaurus Carbonemys Dimorphodon ======================= Desert Biome Creature Set ---------------------------------- Morrellatops Paracertherium Lymantria Thorny dragon Parasaur Ankylosaurus Jug bug Equus Doedicurus Vulture Kaprosuchus Pulmonoscorpius Arthropluera Carnotaurus Procoptodon Jerboa Titanoboa Tapejara Sabertooth tiger Hyena Thylacoleo ======================= Underground Lava Biome Creature Set --------------------------------- X-Ankylosaurus X-Triceratops X-Rock Golem or X-Rock Elemental X-Allosaurus X-Tyrannosaurus Rex Basilisk Stegosaurus Kentrosaurus Pulmonoscorpius Doedicurus Magmasaurus Fire Wyvern Megalania Iguanadon Dimorphodon ======================= Red Wood Forest Biome Creature Set ------------------------------------- Megaloceros Moschops Phiomia Pegomastax Stegosaurus Purlovia Diplodocus Gigantopithecus Microraptor Otter Castoroides Giant Bee Giant Bee Queen Hesperornis Terror bird Dire bear Argentavis R-Thylacoleo R-Snow Owl R-Dire Wolf R-Carnotaurus X-Parasaur ======================= Snow Biome Creature Set --------------------------------- Woolly Mammoth Woolly Rhino Snow Owl Dire Wolf Dire Polar Bear Ovis Megaloceros Daedon Kairuku Yeti Carnotaurus Yutyrannus X-Argentavis X-Sabertooth Tiger Hyaenadon Chalicotherium Megatherium ======================= Underground Mushroom Biome Creature Set ------------------------------------- Aberrant Carnotaurus Aberrant Pulmonoscorpius Aberrant Parasaur Aberrant Otter Aberrant Iguanadon Aberrant Stegosaurus Aberrant Triceratops Aberrant Megalosaurus Aberrant Dimorphodon Aberrant Megalania Aberrant Ankylosaurus Aberrant Ovis Aberrant Lystrosaurus Aberrant Titanoboa Aberrant Arthropluera Aberrant Piranha Aberrant Sabertooth Salmon Aberrant Coelacanth Aberrant Dodo Ravager Basilisk Karkinos Glowtail Shinehorn Glowbug ======================= Ocean pillar biome creature set ------------------------------------- Coelacanth Megalodon Manta Basilosaurus Cnidaria Ichthyosaurus Ichthyornis Pelagornis Dunkleosteus Sabertooth Salmon ======================= Deep ocean depth biome creature set ------------------------------------- Tusotheuthis Aberrant Manta Aberrant Trilobite Aberrant Coelacanth X-Basilosaurus X-Sabertooth Salmon X-Megalodon X-Dunkleosteus X-Ichthyosaurus X-Mosasaur Plesiosaur Liopleurodon Ammonite Electrophorus Anglerfish ======================= Jungle Biome Unique Creature Set --------------------------------- Herrerasaurus Dryosaurus Olorotitan ======================= Desert Biome Unique Creature Set --------------------------------- Therapoda a.k.a. The Giant Tarantula Concavenator Dienosuchus ======================= Underground Lava Biome Unique Creature Set -------------------------------- Ceratosaurus Vulcan drake ======================= Red Wood Forest Biome Unique Creature Set ----------------------------- Tarbosaurus Issiore Lynx Balaeniceps a.k.a. Shoebill Bird ======================= Snow Biome Unique Creature Set ------------------------------ Cryolophosaurus Giant bison Must Neoculus a.k.a. The Giant Mouse ======================= Underground Mushroom Biome Unique Creature Set ----------------------------- Siamosaurus Suchomimus Sivatherium Vulpes Alopecoides a.k.a. The Fox ======================= Ocean Pillar Biome Unique Creature Set --------------------------------- Livytan , a Prehistoric Sperm Whale Haikouchthys , a prehistoric fish ======================= Deep Ocean Depth Biome Unique Creature Set ------------------------------- Xiphactinus , the Bulldog Gish Aqua Drake , the Sea Dragon ======================= Map Boss Creature Set ----------------------------- Therapoda Matriarch Vulcan Rex Roc Eagle
  3. I thought that some of the creatures that can't breed should be able to breed , except golems (rock elementals) I'm fine with golems not being able to breed cause it makes sense that they shouldn't (I guess , I don't know how else to put it man) and leeches & lampreys cause I don't know much about them other than they're blood suckers , bees I'm not sure unless wild card decides to come out with King Bee for the Queen Bee cause that is the only way I see the bee of being breedable , so I thought these creatures made the most sense Griffins Basilisks Titanoboas Fire Wyverns Poison Wyverns Electric Wyverns Ice Wyverns Piranha Sabertooth Salmon Coelacanth
