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  1. Ummm,there are large numbers of PVE role players and social/casuals as well. And to be fair the game was intended to reach many demographics not just one. That is what makes Ark so great to be honest. It is approachable to all kinds of players.
  2. For me it would be about healing. Perhaps if they buff the healing effect a bit to make up the difference I would be ok with it. Also,if a tribe has multiple owls and this cooldown effects all owls with the one dino than that is also a negative result. Console PVE gets hurt the most with these nerfs,they do not have access to mods to counter them. I wish they would just add server ini so that they could just make the changes server side. It would than be good for both PVE and PVP because those who run servers could adjust it themselves...they do with many other things.
  3. Actually the Tek Tape Saddle is probably the go to for doing element veins on Extinction so the 30% reduction may have an effect on that. Someone already mentioned the 10 second cooldown on Owls Freeze,I wonder if this has an effect on multiple owls or just the one that uses it before another? If it works for multiple than I think even for PVP its a nerf that hurts the value of the Owl. I think if they are going to add a cooldown to this than the healing should be buffed some along with the time frozen. The rest seems legit to me.
  4. OH MY GOD...Something I can run away from while screaming like a little girl! I am deathly allergic to bees in real life to explain that lol. While I am a bit phobic of bees I am also glad to see them coming into the game. It has been one of the biggest requests.
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