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  1. Except in real life your boat doesn't float in the air for a long time while you mine rocks under it to try and fix the issue only to have it self demo when spawning on the bed >.>
  2. Rafts and their BS Motor Boat on official just hit land and self destructed! Demoed the whole raft, 2 indy forges, chem bench, fabs, smithy etc full of farmed mats... DILO?
  3. Keep the plants with fast targeting! Nice being able to defend a base offline for a couple hours ha ha
  4. Maybe they stealth added it back in? Because i remember when they changed it so flyers did not take additional turret damage long ago, but never any mention of them changing it back.
  5. Have yet to have to deal with meshing but dealt plenty with people with meh armor, a beer, and rockets messing everything up. Hoping to keep it that way! ( - the rockets)
  6. High Dura Armor + Beer+ Rockets, or Cryopods with High HP tames in it.
  7. If they are bugged for extra damage then keep it quiet lol might be able to have a base longer than a week on small tribes
  8. No quetz?!?! Seriously? With lack of everything else no quetz!?
  9. And on that note that means the effective damage range is less than 3.5 foundations lengths, which is ridiculous on a ranged attacker. Don't think the full 6.7 foundations length on damage would be a problem, but that's my opinion on the matter.
  10. Telling us they are nerfing to turret range but don't tell us its turrets on the lowest settings ha ha Sneaky AF.
  11. I really don't understand why the range from the freeze and damage are now separate. Cutting down the range to max turret ranges doesn't seem to bad to prevent tame sniping in bases... but why HALF distance for actual damage?
  12. Especially if it was in a cove as he says, could swim close enough to snag it.
  13. I haven't seen that sort of behaviour since server transfers opened and everyone was working together to protect the server from transfer raids. All i see now is obliteration of anything on the map. Switched semi recently to small tribes and the destruction is ten fold! You're not wrong
  14. . . . You died and lost your stuff.... PvE. Go make more tranqs? Just because you dont have other people being able to kill you all the time doesn't mean people can't loot your body from dying to wild animals.
  15. This reminds me of a raid that happened to me the other day! The door to the generator was blown from the inside with no splash damage except on the door frame and all surrounding walls were at full HP
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