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  1. Lockjaw

    Rex means KING!

    Yeah I knew that, but it's a shame that he doesn't actually specialize in harvesting prime fish. That would have been such a perfect niche for him, much like the bear with his honey. Even without that though I still think that Spino is objectively better than Rex, and I still hold the opinion that Rex should be buffed in a way that's appropriate for Rex rather than trying to maneuver Rex and Spino into being essentially two flavors of the same dino.
  2. Lockjaw

    Rex means KING!

    Just curious. Did Spino ever get the improved prime fish harvesting that they originally said that he would get, or is it just better taming food for him now? It wasn't mentioned in the patch notes and I haven't had a chance to test it, but that's definitely one thing that Spino should have.
  3. Lockjaw

    Wildcard... Please give us this Final Content.

    I know what you're talking about, but realistically someone playing SP would never get to the point where they're bumping their head against the creature level cap. It becomes an issue on official servers, but that's with the combined breeding efforts of pretty much everyone across all the servers. And I think the level cap is only applied to official servers anyway.
  4. Lockjaw

    Rex means KING!

    Personally I'm ok with Spino having better mobility than the Rex because the real-world Rex is known to not be a long-distance runner, and also because that helps to distinguish their roles instead of having them do exactly the same thing with different stats. But Rex does need help because Spino is just objectively better by a pretty wide margin. Honestly I think someone at WC just hates Rex, but that's neither here nor there. Realistically we can't expect any more changes to be made to Rex's game mechanics because that would amount to another TLC pass, but I would give him one or both of the following buffs: 1) His bite - Other than his melee damage I think that his stats are more-or-less where they should be for a creature of his size. But his melee is just sad considering that Tyrannosaurus had the strongest bite of any animal that ever walked on land. And it can't be chalked up to game balance either, because as we've seen he's just getting whooped in melee fights. So I would give him a buff to his melee damage. All things considered I think he could have his melee bumped up to Wyvern or even Mosasaur tier and still be balanced. 2) His roar - Like I said I don't think we can expect the poop roar to be replaced with something else, but it should probably be adjusted. As it stands it's basically useless, and more than that it can actually be a liability as he'll just stand there roaring while he's getting shredded to death. So I would make one of two changes to it. One option is to make it affect everything short of maybe a Titanosaur, but have it affect enemies and allies alike. That way it's still useless, but it won't hurt him to use it. He just gets his dramatic entrance with a roar that stuns everything, then the fight commences. The other option is to make him immediately stop roaring and get a rage buff if someone attacks him while he's roaring. That way it can be useful, but only if his opponent is dumb enough to take a cheap shot and interrupt his grand entrance.
  5. Lockjaw

    Spino Nerf

    But that goes both ways. A dead dino can't continue to damage your opponent, but a dead opponent can't continue to damage your Spino either. The Spino's extra damage is his defense when compared to a Rex. And apparently it is more than a 60% difference, otherwise Spino wouldn't win a head-to-head fight against Rex. Spino hasn't had much time yet to be tested in boss arenas, but if he is at a disadvantage there it would mostly be because of the bug in the AI where he'll get on all fours to chase but forget to get back on two legs to fight. Really though if you want maximum survivability in boss battles then you shouldn't be using Rexes or Spinos. Theri has access not only to Daedons but also veggie cakes.
  6. Lockjaw

    Spino Nerf

    Yeah I get that health scaling needs to be taken into account, but they both get 20% of their base health per level, so the ratio remains the same. So in this case I figured it would be enough just to state their base health. And remember that with domestic levels they both get 5.4% on health and only 1.7% on melee. I know it doesn't feel good to neglect melee and pump almost everything into health, but it does result in an overall stronger fighter. Can you elaborate on that? Since these are all percentage-based buffs I would think that the ratio would remain the same when they both have the buffs
  7. Lockjaw

