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  1. Lockjaw

    Reasons to not make Ark2 and expand Ark

    As others have said, you're comparing apples and oranges. In an adventure game like Ocarina of Time you're the hero of the story and the story is unfolding as you play. Ark on the other hand is meant to be a foundation on which you can write your own story. The explorer notes are just a little side thing which has nothing to do with your character and can be completely ignored if you don't care about them.
  2. Lockjaw

    Breeding Question

    It depends on the difficulty setting of your server. How high do creatures spawn on your map?
  3. Lockjaw

    Megalodon should be the king of the oceans in ark

    Yeah the in-game Megalodon is actually in line with the size estimates that DonaldDuck posted above. So at least in comparison to humans, there's not a problem. As for how he stacks up to other huge aquatic creatures, Megalodon actually got the same treatment as what Rex got as compared to Giga. In real life Rex was about the same size as Giga and was more powerfully built, but in Ark Rex looks puny in comparison and his melee is just laughable. I don't like it when creatures get degraded like this, even if they are supposed to be different subspecies, but that's just me.
  4. Theris don't 100% ignore armor, but they do pierce it to an extent. Even the dossier tells you this
  5. Lockjaw

    So, Wildcard

    Same. I would have uninstalled Ark a long time ago if it were vanilla or nothing.
  6. Lockjaw

    Why are Spinos so bad?

    Well yeah the Wyvern generally outshines both of them for travel, but this is a Rex vs Spino comparison. If you don't yet have a Wyvern then Spino is probably the next best thing, and as I said he's probably better than even the Wyvern in the swamp. Also what's wrong with relying on skill to win? Most people would consider that good game design. But you're wrong about their turn radius and speed. Even a two-legged Spino with no water buff is still faster than a Rex, let alone if he does have the water buff or if he does use his four-legged stance. And in his two-legged stance he can literally turn on the spot. What gave me the idea for that scenario in the first place is one time a wild Spino did get behind me when I was on my Rex and I had a very hard time getting turned around to finish him off. At any rate, worse case scenario all a Spino needs to do if he's losing to a Rex is just turn tail and run away. If a Rex is losing to a Spino he's just dead, unless there happens to be a cliff nearby that's too steep for the Spino to climb, but not too steep for the Rex to climb. Which obviously is an extremely niche scenario.
  7. Lockjaw

    Why are Spinos so bad?

    Have any PvPers tried using the Spino's speed to get around behind a Rex rider and just smack him in the bum until he's dead? That would be a good troll tactic if it works 😀 But yeah, for any job that requires any kind of travel time it's hard to justify using Rex when Spino does the same thing and gets it done in a fraction of the time. And in addition to everything else that's already been mentioned, Spino is the probably the best mount in the game for traversing the swamp. Constant water buff, and nothing other than piranhas will attack it, including leeches.
  8. Lockjaw

    The Tek Rex Good or Bad

    I feel like the Tek Rex is sort of an apology to Rex fans for Rex getting so much less love than other apexes such as Spino and Giga. Now Rex at least has a special variant comparable to Spino's abberant form.
  9. Lockjaw

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    @Eli @Jatheish Do I need to use the admin command to activate it if I'm using the immersive taming mod in my single player game?
  10. Lockjaw

    Should Rexes get another TLC?

    Yuty is for the people who want feathers, as well as Megalosaurus, Troodon, Theri, ect… If they really wanted to put a feathered Tyrannosaurus in the game I'd be able to tolerate it more if they did call it something like Gorgosaurus or Albertosaurus or something similar, but Rex should remain featherless. Fact is, as much as some people try to pass the feathered depiction off as fact the fossil evidence just isn't there to support it. All skin impressions found so far of Tyrannosaurids such as Rex and Tarbosaurus have been scaly.
  11. Lockjaw

    Reaper buff

    Don't hold your breath waiting for Giga's crown to be contested in the vanilla game. The only reason why Giga is so strong is because he's the favorite dino of one of the devs. Really though the Reaper is still very good. He's as strong as a heavily mutated Rex, and he's loaded with utility. Including the ability to drop flyers out of the sky.
  12. Lockjaw

    the best overall dino?

    Really depends what you're doing. For overall utility I'd have to agree that Argy and Theri are probably the two best choices. Spino shouldn't be underestimated either as a strong and versatile mount, as he's all-terrain, can take down pretty much anything that isn't a Giga, has good mobility, and has top-tier fishing ability. EDIT: Note that Anky and Doed, while not necessarily versatile, are absolutely essential tames no matter what map you're playing on. And they really help the Argy shine as the Argy can quickly carry them to where they need to be.
  13. Lockjaw

    Rex means KING!

    Yeah I knew that, but it's a shame that he doesn't actually specialize in harvesting prime fish. That would have been such a perfect niche for him, much like the bear with his honey. Even without that though I still think that Spino is objectively better than Rex, and I still hold the opinion that Rex should be buffed in a way that's appropriate for Rex rather than trying to maneuver Rex and Spino into being essentially two flavors of the same dino.
  14. Lockjaw

    Rex means KING!

    Just curious. Did Spino ever get the improved prime fish harvesting that they originally said that he would get, or is it just better taming food for him now? It wasn't mentioned in the patch notes and I haven't had a chance to test it, but that's definitely one thing that Spino should have.
  15. Lockjaw

    Wildcard... Please give us this Final Content.

    I know what you're talking about, but realistically someone playing SP would never get to the point where they're bumping their head against the creature level cap. It becomes an issue on official servers, but that's with the combined breeding efforts of pretty much everyone across all the servers. And I think the level cap is only applied to official servers anyway.