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  1. Server 40. Can’t even log in anymore... when will it be fixed. Can’t play the game 50% of the time...
  2. La colpa è dei ddosser che usano il 255 per nn perdere la base è Dino ma la wild nn ha ancora scoperto come aggiustare sto problema xke se lo trovasse il 50% dei player nn giocherebbe piu

  3. Now server 42 ping is 255. Cant even play this game...
  4. That attitude is why this game is dying. No one wants anything fixed.
  5. Just wipe it all .
  6. Server 40 still @ 255 ping
  7. 255 ping 255 ping on server 40. Cant play.
  8. 255 ping can’t play EU PVP server 10 the island is unplayable.
  9. ORP needs updated!!!!! ORP needs a bit of an update to attract more players back to the game. alliances with ORP needs to be added. turrets need to shoot when offline. turrets damage increase when that tribe is offline.
  10. Really not that excited about this event. Seems like this time o he year is a clusterraptor of broken updates and servers for admins who host their own Ark. it is getting old, having to go back and try to fix stuff that the update breaks...
  11. Unobtainable items Unobtainable items such as the snow globe blueprint and the golden bullet blueprint should have a crafting cost that I can use craftingcostoverride to influence what they are crafted with. It would allow mechanics for unofficial servers to be able to better manage their currency systems. Many people use berrybush seeds as their server currency, while making element craftable with them. many people mention turning element back to berrybush seeds; a berrybush seed is a consumable and has no blueprint item. The golden bullet and snow globe have blueprint items however no crafting recipe. I would like to see a recipe added to unobtainable item blueprints, to allow unofficial servers to override their crafting cost of the blueprint.
  12. Since valguero has released that map doesn’t save when more of it is uncovered. Every time I log in it is covered up again. Still looking for a fix.
  13. Will the codes for structure pickup work now for console?
  14. I cant join in on a public official dedicated aberration server I’ve been playing on for a long time and it only happens on this one server it just tells me can’t receive address and when I quit out and go back in in the bottom left it says primal game data then it stops and says can’t find adress I see other people playing on it though two

    1. Rc87woody


      I don’t know what to tell you man. A lot of people have been having the same problem since extinction release. Hopefully it is all fixed very soon...

    2. Headsh0tryan


      Hopefully it just sucks it’s doing it to the on server we’re all my stuffs on

  15. Bullpoop that we aren’t getting the game with the latest patch!!!!!
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