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  1. Players simply cannot have any admin power when they are invested and participating into the game. For the simple fact that they wouldn't be impartial in most cases and would take actions against their enemies for silly reasons while closing their eyes on their owns.
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    This is part of the game (at least, the capturing of prisoners part) . What you want to do is make a custom recipe with only spoiled meats that deals enough damage to kill your character and eat it as last resort.
  4. invincibleqc

    Max wild dino levels are 147 not 150

    Yes. The difficulty needs to be 5 if you want max 150: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Difficulty
  5. invincibleqc

    Max wild dino levels are 147 not 150

    What platform?
  6. invincibleqc

    Another Message to Studio Wildcard

    I'm not sure where you saw an official statement saying the reason behind the release was that they had a different division of the company, but from what I remember, they stated it was a necessity in order to develop their technologies for future expansions, cross-ark transfers system, etc. which make total sense if you ask me and making it free would have been a stupid move as a business standpoint. I enjoyed SE a lot, and it was well worth the $20 at the time. They already stated why, and that multiple times. For release, they had to make sure they had price parity across all platforms in order to work with retailers. I'm not entirely sure why you say the game "didn't have all of the content planned" because they originally advertised there would be a total of approximately 70 creatures, and they ended up adding like twice as more and even extending their original release date goal in order to add more content they planned to. That being said, they did cut out some content they discussed about (bridges, etc), most likely for technical reasons or changes in their vision of the game. To be honest, I personally think the game is well worth the current price. I bought some games for the same price or even more that I only played few hours and there was no more content or replay value while ARK is a game that you can play thousands of hours and still discover or learn new things every sessions. I don't really see the issue here. Nowhere they promised the first countdown was for Extinction. Your disappointment has been the result of your assumptions and you can't really blame them for that or even ask them to acknowledge their "mistake" when it clearly wasn't. Anyways, I'm not trying to take a side or another. I'm mainly just pointing out that your arguments seems to be driven by the same hate wagon that only take their own perceptions/expectations into consideration without considering the facts or reality that Wildcard is a business and they have to make money somehow if only to run their official clusters, pay the bounties, the community crunch prizes, etc. And that they surely care even more than all of us about their game; after all this is their work and they have been working hard on it for the past years.
  7. invincibleqc

    Intro to Tribe Rankings!

    This is only a display issue. You need to re-render the structure for it to update client-side.
  8. invincibleqc

    Turning off Admin Command LeaveMeAlone

    They added the following command in the last update, you should try it: ClearMyBuffs
  9. Correct, it used to gives 2% per level up, now only gives 1.5%.
  10. invincibleqc

    My Tribe's Been Stolen.

    I've seen quite a lot of reports of players accidentally doing so over the past months on the forums and I think the real issue is that there is no confirmation popup before transferring ownership. One click, and it's over. That being said, and as @Wazzamaniac mentioned, there is nothing we can do on the forums. You can try to submit a Support Ticket but I really doubt Game Masters will get involved, unfortunately. You could also make suggestions you see fit that would minimize the risks of accidents like that to happen in the future and maybe it will get implemented at some point. Good luck!
  11. invincibleqc

    Impossible to make some asc saddles

    Try an Argentavis. They have good weight and reduce weight of ingots, etc. by half. Or like mentioned above, use a Replicator.
  12. invincibleqc

    Server 629 Scorched Earth official

    @Dreadagain @MetalstormHaze That server is currently experiencing connection issues: The server management team is currently investigating with the host so the issues should hopefully be resolved as soon as possible.
  13. invincibleqc

    Server cap, main reason, fix it

    You can, if you read carefully: However, someone that have a lot of the same specie doesn't necessarily means they are intentionally capping the server in my opinion. They might just like breeding such specie, or their colors. I'm not sure how the enforcement team is judging that, but if you think someone is definitely doing so to cap the server then fill a report I guess and actions might get taken.
  14. invincibleqc

    Server cap, main reason, fix it

    Nothing to do with PvP. Rafts are counted as tame because this is what they are behind the scene; APrimalRaft inherits from APrimalDinoCharacter. That being said, rafts are technically no longer an issue because this is now against the Code of Conduct meaning that you can simply report the offenders and they will be dealt with in due time.
  15. invincibleqc

    Server cap, main reason, fix it

    In case you missed it: