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  1. Everyone needs to stop hating on genesis. The map is really well designed for what I believe it was meant for. Genesis part 1 was small cause it’s not meant to be a main map nor was it meant to be a map to start on. It is meant to be a trail that you go on to later in the game. I’m assuming part 2 will have the expansive map and even more Dino’s that people are wanting. I don’t think genesis is mean to be a map that people start out on. Also the bugs aren’t even that bad ( compared to other DLCs )
  2. Lmao it’s ok I said my wyvern had 700k melee in an earlier post
  3. My large tribe leader got unjustly banned So I’m really in a state of panic the tribe leader of a tribe that I just joined had his main ark character banned for meshing, he wasn’t it was the new update I’m pretty sure, so unjustly but the problem is there is large tribe governance for our tribe with 20+ and this is sort of a really big issue and I posted something in the ps4 bugs form catigory and he put in a support ticket but I don’t if know if I posted in the right category and this is really important what should I do???
  4. Tribe leader account got banned So I had a friends main account get banned he and he has sent in a support ticket and gotten no response so I don’t know if this is even the right thread but he was banned for meshing with the new update and he wasn’t so yeah I’ll put his name in here tomorrow we are on ps4 official and he can’t manage our tribe with 30 plus people so it’s kinda of urgent
  5. I’m sorry if I misunderstood or something but did you say that official rexs have 8-10K damage stats because I have never seen a rex with anything near that on official even heavily mutated I’ve don’t the boss solo with rexs that have 1.7 k melee and I was pretty sure they were good I didn’t lose one rex even
  6. How many people will you be fighting with If you have 4 people or more I would recommend looking into wholly rhinos also are you on a booster server or not
  7. No Dinos do especially well in knocking out other Dinos most of the Dino’s that can knock out other Dinos are trash besides lighting wavering for pvp and equis for early game movement
  8. maybe unpopular opinion Guys honestly I’m would be more upset but I have to give to them if they say the meshing is going to fixed (I actually looked into what they’re talking about and I think it’s genius unless I’m wrong which I very well could be) the map looks amazing from the screenshots and I honestly don’t care how much extra time they need prep as long as it’s good and they give us a solid date im sort of impartial because I just stopped playing small tribes and I started playing official and I need time to set up before I can start prepping for genesis P.S. ark devs p
  9. Some of these playability issues are really not that hard to fix such a the blinding lights on ps4 and limited amounts of commands you can do as an admin. And how the snow biome metal rocks give no metal (I know it’s a change they made on purpose but no one likes it) Not only that but it’s not free to play on ps4 at least it’s $20. I literally just made a post like this one. I still enjoy the game I really do, but why do I enjoy it I don’t know. Honestly there is not a game that has as many problems as this one.
  10. yes this already happens but this would make it even more common and even easier to buy Dino’s and bases with real money
  11. I don’t think a currency system would work because it might lead to micro transactions and people just paying real money for dinos
  12. I would say king titan (extinction) this is because the first time you fight him will be incredibly hard, but some people say the overseer is more difficult because you don’t get to use mega mek. So I suppose it your doing both for the first time on gamma level I would say kind titan is harder. There is also more prep for kind titan
  13. Looking for an official tribe So me and my friends are looking for someone to join our tribe (official) there are 3-4 of us I have around 2000+ hours on ark with plenty of pvp and raid experience, but my friends have around 200 hours and aren’t pvp experienced we also aren’t super active except on weekends and holidays. (Cause we are all in high school)I’m look for someone lax with enough plenty of ark experience it would be nice if they had extinction experience because I don’t get much extinction in
  14. Ok here is an idea a tek spyglass but you can put a can opener attachment on it
  15. I think the different colored beams are importantly
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