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  1. @Eli @Jatheish Do I need to use the admin command to activate it if I'm using the immersive taming mod in my single player game?
  2. Really depends what you're doing. For overall utility I'd have to agree that Argy and Theri are probably the two best choices. Spino shouldn't be underestimated either as a strong and versatile mount, as he's all-terrain, can take down pretty much anything that isn't a Giga, has good mobility, and has top-tier fishing ability. EDIT: Note that Anky and Doed, while not necessarily versatile, are absolutely essential tames no matter what map you're playing on. And they really help the Argy shine as the Argy can quickly carry them to where they need to be.
  3. You don't have to kamikaze. Just be careful and deliberate in where and when you send him in to attack. As Magneto put it, "In chess the pawns go first" Look it up. Rex has 1100 base health and 62 base damage, and the Mega has 1050 base health and 75 base damage. And their scaling is the same. The throat most likely. But even if he chomps down on the Spino's arm it would still be a critical wound. Spino isn't some ninja master that would be flawlessly blocking attacks and snapping necks. And it would be hard for him to charge in for a tank rush with his small legs and big sail.
  4. This is simply not true. There are many creatures that match or beat Rex in fighting ability, and Giga is by far one of the worse offenders. It's not uncommon for bred Gigas to have around 34,000 health and do over 2,000 damage per bite, and that's not even including rider bonus or other buffs. On official servers a Rex would hit level cap before he even stands a chance against an imprinted or wild Giga. The main reason that Rexes get bred and used so much is because he's allowed in boss arenas while Giga and a lot of the other stronger options are not. And honestly he's not even king of the b
  5. The fight in JP3 was incredibly unrealistic. Spino would have been dead in the first bite, and with or without longer arms it just wouldn't have been that easy to break the Rex's thick neck. Spino is primarily built to catch bite-sized fish, not take down other towering predators on land like he did in the movie. (A little off topic, but I think it's canon now that the Rex from JP3 was a sub-adult. It's been known for a long time that that Rex was unusually small at only 37 feet long. You can even see this if you look at Rexy's size compared to the Spino skeleton that she smashed through in J
  6. I just tried the new Sarco for the first time tonight. I can actually hit my target when attacking now!!!
  7. Putting the TLC pass aside to focus on other things Hmm, I'm not sure how to feel about this. I gotta admit that this is probably the right move at this point, but dang, it feels like WC is just bouncing around on a whim. I'm glad that they hit some of the more important ones before moving on, but I do feel sorry for Carno and Megalodon. The Para's TLC Wow. They might actually be worth taming now...
  8. Looks good, though I would suggest maybe shrinking the feathers on the arms to be closer to the size of the feathers on the back/head.
  9. Well as much as I think the Rex's TLC should have included better offensive capabilities I do need to give credit where credit is due: The new model and animations look amazing. I ride around on that thing and I just keep thinking 'dang this looks gorgeous...'
  10. So... Spino can now come out of the river, shred anything Rex level or lower with his two-legged damage + water buff. Then head into the boss arena and be at least comparable to the Rex with his superior standing damage. Then come out, get down on all fours and run at high speeds to the ocean where he again uses his water buff to shred mosas while collecting prime fish, black pearls, underwater loot crates, ect... Meanwhile nothing can take Rex's relevance away because you can get some giggles in by making people poop. Ark balance. Gotta love it. Anyway I will say that as salty as I am ab
  11. 1. You can take Abberant Megalos off the map. And he's in the game regardless, so yes you can. 2. 20/20? Well that's not very specific, but I'll assume that you were lucky enough to find 50 wild levels as your base in each stat which brings the total up to 90 wild levels in health and melee. (Has anyone anywhere gotten it that high? Meh, I digress...) Now of course it's up to you how you distribute your domestic levels, but for the sake of argument let's just assume that you put 35 levels into health and 36 into melee. So after imprinting that brings the grand total up to 72,481.3 health
  12. Rex Even though he's weaker than a Megalosaurus who doesn't even fall asleep on Aberration and he remains leagues behind Giga regardless of mutations And that's not even getting into him just being a ground unit who can't grab or do anything else... Mkay a little bit of QoL. Less frustration is always good. Oh geez... I actually thought about predicting that he gets something stupid and useless like reduced carry weight on animal feces. Just... *facepalm* Everything Else Welp, at least they all got some cool abilities to be excited for...
  13. So Yutyrannus and Carnotaurus are best buds, huh? That's an interesting twist. I wonder if we'll see any other symbiotic relationships like this after the TLC pass hits? I'm glad too that we have dinosaurs like this to satisfy the people who want feathers on their dinosaurs. I really don't want feathers to be put on the Rex. Especially since featherless skin imprints have actually been discovered, which to me settles the question pretty conclusively.
  14. Well a horse isn't particularly exciting for me personally, but I'm glad that they made something with the solo player in mind rather than continue to try to push everyone into big clans.
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