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  1. Looking for new tribes. Just had to boot a big one, for secretly killing people's tames. Server is set to pve for a few days until I make sure I've purged them all! Awesome player base, friendly, and lots of trading.
  2. Looking for more tribes. We currently have 10 to 20 active members on at peak hours. Lots of trade, and server events through our "game master"
  3. What? You've obviously lost track of your entire point. You couldn't manage to read the part at the very beginning were I said the game used as an example is irrelevant...Reading comprehension skills = 0. At no point did I compare destiny to Ark.. I used destiny as an example of pvp.(which by your logic, has one very clear definition that isn't open for interpretation... So it shouldn't matter what game I used as an example of pvp) The fact you don't agree with that, shows that you are interpreting pvp a different way then simply player vs player. So... keep working on those colorful pictures little guy! If you want to continue this convo, do so through private message.. Done responding here and derailing the thread.
  4. There is a recruiting subforum I believe, might have better luck there!
  5. Now is the perfect time to join! Temporary pve setting to destroy old bases. Each base you demo earns you a free mastercraft item of your choice!
  6. You could turn structure damage off, then you could build a thatch arena! If your server is pvp though, that wouldnt work.
  7. Hey man... What's your strat?
  8. They are also very useful on pvp for item storage. When you command one to burrow, you and your tribe can see the little dirt mound. Other tribes and players can't. So if you boost one's weight, you can load him up with important goodies. The only way they can uncover him is using explosives on the spot he is burrowed (which would be very lucky, if you had him burrow away from your base.) or use a troodons scout ability. So he essentially acts as a hidden items cache. Your friend said he uses them in his base. If base came under attack, and a rocket hit the spot he was hiding it would kill him. I would suggest hiding him off to the side somewhere
  9. I've noticed this too, after reseting my beetle several times, and giving him a very stern warning. He finally has decided trying to escape isn't in his best interest Haha.
  10. Someone stated this earlier, but that is the real fix right now..besides going and manually killing every dino yourself. The nice thing about dedicateds is you control the ability to make the game more playable and fix things yourself instead of waiting on support tickets lol.
  11. Well... If you kill the boss, then you unlock the engrams, even if you die. So we usually make sure we grab the element and strip down. Then we throw everything on one of our rexes. (or any dino you bring in) That way, even if we die, our Dinos port back with all our stuff. This is obviously just a temp solution until they fix the issue. Hope that helps!