  4. I don't know what else put in here I guess some new weapons or guns or whatever , does anyone even read these suggestions , any way maybe these would be nice things to have I guess Assault Shotgun Burst Pistol or a Burst Handgun (whatever ) Sub-Machine Gun , it can use hanging ammo ,( or pistol ammo who cares ) Battle Axe A new rifle that can use tranquilizer darts (I guess) Daggers (scr3w it why not) Chitin shields (not a a weapon but whatever) Four barrel rocket launcher (cause firing one rocket isn't enough ) Turok (that's clearly not going to happen because that is a person from a comic book not weapon) Freeze grenades Rin tin tin (that's dog d##n it)
  5. Just thought that you guys would so new crystal variants that I thought would something kinda cool to see on crystal isles Crystal Raptors Crystal Tyrannosaurs Crystal Rock Drakes Crystal Golems a.k.a. Crystal Elementals Crystal Baryonyx Crystal Pulmonoscorpius Crystal Araneo Crystal Megalodon Crystal Basilosaurus Crystal Parasaurolophus Crystal Iguanadon Crystal Stegosaurus Crystal Triceratops Crystal Pachycephalosaurus Crystal Mesopithecus Crystal S.Tiger Crystal Ravager Crystal Thylacoleo Crystal D.Wolf Forest Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. Emerald Wyvern Ocean Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. Sapphire Wyvern Sky Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. Diamond Wyvern Snow Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. amethyst Wyvern Swamp Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. Ruby Wyvern Crystal Giganotosaurus Crystal Megalosaurus
  6. I had an idea for more dlc after fjordur about by making some of creatures from the ark vote and/or creature submissions part of the ark additions and making the ark additions into dlc for some of the maps on ark survival evolved that way the developers don't have to make a new map for the game
  7. Nickevon

    Dos muertes

    I had an idea of a map with two islands each with 2 biomes & 1 underground biome , one would have a jungle biome , a desert biome and a underground mushroom biome , while the other would have a snow biome , a red wood forest , and a underground lave biome and the map would have two ocean biomes too a deep trench biome (or a deep ocean biome whatever works I guess) and a spires biome (or pillars biome again whatever works I guess) and maybe put some creatures from the creature vote , and/or from the creature submissions . I thought this was a neat idea , a new map with a good number biomes (at least i think is) and maybe with some new creatures .
  8. Just thought that since you guys like to put new variations of dinosaurs and creatures that have been in ark for awhile I thought maybe you guys (and ladies) would like some new variation ideas Unicorn : black Unicorn : pink Unicorn : light blue Fire wyvern : stripes tiger pattern Fire wyvern : spots leopard pattern Lightning wyvern : spots cheetah pattern Lightning wyvern : stripes bongo pattern Poison wyvern : calico pattern Poison wyvern : spots polka pattern Ice wyvern : stripes zebra pattern Ice wyvern : spots jaguar pattern Basilisk : stripes coral Basilisk : spots desert Massasauga pattern Griffin : spotted owl pattern Griffin : calico pattern
  9. If there would be any new water base creatures these are what I imagine would see I think these would be good To see in ark or ark 2 Livyatan a prehistoric sperm whale Haikouchthys , a prehistoric fish Xiphactinus , the bull dog fish Tylosaurus Elasmosaurus Deinosuchus Irritator Suchimimus Siamosaurus
  10. Just thought that maybe of the older maps could use some new fantasy creatures 1. Duocorn (a horse or equus with 2 horns) 2.triocorn (a horse or equus with 3 horns) 3.pegasus (a horse or equus with wings) 4.sphinx 5.kappa 6.hippogriff 7.chimera
  11. Just thought ark could use some new tek dinos Tek mammoth Tek rhino Tek argentavis Tek velonasaur Tek managarmr Tek gallimimus Tek morrellatops Tek thorny dragon Tek plesiosaur Tek dilophosaurus Tek baryonyx Tek arthropluera Tek Ankylosaurus Tek Basilisk Tek D.bear Tek D.wolf Tek araneo Tek pulmonoscorpius Tek S.Tiger Tek Equus Tek paraceratherium Tek basilosaurus Tek unicorn Tek elemental
  12. Just thought that since you guys like to put different variations or the same dinos and creatures with different patterns so I figured you guys might like to have a few suggestions for new variations or new patterns for some of the creatures that you would like to put into ark or ark 2 Brontosaurus : spots cow pattern Parasaurolophus : spots cow pattern Equus : chestnut pattern Equus : calico pattern Iguanadon : stripes zebra pattern Iguanadon : spots giraffe pattern Gallimimus : spots polka pattern Gallimimus : stripes bongo pattern Megaloceros : spots deer pattern Megaloceros : stripes bongo pattern Woolly rhino : stripes Woolly mammoth : stripes Ovis : spots cow pattern Ovis : stripes zebra pattern Diplocaulus : stripes Diplocaulus : spots Beelzebufo : spots leopard pattern Beelzebufo : stripes Stegosaurus : spots giraffe pattern Stegosaurus : stripes Pachyrhinoceros : spots cow pattern Ankylosaurus : spots tapejara : spots jaguar pattern compy : spots
