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  1. Impossible to tame bees and Equis’s on Xbox official pve Hi, is there a bug that makes taming these impossible, every equiss we’ve tried to tame randomly stops being able to feeed rock carrots randomly and bees take one kibble then never a option to feed again. also the logging in and freezing is getting very very annoying on our official pve server
  2. Does 2x breeding mean 2x maturation as well as seems a bit pointless not to have both?
  3. Well that really sucks then, so cannot fully level these Rex’s and if a tribemare sees it has lvls then they are likely to put them in. shame they just can’t level cap them instead of them auto deleting.
  4. Level cap dinos??? Hi we just hatched Rex eggs from our Rex’s and one egg produced triplets and the other twins. the twin were level 340 (which we expected as that’s the levels the parents were at birth). but the triplets popped lvl 406, obviously had a boost to lvls. now I’m reading that if a Dino get levelled past 450 it’s gets auto deleted or something?. is this true as if so it means we can’t fully lvl these Rex’s and if one of my tribe mates accidentally put a lvl in past 450 we lose it totally. i really hope this isn’t true , I’m on a official pve server.
  5. Can we get any news on a fix for this as it seems that it’s happening on a lot of official pve servers now. @Jen?
  6. This has happened in our server , someone griefing all tribes this needs fixing asap
  7. Like the forge in annuki genesis it’s smaller, holds more and smelts quick
  8. It makes sense to me that a bbqd Dino would give cooked meat
  9. People are always telling me that they think if you kill a wild Dino with fire attack you should harvest cooked meat instead of raw meat. I think this is a valid idea.
  10. That sucks well maybe it would still be cool for non ridden dinos or maybe the saddle issue could be sorted now?
  11. I remember a year or so ago that it was mentioned that different sized Dino mutations might be added, i still think this would be awesome, maybe the mutation could be just a few percent bigger or smaller ( huge dodos would be a nightmare). it would add some nice variation to our dinos
  12. Yup same issue here on official ragnorok and extinction, the graphics show the mantis holding the pick even if nothing in the hand slot. Please fix as op said element veins are a nightmare without a mantis
  13. Server files? @Jat @Jen @lilpanda
  14. indeed I know what you mean, sadly tho with all the bugs with xbox last patches, I suspect we are a very long way off a final product . Suspect final product q1/q2 2017 , that would be when ps4 version comes out. You will be getting sotf soon tho hopefully.
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