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  1. What's is this dino overhaul thing

    I agree that the bear should lose, but thats a tamed vs wild issue, not an Allo issue. Wild Rexes will get slaughtered by that bear too. In my opinion Allo has a pretty solid niche as a sauropod slayer/pinner of fast targets. Not to mention its speed and agility. Sarco and Megalodon are in far worse spots right now. And yeah, about the 'king'... I think he deserves to actually be good at something rather than just be a general-use dino that's easy to tame...
  2. Do we need imprinting?

    Do I think it should be removed? No. Do I think it's fine the way it is? Nope. Imprinting is a cool idea that was poorly implemented like so many other aspects of this game. No mechanic should ask you to damage your health or to put a video game ahead of real life. And no, the devs aren't forcing it on anyone, but they are dangling the carrot in front of the players' faces.
  3. Plugin missing

    Welp. Now I can't start the game because: "Plugin 'SlateRemote' failed to load because module 'SlateRemote' could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project."
  4. Two things: 1) The character preview in my inventory is still a black silhouette. Same is true of the explorer notes. 2) When I hover the mouse over an item or a skill within an inventory I don't see a popup text. For instance, if I'm at an obelisk and I'm hovering the mouse over the button to enter a boss arena I can't see which items I need as tribute, or if I hover the mouse over an item in my inventory I can't see the item's description or what materials I need for a blueprint. This is in singleplayer on PC.
  5. Alpha dinos can't drown?

    I can confirm from looking in the dev kit that they dont drown
  6. Kentrosaurus DPS

    Don't forget too that it does get a pack buff, so the damage per attack will likely vary depending on how many Kentros you have.
  7. ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    Will the radiation increase the chances of getting a mutation when breeding on the map? Will the radiation bring new buffs/debuffs to normal creatures? (Say you bring a Rex to the map and it mutates into a mini Godzilla) Can element be harvested from the nameless?
  8. Dilos not listening.... PS4

    Check whistle command groups. That is very likely the problem. And no, the heart has nothing to do with it. That simply means that they're mate boosted.
  9. Realistic animal DLC

    Nobody knows for certain how Rex preferred getting it's food. It might have been a scavenger, it might have been an ambush hunter, or it might have just been an opportunistic feeder. But I will say that Jack Horner's reasoning behind his assertion that Rex couldn't hunt at all is fundamentally flawed. Let me ask this - which is the best predator between a cheetah and a lion? Well according to Horner if it's not built like a cheetah then it isn't well suited to hunt live prey. In reality though it just depends on the prey and the situation. A cheetah might be better at chasing down something fast and weak like a gazelle, but which one will pose a bigger threat to something beefier such as a buffalo? Obviously in that case the lion is better. Prehistoric predators would have been no different. A Rex wouldn't have been the type of hunter who would engage in a high-speed chase, but that doesn't rule out ambush tactics or just going after slower prey. And, on another note, you all might want to take a step back and think before you continue with the fanboy labeling. As they say, when you point one finger at someone else you're pointing three fingers back at yourself.
  10. Realistic animal DLC

    So acknowledging facts brought to light from the fossil record is the action of an extreme fanboy. And baselessly speculating that Rex is weak and while calling it Overusedosaurus is what you do if you're looking at it rationally and without bias. Gotcha.
  11. For me it has always been about the dinosaurs, not shooting or survival. But I'm still excited for the new dlc simply because it looks cool. If you don't like it you don't need to buy it. It doesn't affect the game's realism though, because frankly the game is not realistic to begin with. The base game has godmode Gigas who are twice the size of a Rex, magical disappearing Liopleurodons, and Unicorns. If you're looking for a nice realistic dinosaur game that doesn't go in other crazy directions I'd recommend giving The Isle a try. I haven't spent much time in that game yet, but when I did play it it did immediately felt a lot more realistic and immersive than Ark.
  12. Overuse of TEK in marketing

    It's part of the game so there's no reason it shouldn't be featured in the trailers. The number of players who can get it on official is irrelevant. Also the whole survival argument is kinda moot anyway because tribes and modern tier already took the survival out of the game anyway before Tek was even a thing. If you want it to have more of a survival feel then play single player and go to Scorched Earth or do some deep sea diving. Primitive, hardcore, or no-tame would help too. Other than that it's more accurate to say that you're playing an MMO with survival elements rather than a true survival game.
  13. Too late. Hence the reason for the new servers.

    If it was doing 200+ damage per hit then either the numbers on the wiki are way off or the Mega is indeed bugged. Even if the Rex had no armor it shouldn't have been doing that much damage. I wonder if the extra damage vs bugs is being applied to all targets? Also are you playing on vanilla damage and resistance settings?
  15. Mammals or Dinosaurs?

    For me the choice will always be dinosaurs, but that's just me. It depends whether you're someone who gets giddy at the thought of anything dinosaur/reptile related, or whether you're someone who is more likely to travel the country attending any furry convention you can find. Also... This right here might be enough to determine which path you should take. I've noticed that there are people who breed Rexes/Gigas because they want to be a badass, but then cry because nothing in the wild poses much of a threat to them. Even though that's what happens when you're an apex predator. It's important to know up front what play style you will enjoy and choose your tames accordingly.