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  1. "Cant Place Ceiling: This structure is too far away from the platform. " You are building too far from the platform, the structure limit is quite high on platforms, the main restriction is distance, so you must have reached the height limit.
  2. 1) Yes it ill cost money (unless you have the machine and internet to host it yourself), you have a lot of options here and with a little searching you may find some deals and offers, have a look into some of these hosts; 2) If people will join is a tough one because there is a lot of choice and hundreds on dead servers, personally i would really have to think about a few things such as if you can afford to maintain the server? what about admins (for player issues and cheaters)? how will you advertise it? do you have the time to commit to it? 3) Yes you can run mods on your server and set it up however you like, custom rates, events a lot of unofficial servers also sell VIP perks which usually give in game advantage.
  3. What platform? game mode? official? I tried it on pc official pve and dedi storage seems to be working fine for me.
  4. Another quick way for some easy dino xp is to go over to island and do note run while riding it.
  5. Submit report https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  6. I've read your post a few times and can't grasp your question, are you asking who has joined an official server and kept playing and whether you start a new character, so from level 1 on a new server? If so, nearly every time on official when i join a map, i start a new character and build up from scratch, pretty easy with the current 1x rates to get a starter base down within the hour.
  7. I don't know if you are new so sorry if this answer is obvious to you, but, remember items in your inventory have a 15 minute timer before you can transfer or upload them. If you try to transfer before that, the item is dropped on the floor in a bag. You said correct section in the obi, you have 2 sections, the obi inventory in pretty much a storage box for boss tributes or crafting. The other is your upload (person secure storage) which you can access from any server and items will last 24hrs If you are placing things in the obi storage, it wont transfer with you and will be available to anyone on the server to take.
  8. Are you talking about the shadowmane or a mod?
  9. Breeding will only use the stats they are born/tamed with, any levels you add or imprint bonus will be ignored so dont bother levelling them up. You can have a maximum of 20 mutations on the mum and 20 on the dad until the chance of gaining a new mutation is greatly reduced, so with breeding the best thing to do is keep a load of females with no mutation (clean) and use a male with all your mutations to breed with them so you always have a chance to gain a mutation. Also try to start breeding with a dino that has 40+ points in a stat if you can as this will help you a lot.
  10. Did you create a new character on the server? if so, you have likely overwritten the character and it will disappear on server reset.
  11. Thanks for a out of context and useless post. I'm sure with your departure wildcard will take your advise and sell the ARK IP to blizzard.
  12. They work similar to a dino, higher the melee for a dino, or damage stat on an item, the more damage you will do to the target the higher the resource yield will be. Any resource node or enemy will have a hitpoint stat so you are right in thinking the more damage the quicker the target will be destroyed, but the difference could be something like; 10 hits from a primitive hatchet at 10 resource per hit yields 100 resources and takes 1 min to break node. or 5 hits from an ascendant hatchet at 50 per hit yields 250 resources in 30 secs to break node. So more damage = more resources and less time. Hopefully that makes sense.
  13. I take it this is PVE? If so i would say the most common will be lightning wyvern 'lightning' attack, though you can be more creative, how about; Unpod them in a underwater cave (obviously only dinos with a oxygen stat) Leave them on passive in the wyvern trench Take them for swimming lessons... in lava... Skydiving? jump from a high place and dont dismount.. Might be a bit slow. Take them to the boss arena and 'accidentally' disconnect Or why not stick a unlocked cryfridge at your base and let people help themselves, this is what i do on PVE, If you are on PVP its easy, logout for 10 mins 😛
  14. It's fine, just annoying when it comes to using them because its hard to target the right one.
  15. That sounds like an internet issue, maybe firewall. I personally have no issue with the server list, my favs will appear in 1-2 seconds.
  16. Are you on steam? If so, open the Steam client and go to View followed by Servers to see the Steam server list. then check the history tab.
  17. One thing wildcard are good at is giving zero notice. You will find out friday afternoon/evening. Seeing as 3x just ended my guess would be a no, but, who knows! If you need a world event for EVO, then in my country the queen died a few days back so that could be a reason, but, i don't think the US care much about event outside there own country
  18. This game doesnt need updates to stop you playing, my gen servers was down 20+ hours over the weekend
  19. So something like a player upload. Sounds familiar!.. 😛
  20. When you tame anything, the effectiveness will determine how many extra levels it will gain, these levels will get randomly distributed between stats and give you your final dino level (this is the level used when breeding, level ups do not count). A wild dino doesn't have mutations. To determine what mutation you have you will need to compare each parent to the baby. So for example, if one rex has 4000 health and one has 4200 and the baby has something other than those numbers, lets say the baby has 4050 then you have a health mutation but its on the lowest health of both parents. Ideally with breeding, you take your highest stats and breed them together until you get a single male dino with all the best stats you have. You then keep breeding that male with un-mutated females (or females below 20 mutations) If you get a mutation, the dino will gain 2 levels and have a color region change.
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