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  1. wow ok obv I'm blind everyone else thinks this thing is crazy big
  2. ha literally what I said (great minds think alike)
  3. Holy Crap I thought the Maewing was a shoulder mount THAT THING'S MASSIVE
  4. not only a fish, they invented glow in the dark pigs don't worry we can continue the project on our new Mars homes
  5. sounds pretty interesting, seems like they can do a lot of scientific research with that
  6. oh yes I remember that actually
  7. surely that's not a real dinosaur, or are you referring to Yutyrannus
  8. no it doesn't. when I said QAnon in that phrase I meant the so called cult of conspiracies, I thought you might believe in their conspiracies
  9. what when did I say that
  10. well duh of course he's areal person
  11. I also apologise if this rant hurt anyones feelings or contradicts opinions (which it will), I just love going on rants about my opinions so please do not take it personally
  12. One of the reasons I'm not so neutral on it is just because what they say is never ever backed up by evidence and it's so far fetched it's hard to believe people think it's real. Plus the conspiracies are quite harmful in the fact that they can cause violence for literally no reason. If I started seeing facts backing up the conspiracies I'd also be neutral, but I don't so I'm not. realise that if I sound angry it's not with you it's with QAnon
  13. It's like the new Pastafarianism except more popular, more dangerous and way less funny
  14. you may be missing the fact that QAnon is basically a cult in the sense that they get people to start believing in false faith, spreading propaganda and encouraging violence. And at first you except the little things, and then it all becomes more believable until you're just another "cultist" like them. They're pretty horrible people at times, I'm not so neutral on the topic It's probably some far right wing rando who wants to make the world believe in his new religion
  15. plz don't tell me you believe in QAnon it's going good
  16. hey look I didn't realise GordohGoH was a fellow Aussie that's epic how's it going my mate
  17. how about death metal? the best subgenre of all time
  18. can the 4th thing be something a little more open than popcorn? I can't think of many conversations that started with popcorn
  20. do you eat raw meat instead of cooked meat just to be extra raw as well
  21. There's probably a million posts on this but I'd rather make one myself instead of look up others, as I can talk to the posters more likely. So, I was always pretty amazed by Aaron Longstaff's work, and I was wondering on what other people have made their homes on ark look like. It doesn't have to be super fancy (although if it is that's cool) but if you put effort into making it look nice, then post a pic here and talk about it
  22. hopefully China will beat WildCard and fix all of arks glitches in an attempt to flex their technological muscles on America
  23. tbh I don't think astrodelphis looks like a dolphin, more like a leedsicthys with colourful armour
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