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  1. eat poop or run around wasting stam, in the end u will die and can respawn
  2. Seems doing any custom painting makes the game crash, which really does defeat the point of a camera in the game, so wish they would finally fix this issue
  3. I’m not sure why the servers lag so much even with a few people on, I play on a official rag and ext server and when rag was new, it had hardly any lag with 60 ppl connected. The game is near unplayable on official servers now. Did the servers get downgraded or are there more servers on each physical machine now. I fear the game is going to get completely unplayable on officials soon.
  4. Ark causes Xbox party chat errot Since the patch before last, it seems ark is causing Xbox party errors and disconnects party. i didn’t think it was possible, but tried other games, so have my tribe mates, we have also tried parties with other people, all are fine when playing other games, if I play ark, after a while I get the error, I rejoin party and try another game, alll good, then a party member goes to ark, a few mins later they disconnect with a party error. is it possible ark is causing a error that affects the Xbox in general, as this seems very strange.
  5. It’s issues at Nitrado or wherever Nitrado dcs are
  6. Could be a issue at Nitrado as that’s where all the servers are hosted
  7. There’s a section on that outage form for cannot retrieve address, still fill form out and maybe someone will look into this issue
  8. Report server outages here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  9. Hope we get a rollback or something , I see a few ppl I follow on Twitter are now saying they cannot connect to any server either
  10. Can’t connect to any official server Hi, is there a issue with Xbox servers, I can’t get onto any with the error cannot retrieve address, my tribemates are also having this issue when connecting to valguero server, got giga egg about to hatch and can’t get on
  11. Same issue on any official Xbox server I try to connect to, could not retrieve address
  12. Impossible to tame bees and Equis’s on Xbox official pve Hi, is there a bug that makes taming these impossible, every equiss we’ve tried to tame randomly stops being able to feeed rock carrots randomly and bees take one kibble then never a option to feed again. also the logging in and freezing is getting very very annoying on our official pve server
  13. Does 2x breeding mean 2x maturation as well as seems a bit pointless not to have both?
  14. Well that really sucks then, so cannot fully level these Rex’s and if a tribemare sees it has lvls then they are likely to put them in. shame they just can’t level cap them instead of them auto deleting.
  15. Level cap dinos??? Hi we just hatched Rex eggs from our Rex’s and one egg produced triplets and the other twins. the twin were level 340 (which we expected as that’s the levels the parents were at birth). but the triplets popped lvl 406, obviously had a boost to lvls. now I’m reading that if a Dino get levelled past 450 it’s gets auto deleted or something?. is this true as if so it means we can’t fully lvl these Rex’s and if one of my tribe mates accidentally put a lvl in past 450 we lose it totally. i really hope this isn’t true , I’m on a official pve server.
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