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  1. Rancor

    Partially meshed industrial forge bannable?

    Doubt anyone would bother reporting you for this, doesn't cause a PvP issue.
  2. Curious to see what the community feels about the lack of balance and how fast servers become stale (Official Servers). After most the players from just after the alpha version of Ark quit and moved on I spent many many hours doing solo play on official and joining tribes when it suit my needs. However most players seem to get raided once and quit so I would end up solo again. Finally gave up on the main cluster and moved to 6 man small tribes server.... Now I get wrecked by level 300 Manas (Lack of balance, 200+ argent dead in 3 seconds with no counter tame to fight it with available except another Mana ) and raided more often than on big tribe servers oddly. Found on youtube that many people still playing ARK are on the small tribe servers with hundreds of manas and tek turrets just laying untouched. The same "disease" that affects all ARK PvP servers is how easy someone can keep everyone else down with a little head start. Transfers were supposedly implement to help keep this to a more minimal level but with little effect. Anyone have any thoughts on if there is even something that could be done to help with this? Increasing crafting structure HP so you still have something to return to after being offlined, or a shoulder mount that does the parasaur scan job secretly to help notice incoming attacks? Thoughts, comments, and opinions. Please stay civil, thank you.
  3. Rancor

    Ark is Pay To Win...

    6. Wild Troodons! ha ha But that's the main problem I am finding as well! Having the counter to something being itself. Especially with transfers like @Anarki mentioned. This would be less of an issues if you could find viable counters to each creature on any map. Very unlikely will i be to counter one with a Pteranodon. I am semi-locked into my base as any time I got to get metal I risk losing the farm dinos in 3 seconds flat with nothing to do to evade/counter, besides convincing players/tribe mates to follow me with manas on my route.... which is way more work than it is worth.
  4. Rancor

    Ark is Pay To Win...

    Want to start off by saying i have the season pass and all the maps for a long time now. However my new tribe mates do not.... Just realized there is no counter to Managarmr's on the Island map at all. No creature can out pace or battle them. Past 3 days on small tribes extinctions tribes have been using level 300+ Mana's and shreding anything im on in 2-4 seconds. Farming metal with an argy? 2 seconds to death.... didn't even see the enemy the first time it happened. Has any island player found anything at all besides turret towers to protect themselves? I dont want to farm metal on a ptera to fly behind a turret tower any time i see a shadow lol
  5. Pretty sure unofficial rarely set the breeding cap limit, but would depend on the owner of the server to set it up that way.
  6. Whats the level cap on bred dinos these days? Just got wrecked in seconds by a 360 mana on official small tribes server. How close to max was that beast? (Rip Argy and Me, didn't even see the mana or anything).
  7. Rancor

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    I wouldn't find any official pvp server to be a good place to be regardless. No moderation and, as this post mentions, still easy to grief and control maps with nothing you can do about it. PvE in my opinion is most likely more enjoyable on a private/public (non official) server. No incentive for anyone to play nice on Officials.
  8. Rancor

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    Oh didn't know that was a thing... Most officials have empty servers everywhere to practice on lol Sure you get wiped by the 3-4 members of an alpha that actively patrol but w/e.
  9. Rancor

    Railgun is obscenely expensive crud

    Not 100% but i believe the ammo goes through structures not all terrain...
  10. Rancor

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    Beginner server?
  11. Rancor

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    I ask myself why I do this on Official PvP servers all the time... but yet here i am... still doing it ha ha
  12. Rancor

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    Still needs to be crafted in a Tek Replicator right? Or do Obs etc let you craft a fridge in them? I unlocked the fridge solo on official but realized it wouldn't help if I couldn't craft it.
  13. Rancor

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    Weird how a PvP game has issues on PvE Maps... , why not move to the unofficial maps/servers if you are playing PvE?
  14. Rancor

    Minimal Requirements for Blue OSD?

    Thanks everyone! I've been afraid to lose tames to test them out, guess I had nothing to worry about.