  13. Nickevon

    Fish tanks

    I like the idea of having a fish tank where I can put my aquatic creatures in maybe and make it to where there is a few slots where you can put food in it so the fish tank will automatically feed them and make it to where there can be 3 or 4 creatures in a fish tank and add an extra special slot to put put cryopods in to release any of the aquatic creatures in to the tank but make it to where you can put 1 cryopod at a time Which creatures that would be put in to the fish tank Leech Lamprey Piranha Abberant piranha Coelacanth Abberant Coelacanth Trilobite Abberant trilobite Sabertooth salmon Abberant sabertooth salmon X-sabertooth salmon
  14. I Just thought that ark could use some more tek dinos Tek spinosaurus Tek megalodon Tek pteranodon Tek brontosaurus Tek carnotaurus Tek allosaurus Tek iguanadon Tek pachycephalosaurus Tek pachyrhinoceros Tek mosasaur Tek giganotosaurus
  15. I just thought since you guys like to give new patterns to some of creatures that have been ark for a while so I'm suggesting new patterns and/or variants Raptors : Tiger-stripe pattern Raptors : spotted pattern Raptors : single-stripe pattern going down there back Raptors : jaguar-spotted pattern Raptors : two-stripe pattern going down there back Raptors : zebra-stripe pattern Carnotaurus : jaguar-spotted pattern Carnotaurus : zebra-stripe pattern Allosaurus : stripe pattern Allosaurus : leopard-spotted pattern Tyrannosaurus : jaguar-spotted pattern Tyrannosaurus : tiger-stripe pattern Spinosaurus : zebra-stripe pattern Spinosaurus : cheetah-spotted pattern S.tiger : caleco pattern S.tiger : tuxedo pattern D.wolf : dalmatian-spotted pattern D.bear : panda pattern Thylacoleo : leopard-spotted pattern Megalodon : calico pattern Hyenadon : stripe pattern Megalania : jaguar-spotted pattern Mosasaur : giraff-spotted pattern Megalosaurus : calico pattern Megalosaurus : zebra-stripe pattern Megalosaurus : leopard-spotted pattern Titanoboa : stripe pattern Deinonychus : spotted pattern Deinonychus : calico pattern Pteranodon : calico pattern Pteranodon : spotted pattern Tropeognathus : cheetah-spotted pattern
  16. I just thought some new creatures or dragons would be a good idea to add to some of the older maps on ark or to put on to ark 2 1. Aqua drake a.k.a. sea dragon it's a creature an underwater dweller that can live in deep underwater trenches to living in giant almost bottomless lakes , it does become hostile unless it feels threatened , can be passively tamed by feeding it fish . 2. Land Drake a.k.a. Forest Dragon is a creature the looks like a wingless dragon , it's big as a carnotaurus , can ram with its head and swipe with its claws , does not become hostile until it is approached , can be torpor tamed and fed meat , lives in red wood forests . 3. Sky serpent a.k.a. oriental dragon looks like the dragon of Chinese lore , has electric breath like the lightning wyvern , can be passively tamed riding it and fed biotoxin , will cover itself with electricity to shake off anyone that tries to tame it , wild ones usually never land . 4. Volcan drake a.k.a. fire dragon it looks almost like the dragon that is in the obelisks but it's head and body are shaped differently , cannot stand on its hind legs , and it is a little bit smaller than the dragon , but bigger than a wyvern , lives around volcanoes or anywhere that has lava , it hunts wyvern's as it's main food source of meat and sulfur cannot be tamed but eggs can be found in nests around volcanoes which can be hatched and imprinted on , must fed sulfur until it is old enough to eat meat . 5. Emerald wyvern is a wyvern covered with emeralds , it is usually not hostile unless threatened , can be passively tamed by being fed crystals , prefers to eat crystals and meat , has a green breath attack that can cause slow damage and complete blindness , is usually seen in red wood forests. 6. Sapphire wyvern is a wyvern covered in sapphires , it is usually not hostile unless threatened , can be passively tamed by being fed crystals , prefers to eat crystals and meat , has a blue breath attack that can freeze you and cause suffocation , usually seen in snow and ice biomes . 