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  1. Anything below Tek is incredibly easy to get. You just gather resources and craft it, or better yet loot it from a supply crate or another player. To get Tek weapons you need to breed up an army of super dinos and defeat a boss. An alpha boss in the case of the Rex saddle. You can't even use a Tek weapon that someone else earned; you need to personally defeat the boss in order to use the weapons. What would be the point in doing that if the reward isn't even better than plain turrets that anyone can craft? Something else that people need to realize is that even if we were talking about items of the same tier your base is simply not meant to be impenetrable. Particularly if you choose to play on a non-ORP PvP server. If defenses were so good that most attacks fail even when the defender is offline then what would be the point in even trying to attack someone who is online to defend? Nevermind the fact that we're talking about Tek offense vs modern defense...
  2. A tame one can win, but only if it's imprinted and has a good saddle. The reason being because of the wild Giga's Gnashed bleed effect which drains 1% of your health every second, and also because of the wild Giga's 80,000 health. Are there Titanosaurs on your server? If so you could probably kite that to their bases for some serious carnage.
  3. Yes. It just doesn't get the imprinting rider bonus.
  4. You should get together with others on your server and drop Gigas into their base. And not stop until they're completely wiped.
  5. Bump
  6. I never thought of unicorns as being real, but that's actually a fair point. Obviously magical unicorns who poop rainbows didn't exist, but it's possible that there could have been a horse species with a horn on it's head.
  7. Just curious, is that an official explanation from the devs? And if so, have they explained why most creatures get stronger with taming? I think of it as being similar to a Saiyan getting stronger after recovering from a serious injury, but I'd be interested to know the canonical explanation for it...
  8. That's what alpha creatures are for. Not to mention the storms that you see on SE, dinos that dismount and stun you, caves, bosses, and other players in PvP. I hate how OP Gigas are in both PvP and PvE, but even people who don't mind that have admitted that the Giga is just in a very weird spot right now. It's like it belongs in an entirely different game.
  9. Well, and the sky. And the ground lol. And as you said they can't fit into caves. Really the only area where I'd say that they are top tier is in the boss arenas, and that's only because the creatures that would be better than the Rex are banned from even entering. It works for now, but I'm not a fan of band aid fixes. As for PvP, the bear does seem more oriented toward PvE as a harvester and a pack animal. But have you actually seen people take time to really explore all the options that are available, or are the people that you've played with been more inclined to just play it safe and stick to the established meta? If you've ever spent any time on smashboards you would see kids swearing up and down that the current tier list for Super Smash Bros is infallible and that anyone who disagrees with it is just a noob who doesn't understand the meta well enough to have a valid opinion. Until a low-mid tier character shoots up in the rankings because someone took it to a tournament and won. The point being you can't always judge viability based on how much a creature gets used. There are lots of creatures that have the potential to be devastating in PvP, but the vast majority of players are hesitant to experiment and take risks in a game as punishing as Ark.
  10. They would need to get the kibble tree out of the way first, but otherwise I think that that's a good idea. Then why complain? They already created a game mode specifically for your preferred play style. And it's wild dinos who are underpowered, not the other way around. A human should not even be comparable to a dinosaur, regardless of armor or weaponry. You could just as easily say that armor and weapons are crutches because they make you stronger than someone in their underwear.
  11. I'm actually seriously considering going back to single player. In addition to fixing some of the problems listed here, it would allow me to actually play on my own time instead of planning everything else in my life around a stupid video game.
  12. They made the Mammoth the primary wood gatherer. Beaver is more of a Jack-of-all-trades.
  13. I agree with not rushing the good parts of the game, but I thought that that's the definition of a time sink?