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  1. Will small tribes receive any of the breeding bonuses?
  2. Vacuum Cube Retrieval While I understand that duping is a huge problem on official servers I feel rather jipped off having my stack of 80+ Cubes turn into just five. Thought they would split into individual stacks of five limiting the gross amount of duped ones.... but didn't know I only had a 15 min warning to place my remaining cubes. Is it even worth filing a report?
  3. Maybe because they never revealed it via their actual website before only through twitch...
  4. Rancor

    Big Turtle: Can It?

    @TypicalArkGamer Extinction is the only exception because the corrupt dinos damage bases but only if you are being silly and think you can build in the wastelands ( Bob move) as well as the supply drops/ele veins. On other maps the Giga is the only creature that can damage a base. Between level 50-60, which an easy island note run can get you to you can outrun any creature on the ark and get away. Probably the biggest threat is the raptor with their crazy pouce ability or getting hit by a thylo from a tree. If you cryo or put your tames in a boxed pen nothing with aggro on your base. One decent level tamed rex can kill all but Gigas and Titanosaurs. You will never need to use metal tier on PvE and stone tier is god like. So I don't see the threats lasting very long, few hours at most on boosted rates maybe a little more on official rates due to taming times.
  5. Makes sense, but living in a smaller base we usually toss the breeders out early morning and breed them when un torpored. Manas are laggy af.
  6. I also feel with the recent de-buff (nerfing to the ground) of snow owls that the owls themselves should provide insulation when ridden to increase scouting value. P.S. I use my ice wyvern a lot on official small tribes! Helps carry the scouting parasaur faster
  7. Sounds like the OP has been insided, not raided.
  8. What are you talking about?! I've used rocket turret plesi's on small tribes just a couple months ago in small tribes.
  9. For PvP with you turrets the only use is putting a box around your player to protect you while soaking or quetz picking....
  10. And from here you can tame a megatherium, craft a cryo pod in an ob, use megatherium and a mix of scuba/ghillie or a gas mask to do island swamp cave up to level 100.
  11. If you are using platform saddles toss a reg gen on and activate at the surface before you dive under....
  12. Oh I have been getting multiple in my inventory every time i server transfer.
  13. Going to be interesting to see if anyone gets far with cavebuilding changes. Early ARK before transfers were different because you had to maintain peace on the server and make alliances with other built up tribes, but in a faster paced PvP engaging mode .... Open world base only will be interesting to see. Definitely will have to watch some video content on it when its out ( While adding more spam and turrets to my 6 small tribes cave )
  14. Very true, and if you transfer you get multiple copies...
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