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  1. Legacy will get new servers for genesis, like we always had with other dlc. Edited typo
  2. Did u try punching the bubble? I got out by doing that. Flyers are not intended to be ridden on genesis. I saw several new engrams using the genesis tab, however some are under tekgrams.
  3. U alr paid for it when u bought genesis season pass
  4. Try stone? I tested in sp and an adult eats it
  5. While waiting for legacy genesis servers to come i going to scout it out in singleplayer, hopefully can find a nice spot
  6. Just bring a sword with u, when your mount is pinned the raptor cant hit u while u hit it, and it most likely will die before its pin is over.
  7. If they are breedable i hope devs prevent them from getting mutations, so that the best stats your wyvern or griff could have is directly from wilds u tamed/raised, and to prevent op dinos on pve as we alr have other op dinos here.
  8. There is already an older thread on this in the same section as well, why not just post there instead of making a new one?
  9. Sure thing. I dont see why i had to move to official and abandon legacy when game was released. I pretty much agree with u on all or most of what u said in the other thread as well. We still get by even without support as they are near useless in replacing lost tames and ppl abusing them for land grab as well, and also like getting reported for breeding certain dinos like light pets. Most legacy servers run well for me, just rag gets bad sometimes, lag just got slightly worse there when event started.
  10. Pop quite low, but that makes it easier to get the desert loot crates without others getting them first. The wyverns lower lvls makes it easier to tranq for milk to bring to other servers, and also easy for a few gigas on aggressive to kill a whole flock for farming tribute for manticore. One of the easiest boss compared to others in terms of tributes since only 3 artifacts and talons, easy kill as well, and it lands more often compared to rag and val.
  11. Based on previous v day event, mating dinos have a chance to drop, its not guaranteed.
  12. Full wipe has never been confirmed, legacy pve still have decent playerbase size, prob only a few might get repurposed due to low pop. Even then legacy is still more enjoyable as we dont have to face problems official have. Anyways isnt ext fully released? When did it have part 2?
  13. Campfires never had any items to craft. Only the cooking pot has if got skins/emotes to craft.
  14. U mean manticore is not landing cos its AI is more intelligent?
  15. One way to check is to fill the trough they seem to be feeding from and derender the place then come back. All dinos will be done feeding from the trough then and can see whether that dino food got rised or remain the same.
  16. 3x breeding rates are already enough. What dino u looking for that is so hard to tame on 1x rate? If u only want colors look for very low level dinos with it, faster to tame
  17. Legacy was created before aber release
  18. If the baby is born above lvl 450 it gets deleted straight away so u would see the egg hatch into nothing, no baby at all to claim, and 450 is still ok, dinos only get deleted when they hit 451 and above.
  19. Its against the CoC to sell in-game items and dinos on official servers for real money so there is no way they would add it in
  20. Pigs dont use their ability when orp is active while offline (and while not rendered in i think)
  21. I have 12 troughs near each other within a 3x3 and my dinos will eat from one that has food when the previous one they eating from runs out.
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