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  1. Lockjaw

    Gigas, pls stop

    That's a fair point, but there's still a problem with that. I'm pretty sure that all of us know the difference between a fictional species in a video game and the real animals, but not everyone does. I've seen at least two people who honestly believed that Giga was 2-3 times the size of a Rex. Which means that they're getting their information from video games. And even some who know that Ark's Giga is exaggerated will still assume that the real thing was bigger and more dominant than the Rex, albeit to a lesser extent than depicted here. At the very least the dossiers should have clarified that T-dominum has far weaker jaws than T-rex and that Ark's Giga is far larger and more powerful than the prehistoric Giga. That would have given them more freedom to do what they want.
  2. Lockjaw

    Gigas, pls stop

    Yes it is definitely wildcard's fault. Sorry if I'm bringing in factors that don't apply to the mobile game. This conversation actually started in the forum for the base game. I am still curious though. Is the OP correct in saying that Rexes have a base health of 1600 in the mobile game?
  3. Lockjaw

    Gigas, pls stop

    Well I'm not sure I agree that we need an unbeatable creature outside of boss arenas, but if we do need that then the role will be filled by the upcoming Titans, not the Giga. Someone with their own imprinted Giga can whoop a wild Giga just like they would whoop any other creature, and even a noob with a Pteranodon can easily kill a wild Giga just by drowning it. And, let's be honest. It isn't even hard to obtain a Giga. It tames just like anything else, except you'll need to come prepared with a metal trap and a ton of narcotics. Or if you're playing with other people you can either join a tribe or just trade for an egg. Anyway, my point of view is this: I'm ok with Giga being an end-game tame and the biggest damage-dealer. I mean he obviously needs SOMETHING to stand out. But he shouldn't just be straight-up better. Think about similar scenarios in other games. In Jurassic World Evolution armored hide is an early-game genetic modification, while hyper-efficient blood is an end-game modification. As such, level 1 hyper-efficient blood is FAR better than level 1 armored hide. However, armored hide can be upgraded to level 5 while hyper-efficient blood has no upgrades. So they both end up being equally powerful in the end game. It's a similar deal in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. In that game Mario is an early-game character while Yoshi is an end-game character. As such, Yoshi's starting weapons are a lot stronger than Mario's starting weapons. But Yoshi's weapons aren't better than the weapons that Mario has when Yoshi joins the team, and they don't cap out higher. You just have one character who starts out as an endgame powerhouse, and another character who grows into an endgame powerhouse. Now, as you can probably tell, I wouldn't have put Giga so high in the first place. But the fact that they did put it that high could have been smoothed out if they would have let a top-level Rex be on par with a top-level Giga. Rex being the tankier bruiser and Giga being the glass cannon. This would have not only allowed Rex to keep his dignity, it would have also opened the way for Giga to be brought into boss battles. Instead we have one dino who disappoints because he's comparatively weak at all levels, and another dino who disappoints because he can't be used in the PvE endgame. And making the Rex into a wimpier fighter than the Spino who already has the advantage in both swimming and mobility was just beyond stupid. That's not even consistent with the Spino's dossier description. So yeah. I'm a little butthurt over it all...
  4. Lockjaw

    Gigas, pls stop

    I agree that it's hard to come up with a good, unique role for Giga, mainly because there are more creatures in the game than there are valid niches to fill. If it were based on the actual Giga it would have been somewhat of a cross between Rex and Allosaurus. Being stronger but slower than the Allo and trading the slowing bleed for gnashed or some other bleed effect, and being weaker than the Rex but having some sort of bleed to take down the sauropods. As for the Spino being this big unstoppable Godzilla monster, I can kinda see why you might think that with all the crazy information bouncing around the internet. But that's actually just a myth that was started by JP3 and perpetuated by internet fanboys and speculation based on incomplete data (which has now been debunked). Look at what Jack Horner finally came out and admitted about the Spino. This is the same man who got the Spino into JP3 in the first place and who argued for a long time that the Rex had to be a scavenger. Even in 2001 it was known that Spino would have lost that fight because it was designed to catch and hold onto relatively small fish rather than take down other huge creatures on land. And Spino's chances have only gone down since then because they now know that Spino had small legs that were built for swimming. As for size, people often say "bigger" when they really mean longer. Sometimes it's an innocent mistake, other times it's a deliberate deception. But comparing a Rex to a Spino or a Giga is similar to comparing an anaconda to a python. Anacondas are not the longest snake alive today, but they are the biggest due to their bulkiness. Similarly, Spinos are longer than Rex, and Gigas are thought to perhaps be a bit longer than Rex, but Rex is bulkier and perhaps taller than either one of them. Based on currently known specimens they're all thought to be roughly the same size overall.
  5. Lockjaw

