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  1. Okay and I always stand on rocks for tricks in beginning of the game cause they are kinda hard to deal with at the beginning yes dodos never need to be tamed unless you want a omelet
  2. I always tame all them at level I can not remember like lv 20 to 50
  3. That is a great idea I built my taming pen with tek cause I was like awesome but it took way to long so thanks for the stone advice also I never picked up dinos using birds or Argentinians
  4. This is perfect I will try this thanks for the advice
  5. Okay that is the best advice I have been given thanks
  6. Well the first time I ever played Ark 1. I started built beach house 2. tamed army of dodos 3. bronto squished my house good advice i'm not gutsy though
  7. Cool Cool Fun Fun i'll try it
  8. This is where can go for suggestions for beating a boss such as broodmother dargon ect anyway you can suggest for other people or you can scroll down to find ways to defeat a boss
  9. Sorry have not played in a while I just joined this website and PS4 broken so I wanted to know what other people thought about starting Ark also I have not seen you reply to any of my post other than this one
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