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  1. Hi, I've been redesigning our base on ragnorok and game keeps crashing when I demolish stone gateways. this is happening to other tribe members too, it kicks us to dashboard. the other issue is as there are hardly any pve ragnorok servers, once game crashes it takes about 3 hours to get back in because server full and then we find that we have been drowned as we couldn't get back on. please fix and for gods sake we need more servers!!!!!
  2. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Server files? @Jat @Jen @lilpanda
  3. Mine hasn't worked for months . Also anyone else noticing on official island servers the ridiculous temperatures in places now, it seems like scorched temps have gone to the island and verrryy hot.
  4. Also tweet @lilpandaon twitter and @Jat , that may help
  5. Hopefully... we have baby gigas and boss rexs that will need feeding urgently....
  6. Xbox server upgraded to 759.3

    Your lucky your server came back up, ours went down for the update and didn't come back up again
  7. I also use pve eu 170, it's been down for about 12 hours now did you report it as down on the report form? the more of us that report it down the more they will notice
  8. We need Update Protection

    or in this case what wildcard throw at you (updates with literally minutes warning)..
  9. We need Update Protection

    I 100% agree with this, we had 2 mutant megalanias that just hatched and 5 mutant equiss too, then bam 15 minute warning... took us 2 hours to download the update and of course, log onto our official server, all babies died of starvation. The ponies I can breed again, but the megalanias cost me lots.... Update protection that can keep babies with food until a tribe member logs on would be excellent.
  10. Hi, we've had our legit breed giganpithecus's , pegomastyx, terror birds, kentrosaurus , unicorns, all go missing when the server reset after update. i know they were getting rid of dinos over cap etc but why all these dinos that we legitimately raised and lvl 220ish giganpithecus (8 of them all gone , 3 were mutant too) the terror birds were only lvl 80 the unicorns were only lvl 70-120 . submittting support tickets doesn't hold out much hope as never get replies. anyone else lost any dinos???
  11. Gigantopithecus armor and new human like ability

    true, either way, it would be cool if they updated the gigantopithecus to be able to train to hold stuff, basic use etc.
  12. Gigantopithecus armor and new human like ability

    I suggested this last month.
  13. Dinos not rendering after hot fix

    Ark is now officially sponsored by crayola and this patch was brought to you today by the number 7 and the color green...
  14. Ummmmm wc... really

    All Dino rendering is broken , go look at a ovi , pegomastyx , vulture or beaver , missing body parts lol , the graphics on all the dinos are shocking now and look like a five year old has drawn them with their wrong hand and a ruler..
  15. Hi , just installed hotfix, dino rendering is very broken, beavers have no head, gigas all square and no eyes, ovis made of wire, everything looks terrible.... good going wc...