    Spino Nerf

    Well I gotta say it's refreshing to talk to someone who wants to have an actual discussion on game balance. Still, there are some things that you're either exaggerating or just misinformed about. Well first thing I want to point out is that Rex doesn't have double the health of an equivalent level Spino. Rex has 1100 base health and Spino has 700 base health, so there's a pretty substantial difference, but it's not double. If they did bump Rex's health up to 1400+ that would probably be enough to restore balance between these two creatures, but it's not that high. Now as far as Spino vs Wyvern goes, I don't know if you can approach the fight the same way that you would with a Rex, but if you can't do that then do it the Spino way. Instead of standing there trying to attack the Wyvern get into quadruple mode and lead it toward water. The water will give you the hydrated buff, and also an easy escape route if things do start going south. Regardless though, a Wyvern fight is completely different from any other matchup in the game. For the vast majority of matchups Spino would be the preferred choice. I get that. In fact I'm usually the one saying that. As for these specific matchups I've always considered Giga OP and I still do. At this point though it's just beating a dead horse. The rest of them might be OP, but are harder to compare. And they aren't directly grabbing for the Rex's niche like the Spino is. If you want to pump weight on your Rexes and Spinos that's your choice, but you certainly don't need to do that just for meat runs. And again a Spino meat run shouldn't be done the same way that you would do it with a Rex. Even if you need to make more than one trip because you want more meat that what your Spino can carry, any small amount of time that you lose doing that can easily be made up for with Spino's extra fish harvesting, fast swim speed and hydrated buff. And as an added bonus you won't be getting weighed down with extra stuff like hide, chitin, armor, and spears, so you really won't need as much carry weight in the first place. Again, you're glossing over the fact that Spino's overall health/damage is higher than that of Rex. Even more so with the hydrated buff. Remember that Rex is a tanky bruiser, not an all-out tank like Bronto. So even if he dies slower than most carnivores he's still not doing his job well if he's the one that's getting bruised. I mean if you don't like the idea of Rexes getting a buff to their base melee damage there are other ways to balance it. For instance he could get his own temporary buff that gets activated when he roars, with an extended cooldown on the roar of course. This... is very likely skewing your perspective on it. Spino shouldn't be as useful as Rex when away from water. And not just because of climbing ability either. I'm not denying that Spino should be better than Rex when in water. Maybe even when close to shore, though that's very iffy considering how abundant water is on most maps. But on the Rex's turf the Rex should be shaking the Spino's bouncy booty all up and down the mountain. I'm not sure how that much can be denied. I'm not saying that the higher damage dino always wins, I'm saying that actual tests have been done and Spino seems to come out on top every time. And like I said, a nerf would work in balancing these two against each other, but I would personally opt for a buff on the Rex instead. That would likewise help with other sad matchups, like Rex being a weaker fighter than puny Megalosaurus.
  8. Lockjaw

    Spino Nerf

    Spino consistently comes out on top with equal levels, which means that his dps advantage is bigger than Rex's health advantage. And that's WITHOUT the hydrated buff. Add in the buff and the gap between them just becomes that much bigger.
  9. Lockjaw

    Spino Nerf

    Totally agree with you. Though personally I would buff the Rex's damage rather than nerf the Spino.
  10. Lockjaw

    Spino vs Rex

    I agree to a point. The main reason I got into the nitty gritty details is because I'm trying to give WC the benefit of the doubt and assume that they're at least trying to achieve some form of balance. Because if we just look at fighting prowess and nothing else then the Rex comes out looking even worse. We have a Spino that starts out better than the Rex on the Rex's own turf and only gets better when he has the hydrated buff. As I understand it Spino goes on all fours when he needs to chase something but forgets to get back into combat stance when it's time to. Thats either an oversight in the programming which will get fixed eventually, or a really stupid way to try to balance it.
  11. Lockjaw

    Spino vs Rex

    True. Another BIG thing I forgot to mention is that Spino can be used on Abberation.
  12. Lockjaw

    Spino vs Rex

    Here's my thoughts on it: Pros vs Cons 1 - Rex has better health, but Spino has better dps. Analysis: At first glance this appears to be an even trade off, except that Spino's dps advantage has proven to be bigger than Rex's health advantage. Someone correct me if there's a difference in stat scaling that I'm unaware of, but from what I can tell Spino appears to just be the better fighter now. Score: Rex 0 Spino 1 Pros vs Cons 2 - Rex has better carry weight, but Spino can swim. Analysis: I'm strongly inclined to say that this is a win for Spino, but admittedly this one is subjective and might come down to personal preference or bias. So I'll call it even. Score: Rex 0 Spino 1 Pros vs Cons 3 - Rex has a poop roar, but Spino gets a buff from touching water Analysis: There's nothing subjective about this one. The poop stun, while it does add some dramatic flair to his roar, is not actually useful unlike Spino's hydrated buff. Score: Rex 0 Spino 2 Pros vs Cons 4 - Spino is faster, and also gets extra fish harvesting. I can't think of any other advantages for the Rex. Analysis: +2 points for Spino. Final Score: Rex 0 Spino 4 Conclusion: I'm guessing that WC is banking on the poop roar actually being useful, or on the four-legged stance actually being a weakness? Whatever the case, other than the fact that Spino hasn't yet received his Tek saddle I'd say he's head and shoulders above Rex right now.
  13. This is exactly the kind of utility that I was talking about when people were saying that Reaper was useless and demanding that it get buffed. But as usual nobody would listen to me.
  14. Lockjaw

    Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    Just curious. I think I read somewhere that the SP settings reverts this nerf. Is this true, or are the stat gains in SP something new entirely?
  15. Lockjaw

    Spino is actually viable now

    Exactly If they did create an aquatic arena they'd just need to balance the boss around the lack of support dinos. Frankly though this whole conversation is moot. I don't think Rex or Spino will be getting any more major rebalances at this point.