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  1. ilias

    Your ARK Stories!

    I tried official servers for a couple of times (TheIsland and TheCenter), but it was absolutely unplayable due to Alpha tribes and the annoying mechanic to transfer dinos from other servers. Some Alpha tribes was acting as friends, but eventually they raided us using the Scorched Earth O.P. dinos. So, I decided to play alone. I don't like Local/Single player mode, because some mechanics are weird. I setup my own, private, server and I'm playing there alone. I have multipliers at 5x and I'm using the mod "Structures Plus", because I love to build with S+. Now, I have a couple of friends on my server and we have a lot of fun playing together. Recently, I started to record some videos and upload them on Youtube. It is going very well. I consider myself as a Youtuber, as I have 500+ views on each of my videos. I have over 3000 hours on ARK and I cannot stop playing! It's so addictive!
  2. ilias

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Can you add a "Slow Speed" for dinos? Especially for flying dinos. (eg by holding X + W simultaneously) This will help a lot for building high areas of large bases. Also will help if the dino that follows you can switch to "Slow Speed" and stop precisely next to you, instead of run in full speed and pass you, then turn around you like crazy. A "Slow Speed" can solve multiple problems!
  3. ilias

    Community Crunch 84!

    Q&A Digest, please!
  4. I don't care about crunch. Do a Q&A Digest and make it as lengthy as you wish!
  5. Survivor, Duck030 asks, “Can there be an addition of a ‘free look’ button (left-alt maybe) so the head can move independently to the body? This would be very useful when on a Dino, trying to spot things without having to change directions, especially if a server has 3rd person turned off.” NOOOOOOO! Don't touch the middle mouse button!!! I need it for special purposes!!! This feature is already in the game! You press the K or hold right alt (I think) and you can freely look around, while you walk straight!