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  1. They fixed the ability to carry wild dinos with the argy beak on pve recently.
  2. The achievement OP mentioned is for collecting all the artifacts from the island caves only, not explorer notes.
  3. From ark wiki: Without any gear the bees will do initial damage of 30 and then damage over time (and slowing effect hindering movement) up to a total of 90 HP lost. With Ghillie it was only the initial 30 damage and no damage over time or slowed movement. With Hazard no damage or slowed movement, however the suit will be damaged. An equipped  Chibi-Pets will also make bees sting even with full Ghillie.
  4. Since u said u started about 3-5 years ago, i assumed u started on legacy then moved to new official servers? If so, it would have been better to remain on legacy, we dont have to deal with stuff like this.
  5. Did u check whether u set any tame groups active? Dinos that are following other dinos still listen to all whistles except all stop follow.
  6. I got the achievement on pc by collecting all the notes located on the island map only, back when before the overseer was added and the notes that come with it also.
  7. Submitting a ticket is the only way to get any action done against them, posting here is no use as no one here can help u.
  8. What's wrong with this? It makes it easier for anyone doing purple OSDs.
  9. They alr have, the servers are called ARKpocalypse and reset every month, with higher rates also.
  10. Try going to single player and die once and respawn, it worked for me before and i got my skins back.
  11. When helena arrived on aber it was alr broken, meaning she cant have seen any ice wyverns by the time she arrived there since they are long dead.
  12. Even so, based on her story through her notes, she never even been to val, she started on island and went thru the canon maps only.
  13. • Only island dinos, dinos from dlcs are not needed • As long as the dossier in your list has the tick it is counted • Like above, once done u dont need the dino anymore. U can even tame a low lvl just to get the tame done fast and kill it right after taming. • Pretty much all dinos u can find on the island that are tameable, including the titanosaur Not sure about the last one. Anyways these are what i observed while doing the achievement.
  14. Nope, it is fixed at 15 honey per hive, with 15min interval before u can harvest again. If u find one of those stacked hives in one spot u can keep using the secondary attack and moving around them to get honey till slot capped also.
  15. Wrong section, u should post this under ark mobile.
  16. They are fliers, so u cant go into too deep water without it dismounting u like other flyers, regardless of what it can do.
  17. Pvp setting might help,with it your dinos can kill the babies when they are unclaimed.
  18. Usually i just use a lightning wyvern with high stamina to kill all 3 original kinds of wyverns( alpha fire i use trap). I just circle them very tightly in the air and aim the lightning at them, fire and poison will die without hitting me at all. For lightning i just stay landed with the wyvern on sloped land and the mouth positioned higher than the tail side, i find it more easier to bite them as they circle around u in that position.
  19. The swamp cave have poisonous air that deal dmg over time, only ways to avoid it is either wearing: 1) gas mask 2) full scuba 3) 3 pieces of scuba and 2 pieces of ghillie armor I find wearing scuba mask, leggings and flippers with ghillie chestpiece and gauntlets the best as there is no durability drain over time, only way for it to drop is by being hit by an arthro if on a tame, but if riding megatherium thru it it rarely happens.
  20. That setting affects players only i think, no tamed dinos normal attacks can damage your other tamed dinos regardless.
  21. Only dinos that do friendly fire will work, like wyvern or basilisk breath attack.
  22. Killing your owned tamed dinos give u or the dino u used to kill xp as well, regardless if baby stage or adult.
  23. Rare flowers dont work on quetzals
  24. The queen needs to be not under the effects of charge light for the pink aura to show, the above method works but u risk nameless spawning while waiting for queen to impregnate u and during the impregnation, which might kill u right after it is done. Another way is get a charge pet with not so high charge emission range so u can back off a little from a queen( assuming u are using a trap), so that u are still protected from nameless spawning and queen will show pink aura when very low hp. Then just have it aggro on your char with a ranged weapon, u will still be in range of her tail.
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