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  1. Haha, I was hoping no one would call me out on that. Damn you! Lol
  2. Finally, I can stop naming my argents buckbeak... We have Griffins!
  3. **DISCLAIMER** - We do make monthly trips to scorched earth. So you will see players on the server with wyverns. They are NOT allowed to be used for raiding at this time. We have had players join and get upset because they see bases with them. Since we spend time on the other two maps in short trips, players can transfer mats and dinos from them. Please DO NOT join if you are not comfortable with this. We do our best to run a fair server, if you feel you are being treated poorly. Please send me a message directly @ Nebraskark Seeking new members!
  4. I'm sorry you felt harassed. We have had a scorched and island server running for a long long time. Players are allowed to transfer any tames or items they get on these servers. We have a long standing rule that dragons can not be used for pvp. And I can personally attest that no player on our server killed you or took any of your things. I do not offer the option for players to buy items or Dinos..I find that to be extremely stupid, and can't believe it's actually a thing that happens. If you are interested in buying Dinos.. I think single player may be a better fit for you? If a player harassed you on pve Island, and you followed the appropriate guidelines posted in the club. The matter would have been dealt with quickly. (unfortunately, players being weary of a newcomer walking around their base without typing anything in global doesn't count as harassment in my book.. Too many griefers in this game) Again, I'm sorry you had a bad experience and hope you find a server that doesn't have a cluster and sticks to one map..with a Dino purchase option!
  5. Fresh center map due to a crash. We are playing PVP with raiding rules, so even when you get don't lose everything. Make sure these rules are a good fit before asking to join, we aren't looking for crazy die hard pvp players. Just people who want a little light competition to keep things interesting!