    Gigas, pls stop

    Does Rex really have 1.6k base health in the mobile version of the game? If so then that's a lot better than the 1.1k that it has on the pc version. On topic though, I agree with you and finally just stopped playing Ark for this very reason. I think most people who wanted to see the Rex get a respectful showing were weeded out of this community a long time ago because we just aren't Wildcard's target audience. Really the last glimmer of hope that this would ever be fixed went out with the long-anticipated TLC pass. Up until that point a lot of people were asking for an overhaul to bring Giga in line with Rex and Spino, and to let Rex take his place as a proper powerhouse. Clearly that didn't happen. Instead Spino became a better fighter than Rex with better mobility to boot (and this is before the water buff!!!), Rex got mountain-climbing but basically nothing else, and Giga remained his OP self. I think that for me this was the final insult. Anyway, I'll stop ranting. In short, you're way late to the party haha.
  6. Lockjaw

    Reasons to not make Ark2 and expand Ark

    As others have said, you're comparing apples and oranges. In an adventure game like Ocarina of Time you're the hero of the story and the story is unfolding as you play. Ark on the other hand is meant to be a foundation on which you can write your own story. The explorer notes are just a little side thing which has nothing to do with your character and can be completely ignored if you don't care about them.
  7. Lockjaw

    Breeding Question

    It depends on the difficulty setting of your server. How high do creatures spawn on your map?
  8. Lockjaw

    Megalodon should be the king of the oceans in ark

    Yeah the in-game Megalodon is actually in line with the size estimates that DonaldDuck posted above. So at least in comparison to humans, there's not a problem. As for how he stacks up to other huge aquatic creatures, Megalodon actually got the same treatment as what Rex got as compared to Giga. In real life Rex was about the same size as Giga and was more powerfully built, but in Ark Rex looks puny in comparison and his melee is just laughable. I don't like it when creatures get degraded like this, even if they are supposed to be different subspecies, but that's just me.
  9. Theris don't 100% ignore armor, but they do pierce it to an extent. Even the dossier tells you this
  10. Lockjaw

    So, Wildcard

    Same. I would have uninstalled Ark a long time ago if it were vanilla or nothing.
  11. Lockjaw

    Why are Spinos so bad?

    Well yeah the Wyvern generally outshines both of them for travel, but this is a Rex vs Spino comparison. If you don't yet have a Wyvern then Spino is probably the next best thing, and as I said he's probably better than even the Wyvern in the swamp. Also what's wrong with relying on skill to win? Most people would consider that good game design. But you're wrong about their turn radius and speed. Even a two-legged Spino with no water buff is still faster than a Rex, let alone if he does have the water buff or if he does use his four-legged stance. And in his two-legged stance he can literally turn on the spot. What gave me the idea for that scenario in the first place is one time a wild Spino did get behind me when I was on my Rex and I had a very hard time getting turned around to finish him off. At any rate, worse case scenario all a Spino needs to do if he's losing to a Rex is just turn tail and run away. If a Rex is losing to a Spino he's just dead, unless there happens to be a cliff nearby that's too steep for the Spino to climb, but not too steep for the Rex to climb. Which obviously is an extremely niche scenario.
  12. Lockjaw

    Why are Spinos so bad?

    Have any PvPers tried using the Spino's speed to get around behind a Rex rider and just smack him in the bum until he's dead? That would be a good troll tactic if it works 😀 But yeah, for any job that requires any kind of travel time it's hard to justify using Rex when Spino does the same thing and gets it done in a fraction of the time. And in addition to everything else that's already been mentioned, Spino is the probably the best mount in the game for traversing the swamp. Constant water buff, and nothing other than piranhas will attack it, including leeches.
  13. Lockjaw

    The Tek Rex Good or Bad

    I feel like the Tek Rex is sort of an apology to Rex fans for Rex getting so much less love than other apexes such as Spino and Giga. Now Rex at least has a special variant comparable to Spino's abberant form.
  14. Lockjaw

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    @Eli @Jatheish Do I need to use the admin command to activate it if I'm using the immersive taming mod in my single player game?
  15. Lockjaw

    Should Rexes get another TLC?

    Yuty is for the people who want feathers, as well as Megalosaurus, Troodon, Theri, ect… If they really wanted to put a feathered Tyrannosaurus in the game I'd be able to tolerate it more if they did call it something like Gorgosaurus or Albertosaurus or something similar, but Rex should remain featherless. Fact is, as much as some people try to pass the feathered depiction off as fact the fossil evidence just isn't there to support it. All skin impressions found so far of Tyrannosaurids such as Rex and Tarbosaurus have been scaly.