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  1. Hi firstly whats with the strange graphical issues looking at somegachas and snow owls, they are polygons. also why is hotbar half way up the screen at 4k, this makes it impossible to vlick show ancestors in dino view. Also theres a bug in shadowmane prowl mission where the pack is under mesh and impossible to complete on our official pve server. i have attached picture and video. please fix these issues
  2. 1535 has been doing this constantly for two days too makes playing unplayable….
  3. Does 2x breeding mean 2x maturation as well as seems a bit pointless not to have both?
  4. Server files? @Jat @Jen @lilpanda
  5. indeed I know what you mean, sadly tho with all the bugs with xbox last patches, I suspect we are a very long way off a final product . Suspect final product q1/q2 2017 , that would be when ps4 version comes out. You will be getting sotf soon tho hopefully.
  6. its because the game is in development, and both xbox and pc have early access programs and sony don't, wildcard could only release the game on ps4 when its fully finished, which is now set for around Christmas I think. Blame sony for not having a early access program.
  7. hi jat, can you get someone on eu pve server 643 please and get a message sent about circumventing swear filter please and its being abused a lot right now and ticket Request #4881.




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