7. Ruby wyvern is a wyvern covered in rubies , it is usually not hostile unless threatened , can be passively tamed by being fed crystals , prefers to eat crystals and meat , has a red breath attack that can cause damage , swamp fever , and heat stroke , usually seen in swamp biomes or around floating islands . 8. Diamond wyverns is a wyvern covered in diamonds , it is usually not hostile unless threatened , can be passively tamed by being fed crystals , prefers to eat crystals and meat , has white beam breath attack that can cause great damage and incineration , usually seen around mountains or floating islands
  17. Can uuuhhhh we get some new foods like I don't know some new meat poultry , beef , pork , venison , and crustacean meat , and some fruits and veggies like apples , lettuce , tomatoes , and strawberries , and maybe some foods you can make like baked goods like pie , bread and cookies , and maybe some fruit and vegetable juice and jam , and some sandwiches would nice too toss well maybe use some of the foods from primitive +
  18. Aptenburma is a terrifying beast it's as big as the carnotaurus but more dangerous . The aptenburma is a giant hornet , it is Very hostile and is extremely carnivorous attacking anything it see's as food . aptenburma is capable of firing it's stinger at its prey to slow it down so It can kill and eat it , it would seem to fire it's stinger with out worry , so I assume it can regenerate its stinger . the aptenburma lays eggs in the largest creature it can find and when they hatch they will devour there host I was terrified me when I saw the larvae burst out of a diplodocus . The aptenburma larvae are just as carnivorous as the adult and they're the size of raptors . Because of their hostility and their thick armor Full grown Aptenburma are not tameable , but the larvae are a different story they are not covered in armor are susceptible to tranquilizers . The larvae can be tamed by knocking it out the traditional way and feeding it meat . When tamed the aptenburma's stinger can be detached and used as an tranq arrow .
  19. The brevivulva is a unique creature it's basically a wasp that's as big as a microraptor is not as hostile as the giant queen bee . It would seem the brevivulva is an omnivore preferring to eat meat and flowers . I have seen the brevivulva usually hunting araneo to get it's source of meat as for flowers it would seem consume any kind but mainly rare flowers . Brevivulva seems pretty harmless until try to take it's meal then it becomes very hostile . I Met a survivor who had one on his shoulder and from what he told me he fed a brevivulva some flowers and laid an egg on him and when it hatch he seen as the parent by the larvae . A brevivulva is able to secrete an odd liquid that acts as a stimulate around its stinger .
  20. I just thought Maybe for the lost island or fjordur instead of re-using some of the same old bosses maybe make some new bosses that are actually dinosaurs that have powers or something Like a fire breathing Tyrannosaurus Rex or a giant Raptor that can use wind attacks or something . And in case your wandering I did just reference diablo and talon from primal rage . although talon doesn't have any wind powers And maybe you get some new rewards besides just a trophy maybe when to you beat a boss you get a special egg that you can hatch that will give a new creature you can't get any where else .
  21. The land Drake is a new kind of creature I found in a red wood forest it's as big as a carnotaurus but it is very ferocious and it resembles a wingless , four legged wyvern with big horns I watched it kill a full grown paracertherium by using a gore attack and a series of swipes . It is advised to avoid this forest dragon or face it's ferocity
  22. Nickevon

    New DLC map

    I just thought that after the ark vote for fjordur is done , a new DLC map with the top 10 or top 20 creatures that didn't make the cut would go on to a new DLC map along with some of the suggestions here or maybe put them in to ark 2
  23. I just thought adding the brachiosaurus , the styracusaurus , and the stygimoloch to the center as actual dinos would help make the map more unique if you guys want to ,you could also add 2 or 3 predators along with them to even it out .
  24. I was thinking that the guns could use a little TLC it would be nice to put more than one attachment on a gun
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