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  1. Thanks also if you have any knowledge of how the beat the monkey boss I just call him that can you let me know
  2. Okay my PS4 is currently broken so I have no idea is it free or does it cost I don't know.
  3. I like to mostly talk private my PS4 id broken and do not have enough money to go get another or fix it

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    2. Izachguy99


      Yes I have had lots if not to much trouble with them killing my Lv 100 sarco

    3. Dinobros2000


      A sarco? Get a rex, or something with abilitys and speed Even a carno couple(for the mate bost)

    4. Izachguy99


      No I was riding my sarco then the theri just came bursting out I killed it with my giga behind me but there was a grave for sarco yes I agree Rexs and carnos are great for taming them cause my giga went to killing him really fast last I tamed theri is it got stuck so I went with me arrows also used all my arrows so I clubed him a few good times after and he was out then feed him lots of narcotic and kibble

  4. My PS4 is broken and I have to restart everything so i'm going to have to miss it
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