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  1. Another question: Would it be possible to edit the stat points / mutation counters of tamed dinos in the future? Or do you know a tool which already does this? Some kind of savegame editor to change melee from 38 to 40 for example?
  2. Thank you for the hint! I think I was just blind about that!
  3. I don't know if this was already mentioned but Alphas don't show up in the list? Proposals for new versions: - Could you make the columns moveable so we can move names next to colors for example? (should be easy) - Could you make an option to also add dinos from Dino Depot balls in addition to cryos? (this would be very helpful)
  4. Ok, it is intended. Mating only if someone is nearby. /close
  5. Hi, all my wolves and megatheriums start mating / gestating after login on our dedicated server. Any ideas? Is this intended? We use the Dino Depot mod for storaging and pickup of babies. Is this the reason?
  6. Hi, am I the only one that thinks PC graphics looks extremly bad since Xbox launch? The industrial cooker was clean and mirroring all the surrounding and players... Now it's just dirty and ugly. It seems all the "Bling bling" seems to be gone now.... Had very nice reflections and graphics before Xbox launch patch. Now especially the water of the sea looks ugly. Any thoughts / ideas?
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