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  1. Xbox One, pc hosted dedicated server

    The last thing they said was sometime in September. I would be very appreciative with a more detailed update on the state of this feature. I'm Twiddling my thumbs over here waiting haha.
  2. Rentable Servers Timeframe?

    Nothing besides "sometime in September" from official channels.
  3. Legacy servers with new DLCs

    I get sucks. However, you CAN access the paid content.
  4. Legacy servers with new DLCs

    I wouldn't say they are denying you content.. You are just unhappy with the way they are requiring you to access new content. (understandibly, since I've sure you've put in plenty of time)
  5. 123

    You neglected to quote and respond to iame post right above, and chose to quote the stupid bullying one instead lol. I feel like you are just arguing to argue at this point, but his post perfectly explains why it is necessary in some cases and not always based on revenge. A tribe comes from somewhere and raids you, but is unable to finish the job... So they go home. They are going to come back and finish you off. If you can find out where they came from, you can get to them first and stop them from wiping you. Hence, it is not an act of revenge .. But you are defending your base from a second attack by taking the offensive.
  6. Boss Ascension?

    I just checked, Xbox has 3.. Gamma, beta, and alpha ascension. They read "defeat the final boss on " " difficulty. Even though they pop once you ascend, could still give the impression. Weird that it's different for steam though. Here's a link, it's listed in the DLC/title update section a bit down.
  7. Boss Ascension?

    I believe there is an Xbox achievement that mentions something about a final boss. Can't completely remember though
  8. What I really hate about ARK

    I am gonna say absolutely not. I can't say this with 100% certainty, but there currently isn't a way to backup player dedicated servers. If there was, that would solve a huge array of problems with them crashing. Since there is no way to back them up, there is no way to get a save file and transfer it to a PC server hosted by nitrado. Your best option, is to have your son play and when you are ready to switch, mark down what he has saved, and spawn it in on your nitrado server. Not ideal, but the only option unless you want to wait.
  9. Critical SP Issue?

    This happened to me in all caves in single player. Couldn't figure out why.
  10. Xbox Server Options

    Dedicated server backup for the love of God! I would also appreciate the option for pvp decay and demo timers, similiar to pve.
  11. That's a hard No for me! That's one thing Ark does have going for it, no microtransactions like every other game in existence. A crazy thought... Keep skins obtainable by playing the game.
  12. You're right there, I can't say with 100% certainty....And I appreciate you not repeating yourself. Not a huge fan of all the complaining that goes on here haha
  13. I know not all of them are, but when a server crashes a few times an hour...It's most likely the case. Ours goes down every hour for only a few minutes. A quick Google search reveals how incredibly easy it is to crash an official server and people are taking advantage of it. You are definitely right though, most players don't do it. But I'm sure most officials have at least one.. Which causes huge problems for everyone. (if you know one that doesn't on Xbox pm me and I'll move there in a second! Haha) When servers are going down for hours or days though, I'm thinking the issue is on their hosts end.
  14. ... Im finally done

    Doing official pvp myself, I'm having a lot of fun..but definitely don't see it as a long term game type for me. I'm taking the float around on a raft and craft stuff as I need it to defend myself...while I secretly hide metal structures around the map. Frustrating though when every 2 hours someone dupes and I lose 20 min of progress. While the tribe at Red Ob has 50 Tek behemoths! Such is Ark I suppose, hopefully you will stick around and give pve or player dedicated a shot!