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  1. There are three different bonuses that a dino gets when tamed out of the wild - extra bonus levels, an additive bonus to the stats, and a multiplicative bonus to the stats. Bonus levels and the multiplicative bonus are both affected by taming effectiveness. Bred dinos on the other hand don't directly get any bonus levels. They simply inherit the levels of the parents after the parents get their bonus levels. So in that sense the taming effectiveness of the parents is important because it gives the parents more levels to pass on to the baby. The other bonuses on the parents don't mean poo because the baby gets 100% taming effectiveness and therefore 100% of the stat bonuses no matter what.
  2. Boss Fight: Alternatives to Rexes?

    That's pretty much a given in any boss battle. Piggies too. Are you suggesting that Spino's mobility should just be a freebie with absolutely no counter balance? Mobility is extremely useful in combat in the hands of a smart player, and combat is not everything anyway.
  3. Boss Fight: Alternatives to Rexes?

    True. I suspect that there will eventually be a dlc boss with an arena designed to allow amphibious creatures to shine.
  4. Boss Fight: Alternatives to Rexes?

    On land? No. Spino shouldn't perform as well as the Rex on the Rex's own turf. That goes against both realism and game balance. Rex is already useless in the water unlike Spino.
  5. Breaking the Boss Meta, An In-Depth Examination

    I think WC is specifically trying to setup different bosses to be fought by different creatures. Broodmother for the Megatherium, Ape for Rexes, and Dragon for herbivores. Spino and Mosasaurus will probably get their own bosses in a water-themed dlc.
  6. I dunno, mutton already seems kinda pointless to me after the recent nerf. I know that that word is thrown around way too much on this forum to be taken seriously, but in this case I do think it's true. If you're going for a serious high-end tame you'll be using kibble, and if you just need a starter carnivore or an egger you can just use prime meat.
  7. Use a 1.0 harvest multiplier?
  8. Giga rework?

    *touches a Giga*
  9. The Spino needs some love

    Even though they're the ones who made the Giga twice as big and many times more powerful? Mkay then...
  10. Boss Fight: Alternatives to Rexes?

    Yup. I believe that was added at the same time as the veggie cakes.
  11. Boss Fight: Alternatives to Rexes?

    I imagine herbivores would probably have a chance to shine against the dragon boss since they have fire resistance and veggie cakes.
  12. T Rex

    True. And that's why I think that they did a good job in designing Allosaurus. That slicing action would allow it to bleed the prey to death, which is what makes Allo so deadly in this game. Especially against extreme health targets such as Titanosaur. Now if you compare T-Dominium to Giga, Megalosaurus, Wyvern, Mosa, or Plesi you'll see that it just has a facepalm-worthy bite force compared to the T-Rex that it's supposed to represent. Even a slap from a bear does more damage...
  13. T Rex

    Yup they got the speed right. Now if only they would watch one of the documentaries that explains how Tyrannosaurus had the strongest bite of any animal that walked on land Anyway Jack Horner's whole assertion that it could only scavenge is based on flawed reasoning. It rests on the assumption that only animals built like a cheetah can be a successful hunter. By that logic snakes, sharks, komodo dragons, and crocodiles would also exclusively scavenge. Different hunting methods for different types of prey. This has been debunked. Look it up. Of course there are still people trying to hold on to the idea of a feathery Rex, but they're trying to put feathers on the parts of the body where skin impressions have not yet been found. It's not based on any actual evidence.
  14. Is this on official?
  15. Ironically enough, sunken foundations are also exploits A.K.A. cheating. On another note, doesn't honey stop Leeds from attacking?