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  1. Im more curious as to where u got this from. Based on the island explorer notes, it was Nerva who defeated the overseer but he lost his men and beasts to defeat it, then Mei Yin shows up for her revenge.
  2. Picking up stones on the ground to see if base rates have changed doesnt work, only work for temporary evo event rate changes. Tested last night with taming a 180 tek rex, can confirm its at perm 2x.
  3. Only harvesting, taming and xp were permanently doubled. If hatching time was doubled it means breeding rates were halved not doubled.
  4. We never had 4x. The rates from the recent evo events were 2x of the old rates, which is 4x of the even older rates back in 2015. Now that the old 2x is the new permanent 1x, the rates are still the same like what@GP said.
  5. Consuming poison like organic polymer or corrupted nodules only damages players when eaten, has no effect on dinosaurs. Consuming custom recipes also only affects stamina for dinos, they dont get any health gain or loss from them.
  6. Even if u want to use turrets and place them down nearby, they do reduced dmg to corrupted creatures compared to normal creatures.
  7. It has been some months since i last did it, but i brought tek rexes in as usual for rag fight. They have always been able to go in.
  8. Going invisible doesnt help after stealing an egg, the drakes will have alr aggroed on the player.
  9. Then why not u just spawn a very high lvl tame like lvl 10000 and do what u want in sp?
  10. If tribe is orp protected it is safe from titanosaur. If tribe is online and someone else is fighting a titanosaur near your tames or structures, only your tames will suffer collateral damage, your structures will be unharmed. I fought one on my stone ceilings and they never took any dmg.
  11. U need to learn the tekgram in order to wear them.
  12. Cables timer is 8 days, and the water pipes dont auto decay on their own when their timer is up, only cables.
  13. The x4 is with comparison to ark rates when it was released in 2015. At that time x1 rates are half of our current x1 rates, so when current x2 becomes default x1, it will be x4 of the original in 2015.
  14. When i upload my char on sp it gives me the same options as u mentioned, from there i just press esc and the menu pop up allow me to exit to main menu to load in another map in sp. Not sure why pressing esc didnt work for u.
  15. The thylas are targeting the riders on the large mounts, not the large mounts itself. If u whistle a giga thru redwoods below a thyla on a tree nearby it is not going to pounce on it
  16. Thats good to know, will make loot crate farming even better.
  17. Cloak doesnt affect whether purlovias aggro onto drakes or not. They dont even aggro on them uncloaked unless u bite an unburied one near them.
  18. The timer u are talking about is how long u can have the lio for or the buff it gives your char? Because the patch notes only says the buff duration has been increased to 6h, not how long the lio lasts as a tame.
  19. Since u are on the island, farming silica pearls is easy. All u need is to tame a dolphin and have a scuba tank then just swim to the underwater resources caves, they have plenty of pearls, some even have oil rocks and crystal too.
  20. Till which dino enrages and kills all their dinos?
  21. If switch is using the old recipe u would need rockarrot, im not sure as im on pc.
  22. Based on personal experience a few years ago, personally owned structures and dinos dont follow the character if the character chose to leave the tribe, but they do if the character is kicked out of tribe.
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