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  1. I don't see this being an issue in PvP, unless it somehow allows tribes to own more dinosaurs that they otherwise would have. I don't think that this would happen because the only thing that is changing is that the dinosaurs are no longer being rendered, but if it did happen then the problem might be solved by just placing a cap on the amount of dinosaurs that a tribe can control. Or another option might be to increase the food requirement for inactive dinosaurs so that a massive army would be harder to maintain.
  2. Unfortunately there's someone at Wildcard who just doesn't want us looking at the Rex as that legendary beast. More like the Rex from JP3 or the ones from Peter Jackson's King Kong...
  3. Haha I coudn't agree more.
  4. Yeah herbivores desperately need something that's comparable to mutton. Even something that's as good as prime meat would be a lot better than regular vegetables.
  5. The Giga is likewise my most hated dino, but for the exact opposite reason. Even after the nerfs it's base damage is still about the same as the base damage of the arena bosses according to the wiki. After taming bonuses it's melee percentage ends up lower than other dinosaurs, but it's still stupidly overpowered. Again, if you want to go by it's in-game size compared to other dinosaurs then at best that would put it roughly on par with a Mosasaurus at 100 base damage, not 400. Yeah... I hate that thing... Honestly it sounds like you just don't care for the utility of an all-terrain mount. Which is fine. If all you want is a land-based fighter then Rex is meant to be better in that role. But there are a lot of people who prefer the Spino for it's versatility.
  6. Devil Dinosaur
  7. Yeah I've noticed that 99% of ARK players either don't understand this or are just unwilling to accept it. You're not meant to be untouchable, no matter how hard you worked to get where you are.
  8. They do attack during the day, but their aggro range is just a lot lower. And actually, I'd say that high-end human gear is more in need of a nerf than the Troodons. The idea that a puny human can just frolic around the island with their armor and pew pew stick and have nothing to fear from the huge carnivores that roam the island is just absurd. The Troodon is just doing what the other dinosaurs should have been doing all along.
  9. According to the dossier humans are their main prey, so they're a lot more effective against humans who are traveling on foot. They lose to tames though. Even just bringing along a Dilo or two can save your life.
  10. Meh, I don't think that kibble has been replaced. Especially taking into account that it is needed for imprinting. But even if it were replaced I would be perfectly fine with that. Normally I'm a big supporter of game balance, but I don't see how the removal of kibble would hurt anyone. This isn't like a dino vs dino balance issue. If a dinosaur is obsolete then the fans of that dinosaur have been pooped on, and if a dinosaur is overpowered then it can break PvP or just make PvE too easy. This is just a nice new feature that benefits everyone. And, again, making egg farms smaller and less laggy is a good thing which is surely worth some sort of sacrifice. But I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this.
  11. There are some things that I want to point out here: 1) If you prefer using kibble to do your taming then go for it. Kibble is still a viable option if that's what you want. And now there's another viable option available for those who prefer that. Nothing wrong with having options. 2) It might take longer to get kibble, but I still disagree that this 'dumbs down' the taming process. Actually the opposite is true because mutton taming will be more involved than kibble taming. Once you have the ingredients for kibble you just cook it up, store it in the preserving bin/refrigerator until it's needed, and then when you're ready to use it just transfer it into the creature's inventory. You can't do that with raw mutton because it spoils faster and doesn't stack. For a mutton tame you'll need to have the sheep there ready to slaughter on the taming sight. Not just one sheep either. As many sheep as it takes to tame the beast. And even then you won't be able to just slaughter them, put their meat in the carnivore's inventory, and walk away. Most of the meat would spoil before it gets eaten. You would need to slaughter one sheep at a time as needed, and probably hand feed each piece of mutton to the carnivore while the rest of it gets stored in a preserving bin. So I repeat: This is the opposite of 'dumbing it down'. 3) Taming isn't the only aspect of the game that is changing. There was a time when all you needed to do to achieve ultimate power was tame Gigas and Quetzals. And the only 'challenge' that stood in the way and made people feel like they were ARK pros was the insane time sink. ARK is moving away from that. Creatures are gradually becoming more balanced, the ultimate end game power is now tech tier, and the ultimate challenge that stands in the way of getting it is defeating the bosses. Taming high-level carnivores is just a small step toward achieving that ultimate goal so it can't continue to take such an insane amount of time.
  12. This is such a welcome addition to the game. The kibble tree made for a ridiculous time sink, ridiculous lag bases, and I always just thought that it was dumb for something like a Tyrannosaurus to prefer kibble over chunks of raw meat.
  13. You can get some bonus levels through mutations so technically there is no hard cap, but as I understand it you only get a couple extra levels per mutation. So realistically the soft cap is the cap. There really isn't any good reason to breed anything below apex dinos unless you just like the lower-tier dino and want to do it.
  14. I see what you're saying. I agree that sneaky tactics like that could be fun and can be necessary to fight against an alpha tribe, but I still think that it should tell you who shot you. If I were doing it to someone from an alpha tribe I wouldn't try to play innocent in hopes of keeping my stuff, I'd just be like "Yeah I got you. Come find me if you can scrub!" Or if I were the guy running the alpha tribe getting hit I might be inclined to just wipe everyone on the server so that the assassin has nowhere to hide. It doesn't save the sniper's reputation, it just means that you need to view everyone as a suspect unless you have a good reason not to.
  15. But you know what else would be fun? A fair chance to get revenge. Getting sniped and having no idea who did it is not fun. The current setup is good for no one except the sniper. It means that everyone either needs to just start sniping everyone else while pretending to be nice, or just skip the secrecy/diplomacy all together and go on a mass murdering spree. There's reason to not walk up and kill someone with a dinosaur. There's absolutely no reason not to snipe them. And this doesn't even leave diplomacy in the equation.