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  1. On Unofficial, I just recover the character file and dump it back on the server it was lost upon. I have backups saving every once an hour. Not sure about how the official servers are setup, I am just a volunteer moderator. ?‍♀️
  2. I found out that if you log out after resting on a bed, you avoid falling through the base and ending up like that. Really useful for the flying metal castle I have on The Island. Because it is so far up in the sky, if I did not log out on a bed, I would fall all the way to the ground and die upon logging in. Yeah
  3. United States of Soviet Russia? People's Republic of China? Even if you say they have to have support because of some legality that they would respond to anyways, even then somebody could just hop onto an unofficial server which is outside of the reach of Wildcard, and talk about anything.
  4. I must say, been enjoying leveling up my very first Reaper King. So nice~
  5. I went around dumping meat on an ally base, because they were busy atm and will be logging in later on. At least I made their job easier. ?
  6. Today I did a maintenance on my servers. I did what is called mklink junction. I moved the save files from off my Samsung 850 Evo, to my Corsair Force Series MP500. The MP500 is NVMe PCI-E, whereas the 850 Evo is SATA 3. The start time of the server is now improved, and also the save time is improved. I only did this for the servers that are more populated. Worth the research to do this. So this was my day today on ARK. LOL ?
  7. Flew around looking for blueprints. Then I did 2 ticket requests. 1 for recovery of a dinosaur that died due to d/c (was able to confirm it), and the other was a dinosaur that was left in a dude's base by another player, needed moving to the side by about 10 meters.
  8. Today in ARK, I had to frantically fix a huge mistake another admin made, when setting up a plugin for weekend rates. It really pays to read the instructions provided with the plugin. I don't think that was done.
  9. One of my players logged in to Ragnarok, under the map..... He logged out in the worm cave, and came back later, to find himself swimming under the map, where no player should be. Talk about terrible.
  10. I mined 4 full industrial forges full of metal, and then smelted it. The drop rate is 2x. Then later on I conducted a maintenance to take the weekend event down for the server. That and flying around looking for castle blueprints. This mod here is what I am talking about. However we have them as more of a end-game feature, that you treasure hunt for. Can't wait for later this week, to go on boss runs with other players.
  11. Today I woke up to one of my players no longer being in her tribe, on two different maps. And she was afk, so I can't just get on and fix that asap. I gotta sleep some time. Urgh Bad timings are bad. Managed to raise a battle rex for bosses while in-game as a player. That took quite a long time to do. But needed to be done. This is on unoffical btw. Not much else to say really.
  12. I wish I could say in-ark today. Sadly I ended up spending my free time installing new hardware into the server, and then updating the ARK Servers, and changing some backend settings to make things run smoother. And then at the end of the day, more updates. Urgh.... Where is my game time? :U
  13. Should have installed the game on a SSHD. This is what I did when that stupid out of space bull started. To resolve the problem with mods taking too long to load up on joining a unofficial server, I used a nice feature in command prompt called mklink to junction the mods folder to my actual SSD.


  14. Today I updated my servers that I own the hardware for. A lil sad for the character limit, but okay. And then I mined a bunch of metal, and then traded most of that to get some rex eggs. Because I actually have people who play on the servers, that trade. And there is no way in hell I am going to cheat myself out of a fun game, by creating stuff with admin. Anybody remember Leisure Suit Larry? Apparently if you typed cheat into console, it would roll credits and congratulate you for winning the game. This is essentially what cheating does.
  15. One could give themself a challenge in life by not wearing a seat belt while driving, crashing, flying through the windscreen, and getting permanent disabilities. I wouldn't recommend it. However just like how a seat belt doesn't give guarantees, neither does a flyer. Already hearing people dying with flyers. Especially with how the map is causing game crashes.
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