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  1. I know I am over a week late to this topic, but the donation(s) I tried to make when they were playing donation bingo just came out. It said it timed out at the time I made it so i didn't think it was going to be made at all. Kinda sucks because the amount I donated was not donated during the bingo so i would have got that spot. and since it was finally ran 8 days after game day it doesn't add into the game day total, or was even put towards the 8x. It for the kids and I'm cool with donating to the cause. I tried to donate 4 or 5 times and Extra life counted them as duplicates and only charged me once which was cool, but Damn I tuned into this event because I wanted to be part of the event. Heck, I didn't even get be entered into any of the raffles because none of them went through on game day.
  2. Traded a butt load of ingots for a wyvern and had to make several argy train trips. Forgot to shut the door and someone helped themselves to the contents of my unlocked bookshelf, egg fridge, and fabricator. Even on PVE thieves are a bain, luckily all the ingot boxes were locked. Spent the day restocking though it will take awhile to replace all the lost BPs
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