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  1. This doesn't make them any easier to tame, just easier to not kill. The fact that a griffin takes full damage severely limits their fighting skills. With the PvP servers crawling with super-bred managarmrs, this will allow older players, who are prefer griffins and wyverns to use these creatures with better survivability. It's fair that a level 300 mana with an ascendant saddle and full imprint can jet boost around the map freezing and destroying rexes, gigas, and wyverns, but unfair that said wyvern might get some armor and maybe tek blasts (breeding wyverns might be OP, but griffins seems fair enough)? Think about it.
  2. I heard the interesting theory that Valguero is the undamaged Aberration. That's why she knows about ice wyverns, and rock drakes are evolved deinochuys. Of course that would mean she's wrong about their relation to wyverns.
  3. All right, I haven't really been active here, but: Today on Rag I tamed a griffin. Not super special, just an 85 wild griffin, that tamed up to over 120. Weight good, health good, melee good. Stamina getting better as I level it. Went to the trench by the Highlands and stole a level 45 poison egg. There were only two wyverns, the poison and a fire. Pretty reckless, but I escaped and survived. Egg really should just be kibble, but it's my first one, so I'll hatch it once I get a milk trap made. I've hit a dead end on the island, I've got mutton, I've got kibble, I've got tranq darts, I've got tranq arrows, I've got plenty of fiber, hide, and metal for saddles, and I'm ready to kill those bosses. Only roadblock is that I can't find any high-level dinos. I'll take megatheirium, rexes, allos, ANYTHING! This is SP, so I can't trade to get some. Easy to find on Ragnarok, but I want to keep my story map experiences seperate from the former mods. I'm really losing hope. Every level thirty dino feels like a punch in the gut. Losing hope...
  4. When was this screenshot taken? Currently, organic polymer stacks to twenty, were those two stacks of ten split from one, or was some lost to spoilage? If this happened before it could stack to twenty, then the weight reduction did not exist.
  5. Amazing! I hope future expansions give us more things similar to taxidermy bases, canvasses and artifact pedestals, that are just for decoration, or in some cases, museum displays. Great job!
  6. I know we don't find notes from anyone, and they aren't somewhere our survivor is supposed to go, but I'm asking if they exist in the ark universe at all. Were they some of the many arks that landed on earth?
  7. My main questions about the story: 1. Were drops always a thing? Surely someone would have mentioned them at some point in the notes. Did Helena add them to help us beat the arks and fight the corruption? 2. Are The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero, and Crystal Isles cannon? Do they exist, but Helena never intended for us to go there, or are they just somewhere we're able to go because ark is a game and said maps are interesting to explore? 3. What happened between Genesis Part 1 and Extinction? How exactly did Rockwell get our survivor (and many others) into the simulation? 4. How can we transfer things in and out of Genesis, if it's a simulation? The obelisks and terminals are all connected, but how can a simulated dino go to a physical ark?
  8. ??? Are you saying they're too strong or too weak? None of this makes sense.
  9. Found him kind of near my base, somehow he was on passive flee. No idea if it was my mistake or a bug. Also, (I know I'm getting this thread way off topic) despite the wipe, I can't find anything good around the redwoods. I sorta gave up on an argent, mine isn't awful, but my only thyla sighting was level 28, and the best level thing I spotted was a 104 gallimimus. My main goal at this point is just a decent megatheirium pair, although I still want a good thylacoleo someday. I'll try the snow, maybe I can at least get a 120.
  10. You are right. I spent OVER AN HOUR farming Red Peak for high-level argents, plus casually looking for sloths and thylas, best was like sixty or seventy. I killed the two low level thylacoleos, shot one down, and both charged. I even checked my difficulty, it's five still, and while good dinos are less common on the islamd as opposed to the center, ragnarok, or valguero, they still... exist. A dino wipe will hopefully "fix" the spawns, so I can get a good argent, or more importantly a thylacoleo or megatheirium. After that disappointing hour I went and played with my ragnarok character, where my new thorny dragon just freakin' disappeared when I went inside and came out. Is there a cheat I can use to summon him to my location (he could have just been deleted, but he's probably at 50, 50, and I don't want to fly all the way there)?
  11. My difficulty is five, it just was low for a while. I kind of want to do a dino wipe, but at the same time I don't. I need so many high-level dinos at this stage in the game, but unlike Ragnarok, the Island doesn't favor high-levels at all. I have an argent and a pen that would work near the redwoods, but all I can do is clear, clear, clear. I'm taming a higher-level bird today so I can clear more effectively, but I also want a pair of high-level sloth. Honestly, this singleplayer game is so polluted with low-levels that a dino wipe is kinda tempting.
  12. I would murder someone for that thyla. All I've found are a 2 that killed me, a 7 that killed me, a 4 who I refused to allow to murder me and went full shotgun and killed it, and a 4 and 10, who are still active on trees. Technically I could tame both and try to get awesome mutations stacked, but the time it would take, and the amount of poor baby thylas I'd have to kill would be ridiculous.
  13. If you don't want to transfer in a snow owl/prefer the daeodon's range and not freezing, then my advice would be a) make a saddle, helps manage it a bit better, b) only use it for boss fights, c) leave it near the obelisk, but not in the actual arena, since that will let you bring more rexes, d) make a ton of basic kibble with an industrial cooker (all you need is a berry gatherer, a fiber gather, and some dodos), and e) heal until it's out of food, and then spam all that kibble in. Otherwise, you'll need a few hours worth of meat for one heal session. That's just my advice.
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