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  1. I'm genuinely curious how asking about a feature in the patch notes, isn't related to the patch notes.... Or considered spamming/off topic, which is what I was warned for. Obviously I didn't check the bugs section, because I wasn't sure if it was a bug or that I just didn't know how to access the feature. I Understand the patch notes thread can get out of hand, and just reading through it there are plenty of posts with people complaining that are still there. @GamerPerfectionI'm sure your job is hard, but maybe you shouldn't warn people who are asking genuine questions that are directly related to the patch notes, and havent been asked already (I read through all the pages first to make sure) . May I ask what kind of posts you do allow in this thread? Or are you unsure? Maybe this thread should just be locked, if you don't want any comments.
  2. Perfect time to join, just moved to a fresh island map to work and get ready for tek tier!
  3. Right, I got that! Maybe you should move this to the game suggestions then.. Or post in one of the other topics there about it. I guess your only options until they add item id to everything are to use a perfectly good work around, that takes almost no time.... Or actually work for your Items by playing the game. Scary thought!
  4. Bump, looking to repopulate the server with some good active members. Will be moving to theisland Wednesday!
  5. Imagine how long it would take for a new digest to come out if they had to answer the entire first 5 pages! We already wait forever haha.
  6. I admin on xbox and have been using the phone app SA Companion. You can search your item, click it, and it copies it. Then I open up xbox app and paste it in. Definitely would be nice to have number IDs, but this is a good workaround for me. My phone also saves recent clipboard activity, so I have a "list" of my 10 most recent.
  7. We have a great server with very steady members. We are on the Center now, and will be switching to Island on Wednesday for a few weeks to prep for tek tier. Now is the perfect time to join!
  8. Message me on Xbox live and I'll add you. We are on scorched Earth for a week with double rates. So now would be a good time to join, bring a wyvern back to 5o center.
  9. Not sure if it's been mentioned. (since the last two pages I tried scrolling through are all people arguing about the same poop) Did the center get the giant squid? I know sometimes it's a little behind on dinos, any confirmation would be great.
  10. Definitely pretty crazy that this is still happening for sure. I have a poor guy on my dedicated that has the worst luck with this.
  11. Opening up the server for 10 new member! We have an admin running arena battles for rewards every couple of days!
  12. it will be very easy for the admin to fix this problem, but if he isn't responsive you may be out of luck.
  13. Hey! Spend quite a few hours tonight building a "map" for our server to have PVP fights on, and I came up with this. It is very large, lots of huge buildlings, with rooms and passages. Everything is lined up on the same "grid" (This cave is perfectly flat) so all the sections connect to one another. Demon's tongue leads up to his head, which is a huge open area for fights to take place. I tried to make it look like he was pointing, and then holding fire in his other hand. (Painted red spiral stair case.) Artifacts make his eyes glow bright red. The way it is built, can have 4 or 5 players each start at an entrance, and hunt each other down!