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  1. Not be argumentative here, but how is posting a tribe name or any information on a tribe or player who is going out of their way to cheat casual players shaming? Why would the gms be more inclined to defend them and their actions than the players that they cheat?
  2. Stealing tribes So a few days ago a player on our server (pve566) was offering to give away their base as they were leaving the server. My wife went to merge with them and was immediately killed and kicked from the tribe. Thus the player has stolen everything. Over a years worth of building, hoarding, and 3k worth of dinos. While trying to get it back, they started to throw the baby dinos out and proceeded to start killing them in front of her. Come to find out, they've done this to a few tribes on our server as well. Cryoing and taking all the dinos after they've highjacked the tribes. Is there anything that can be done? Weve submitted a ticket, as well as the other tribes that were highjacked as well. Have photos of the conversations, the players gamertag, proof of tribe ownership, and them killing the babies and such. But the gms have yet to respond. I've figured that resetting to a sever save is pretty much out of the question. But I would like to have my base back, and the player addressed. As this is a violation of the CDC. The tribe is called <removed> on my server now, but that might simply be due to the large amount of cc dinos we had. As they changed it after highjacking out tribe.
  3. It would be nice, but hard to imagine it fully taking place where it works the way it's being imagined. Sometimes my ankh does auto swing while I'm carrying, so might already be in place but with a low weight cap. Grinding is part of ark, so kinda believe that'll itll stay that way
  4. Sorry, forgot to add something. So on the sterilized part, cloning is done at times in response to it being neutered, so you can get another copy to breed with. I haven't actually had to do it myself, but cloning if its neutered will produce a dino fresh with none of the baggage.
  5. The zombies looks pretty awesome I've got to admit. The colors on the other hand are mostly bland and I haven't even bothered to tame this time
  6. The responses above kinda cover the biggest reasons why, just wanted to add something at the end. For trading, clones are also cheaper, simply due to rarity. Having (clone) generally means there's more floating around, takes away from the uniqueness of the dino. You can breed lines with colors and stats generally, so I know it doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense. But just what I've observed overall.
  7. I highly doubt that would ever be an option. There are only 3 real draws to events, dino colors, skins and the x2 or more buffs. You make the skins always available, kinda takes away from the drive to get them during events and so on.
  8. Lol and here I was thinking I was a breeder. How many do you hatch at once?
  9. Do what I typically do on a day on ark, raise babies. Wife likes to jokingly complain due to mass groups I do. But today will be yutis, allos, and a few odds and ends. Taking advantage of the 2x breeding to clear some of the back log of babies that have built up lol.
  10. It's a good idea. I built my daycare out from the trough in the middle to ensure the eight range for the babies. But possibly being able to group or name them similar to whistle groups would help sort as well.
  11. I've been playing on and off almost since beta, and while the game has more than its share of issues, it's not like it's to the point of taking a year to fix. As mentioned before, some issues they simply can't fix underlying problems without wiping, and as a long term player I'd much rather deal with the bugs than lose close to 2k dinos tbh. Honestly they should continue addressing issues as they update the game, but maybe spend that year investing in building the community. The Halloween event has brought more activity to my server and the game as a whole than I've seen for awhile.
  12. The event is lackluster I guess. Colors are blandand feel more like Thanksgiving than Halloween, but that's just a personal preference. I've found a few skeleton dinos, but overall they are rare. And the spooky piles are kind of random, sometimes it's almost impossible to find and others their in groups of 20 etc. And we still get the alerts about the dodorex but I have yet to see it. Overall its eh on the event side, but loving the 2x breeding, but I'm a breeder so speaks for itself. Using the event to clear out my backlog of babies that have been piling up more than anything just due to the rarity of the event items.
  13. A little of everything I guess, just as long as it fits. Atm the even seems more mishmashed than anything else. Swimsuits, colors that align more with Thanksgiving than Halloween, bit and pieces here and there. Not really complaining, just a suggestion. Halloween event would have been so much better if we had gotten like neon greens, purples, oranges and such instead of dull fall colors. Skins that emulate famous horror movie weapons and costumes. Etc.
  14. S.T.A.R. Labs on xbox live Hi everyone! Just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Aqua1antern here, ark survivor on and off for about 5 years now. Currently on eu pve island 566 server. Spend more of my time breeding and hoarding resources for the most part. I dont know much about these forums, but was wondering about making friends on other servers. Hopefully some that'll have even more different colors for us to breed and shake things up.
  15. Requesting dev support? So I accidentally kicked myself out of my tribe while kicking members that no longer play. Added a ticket to see if the dev's can add me back in so I can continue to play. My question is what is the window exactly for a normal response from the devs? And is there any way to increase the likelyhood of your tickets visibility? I've been playing for several years, and never had to submit a ticket before, so completely new to this. The topic has been asked before, I know. But couldn't really find anything relatively recent. Not to mention some say 2 or 3 days, while others say weeks. Just concerned because while the structures might survive, I have a lot of dinos and prefer not to lose them.
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