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  1. Bump! Just got our first raid base cracked, got tribes doing bosses and having a blast! Great place to join and play at with lots of variety!
  2. If you guys are interested. Head over to discord, we have 3 servers currently. Our population is spread out so theres usually a few on each.
  3. It's more than official! You used to play on out server right? It's the same as it was way back then.. Just adjusted it when Wildcard made the official change.

    Having the same issue, anyone have a solution?
  5. Xbox app has been bad about notifications. If I don't respond right awag, join discord! It's always busy and helpful.
  6. Perfect time to join! Christmas gifts for everyone under green obelisk on Christmas morning,
  7. We have 3 servers and an amazing community. Discord is always full of people talking and trading. Come join us!