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  1. Thanks guys, so I'll just be patient if everyone has this situation now
  2. Hello! I haven't been able to login to my server (1216) for three days now. Server full! Server full! Server full! Damn... The server reports this even at 60/70. But Steam shows a completely different picture, and there really is no place. Why is the game client deceiving us? And where did this wild online come from? How to get into the game on official servers? I also wonder if they plan to open new servers and allow transfers there (along with dinosaurs) from overcrowded servers?
  3. Again. I've been playing for three months. And the rules for removing items from the game are NOT OBVIOUS to me. This is not mentioned anywhere. This game does not have a normal educational base for new players at all.
  4. I will be very grateful to you if you tell me how to do this. We talked about this with the GM, he promised to pass this information on to the developers. But this is not an official request.
  5. I understand you, but... After the event, mistletoe branches (omela) and embers received a decay time. Why couldn't the same be done with gift boxes containing items? Unclear. In any case, it is worth leaving the players to decide what and when to remove. That would be right, I think.
  6. You didn't understand what this post was about. If the game offers to make gifts targeted and add real things to them, it should warn about their removal at the end of the event. This was not stated anywhere. And the second. It is not necessary to judge by yourself about everyone who celebrates Christmas. There are a lot of single people that can meet him with his game friends. Not everyone is lucky to have families and relatives alive.
  7. Maybe then the American company will take only American money? If the game is sold throughout the world, the manufacturer must take care of more than American traditions. Otherwise it looks very bad.
  8. Hmm... Perhaps this is obvious to you, for those who have recently been playing - are not. In addition, you should consider that Christmas is not only December 25th. And there is a large part of the world where this is not the case. So why not take this into consideration? And the second thing. I understand when the decorations are removed, but in this case, the boxes with real gifts inside were removed. WHY? Why do you take it upon yourself to remove our personal belongings? We already lose them very often due to server crashes.
  9. I want to leave a complaint to the developers. This is a rather serious omission. In Christian countries, Christmas is considered the most important New Year's holiday. We celebrate it on the night of January 6-7. The game just destroyed him just the day before. Why destroy the holiday trees and gifts? Moreover, the game made them targeted. Inside the gift boxes were real gifts (from the New Year event) for our friends. Many players simply did not have time to get them due to server problems that were observed from January 2 to 6. And on January 6th, you destroyed it all without the slightest warning. Why clean up gifts and Christmas trees at all? Players can decide for themselves what to do with them. The result was a very unpleasant situation. You just destroyed our Christmas.
  10. No no. The wyvern was in my personal inventory in the cryopod. Having arrived at Extinction, she was no longer anywhere - neither in the inventory, nor in the transmitter. I immediately jumped back to my server (the transmitter is in my house), but there was nothing left there either.
  11. Today, when I jumped from the Island server to Extinction, my wyvern in the cryopod disappeared from the inventory. She is nowhere to be found. I don't know what to do about it. It's already scary just to leave the base, especially to take your dino with you (( I don’t know how to play when the game issues such bugs, and no one is trying to fix it and compensate In server lags on December 9-10, we have already lost 4 top dinoes. This is the fifth one
  12. I read the last few posts. It looks more like a chronicle of a flayer, rather than a game ..)) And, as a side note, it is pointless to look at the products of the gacha cubs, they change it several times before they grow up. Google to help you!
  13. An appeal to the WildCard company from players who have lost characters, bases, dinoes, personal belongings, etc. December 9-10, 2021 due to problems with EU cluster servers. Hello! I strongly ask you not to transfer my post to the topic of instability and server crashes. It's about something else. I don't understand why the company behind such a really great game has a policy of total disrespect for the players. Why don't you want to help us even if the losses are due to your fault? You have the opportunity to return all lost items to players, including their dinos. But you'd rather give us a random mid-level animal instead of ours, tamed and raised to the highest level. You are not helping to get things back. You don't want to waste time on us at all. You sold the game and just forgot about us. WHY? Is it really so difficult to generate an animal of the right level (at least!) and the right color with the console command? Use the command to bind him to player. All this is available on unofficial servers, so you can do it too. But you don’t want to. "Company policy" does not allow you to help players. Why do we need such a policy? You save on pixels, and as a result, you lose players who are disillusioned with the game. They quit the game and are unlikely to come back. This is a very bad policy considering that ARC2 is being developed. You will create such a strong negative field around this internet game that you are unlikely to recoup the cost of a new game. Players will simply stop trusting you. Let's say you find it difficult to keep a large support staff and this is what causes all the problems with your "official support policy". Ok, there is a great working way to solve this. Just enter the monthly payment for the game. We are ready to pay the same $ 10-15 per month, but at the same time receive real help, not handouts and ignoring all problems. Also, since your servers are so load sensitive, take action - ban (finally) all server-killing dinos farms! Why should we suffer because of those who profit from this game? Why is this even possible? Forbid to keep more than 30 dynos on the base at the same time (there are cryopods for this) and the load will decrease significantly. Or make separate servers for these breeders. Let them suffer for their profit separately from us. Due to recent events (crashes and shutdowns servers, December 9-10), our tribe has lost 5 excellent unique animals, high-level tek-armor, but the main thing - is the desire to continue playing in conditions of complete neglect and ignoring on the part of the game administration. We have 5 tribes in the alliance. And everyone is in a mood on the verge of leaving the game. If you do nothing, you will lose us forever. Those who were fans of this game. Namely, we bring you money! Sorry for my raw English, this is not a my native language
  14. They can ban them. Or have them run separate servers for the farms. The point of the game is survival, not dinosaur trading. In general, I am extremely surprised by the legalization of such farms in the game. Why should merchants stop everyone from playing because of their perceived profits? It is impossible to be near any such farm! Everything lags, the server crashes, not the game but sucks.
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