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  1. This is the way that works in the mod S+. This is why nobody mentioned it. Just put another wall below and the gap will be filled.
  2. This was posted at January 21st. Two weeks later, this bug was in the final release!
  3. Well done WildCard! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give you feedback. But, what is the point of asking for feedback, if you don't read it?
  4. Yes. Of course. I enabled this setting the first day it was introduced and I never came back!
  5. I play ARK since day-1. I know how to build on uneven terrain (you can see it on the screenshot), but it would be easier if Foundations would snap each other, on a different height. Wildcard (Grapeshot) already did it on Atlas. So, they know how to do it.
  6. There is an angle difference between Ramp and Stairs. Stairs is 1-Wall high and 1-Ceiling long. Ramp is shorter and taller than a Wall. Ramp must remain as is, otherwise it will not work on already-built bases. Stairs is the new structure (copied from S+ mod), which can be switched to either ramp or stairs.
  7. @Jen I'm just finished, testing the new beta. It took me only 5 minutes to realize that my testing on the first beta was a waste of time! Almost nothing was fixed from my feedback. Not only this, but new bugs have been added! Why Wildcard needs our feedback, for bugs that can be found in 5 minutes of building? I think that the developers don't test anything. It's unbelievable! Spend 10 minutes of your time, to test your own game! I'm done with this "S+ Beta" thing. Good luck, Wildcard. I'm trying to snap a Triangle Ceiling on a Triangle Foundation.
  8. Yeah! Stackable Foundations! ..or, at least add a snap-point, to snap higher or lower, when building on a sloped surface. So, we can fill it with walls later, and the Walls have to match their height. But... a picture is worth a thousand words. So, take a look at the 3000 words below:
  9. Don't forget the case when you pickup poop from your Phiomia's butt. You spam E blindly! Imagine if your base is built on Ceilings, on the edge of a mountain! No fixed keys, please! All keys have to be configurable. I have Ctrl key for Crouch (I don't like C). You can edit all the key bindings in the file Input.ini There, you can easily set combinations with Shift, Ctrl, Alt. I have set the whistle "all follow" to Shift+J, because simple J is too dangerous in big bases. So... after so many reports about the quick pickup thing, I hope WC will do something that make all o
  10. I have a suggestion (since a couple of years ago). Add a structure similar to "S+ Crafting Table" (Name it whatever you want). Let us craft inside it everything that can be crafted in a player's inventory. eg: Stone tools, Thatch/Wood/Stone structures, Bow, Arrows, Cloth/Hide/Ghillie armor, etc. It would be very useful, when building Stone structures.
  11. @Jen @Seggzy @Skittle Hey there! I would really appreciate it, if you let us know your thoughts about our bug reports / suggestions. Don't keep them to yourself. Let us know about the progress of this project. Post some Patch Notes (current & future). Also, tell us what things you're not willing to change, so we stop posting about them. In a few words, help us to help you!
  12. When you're placing a Fence Support, you can press G to lock only straight snap point. Press G again, to lock to 45 degree. Press again to lock to 90 degree, and so on...
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