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  1. I know I'm a little late, but I'd just like to say that they're clearly trolling you and are just trying to annoy you. Ignore them. Have you had any luck with taming since?
  2. Exactly what the title asks. Is it possible?
  3. On The Island I would do the easy underwater and swamp cave (hard underwater and snow also work but they're not really worth it). Not sure about other maps.
  4. 3x the normal one because of Summer Bash.
  5. Just a quick bump since no one's voted yet.
  6. How is it a "facepalm"? The limited info talks about wagering valuable resources in a mini game and never mentions being casual or between tribemates.
  7. I'd like to see everyone's choices.
  8. As long as it's wood or better they can't damage it, so you should be fine.
  9. I think the problem is that what "most people" want will matter little to Wildcard when weighted against the disproportionate amount of votes that the squirrel received. There's no way they don't know what's going on, but they might not want to risk upsetting the guy's whole fanbase (I would definitely be conflicted about adding it or not if I were in their shoes).
  10. I can definitely hit both of those starting values with some more mutations. I have to say, you had some really good wild rex tames if those were your starting stats. However, I don't have any XP boosts, and it sounds like "leveled" means max level here, which I still have yet to attain on my good thyla even after killing truckloads of high level rex babies. I was hoping to only use forty or fifty levels. If I only went for around 800 melee and 35k health, could I still win? It seems a little more realistic and I do have a good saddle blueprint. I couldn't care less about taking some
  11. I agree with the OP. I also find it irritating that people are acting like it's even possible for another creature to take number one after the YouTuber highjacked it. Thousands of bots and day old accounts can't be contested by legitimate community members. It'll be up to the devs in the end, but I reeeeeeeally hope they don't choose that one just because it got so many votes. Even if it were something interesting I would probably call it out, but I don't see why we need another archaeopteryx that's going to just end up cluttering bases once people realize it has hardly any function.
  12. I've been mutating rexes for the broodmother and megapithecus (all difficulties) and I'm at 4m and 8h. Was planning to only go to ten for both, but I've been doing a lot of math, and it doesn't seem like I can get the "ideal" values of 900+ melee and 35k+ health without going significantly higher. So I'm wondering, since bosses are supposedly weaker on single player, what could a possible bare minimum to aim for be for final leveled stats? If anyone can/has tested some relatively low stats on single player, it would mean a lot to me if you wouldn't mind sharing your findings. Thanks in advance
  13. I heard about this. Not only can they be retamed, but this will allow to load them with bonus levels. Definitely unintended, and hopefully fixed soon.
  14. UPDATE 2: It seems I can only drop things when I'm only in my own inventory and not looking in something else's at the same time.
  15. UPDATE: So the drop button is working again, it seems, but still not E or T.
  16. The "shortcut" buttons for inventories are broken. I can't speedily transfer things one at a time or toss spoiled meat onto the ground. I never realized how much muscle memory was invested in T and O. I imagine E won't work either. It feels wrong dragging items into my inventory or manually selecting to drop them instead of doing it the easy way. Is this a known bug? Did I do something wrong? I just want to be whole again!
  17. Yeah, at this point the rex mutations are only still going because I cant bring myself to scrap them. I kind of wish I'd held off, but it will still be fun to have them when they're done. Theris seem a little easier; I might throw in a few mutations if I can't find a good one, but it sounds like I won't need them if I do. I'll be grinding out the cakes in my spare time during the rex breeding.
  18. I've already started rex mutations AND I have a good saddle so I'm going to end up using them for spider and mokey, but you're probably right. Out of curiosity, how many veg cakes per theri for the dragon? Those things are a pain to make.
  19. I actually like this. Single player settings generally make the game too easy for my taste, but having to do full-power bosses solo is rough. If you really want them to have regular strength, I think you can beef them up in the game files to make them equal to official ones.
  20. IDK about dragon, but if you got a good saddle, my understanding is that that would work for all difficulties of the other two.
  21. The last room. I'd say 80% of drops are there.
  22. Is there any way you could have forced off HUD by accident in the server settings?
  23. This bug was reported by a bunch of people and removed fairly quickly for servers, but it is still a thing on SP. It REALLY sucks because this is 100% game-breaking and my hopes that it will get fixed are low. Hopefully I'm wrong.
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