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  1. I prefer raising multiple gigas at a time, like 10 at once, so i can see it in another way, each giga took 1.4 days instead.
  2. It has for me during the winter wonderland 2 where all players got the lio buff after midnight. Just lucky i guess, but first loot crate in caverns of lost faith before encountering any cave creatures gave me asc rex saddle bp with about 110 armor.
  3. What's the issue? I tamed a 150 on rag desert with no issue on current 2x. Use a gas mask in fpv, can see very clearly. It doesnt stack, just refreshes the timer on the bleed with each secondary attack.
  4. That event was the best, much better than racing other players to raptor claus drops.
  5. They are fliers, so u cant go into too deep water without it dismounting u like other flyers, regardless of what it can do.
  6. Still watching 7months later, how long is your soon?
  7. U cant die from hunger or thirst while offline. I had my char hungry or thirsty before when i logged off, 1 week later when i logged on my hp is still the same as when i logged off.
  8. Now u are just mentioning stuff not relevant to my original post. And it still doesnt mean CI needs to be paid for in order to play, standalone or not.
  9. All i said was CI is free, i never mentioned anything about ppl waiting for improvements and fixes, those come separately when they are ready.
  10. No, all i am saying is just that CI is a free product, no one is paying for it.
  11. Did u try wearing armor and carry a sword with u? If u can get destroyed by a noob with a kapro u are just worse than him/her. Also u can tame your own kapro and give them a taste of their own medicine.
  12. The playerbase couldnt have paid for Crystal Isles, it is free like the center, rag and val, they paid for the base island map and whatever paid dlc they owned.
  13. To all those saying all lives matter, please read the link@DomiDarko shared
  14. U forget to mention that it is only until CI is released on console. After that it cant be found on other maps. On pc it is only found on CI.
  15. U forget to mention the other important details about them spawning on other maps.
  16. It is only on other maps for console only until CI is released on consoles.
  17. Wild ones dont need a nerf, their role is to pose a threat to nearby survivors and tames that cant be easily resolved by having a tamed one.
  18. They were built on earth. U can see the hole one ARK left behind on south side of ext map when it was launched.
  19. Why do they need a nerf? I raised a giga born with 185% melee around 90% imprint and have no problems killing wild ones. Also there are other ways to deal with them that does not require bred tames, like using an argy.
  20. 1. Moderators just doing their job on the forum 2. They cant do anything in regards to fixing your in game problems
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