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  1. Usually when I am hatching and raising I tend to potter around the base doing farming and crafting. I normally do a meat and berry run to top up the trough(s) and gather enough resources to fill my containers so that when I put the egg out to hatch I can sit back and craft narcotics, sparkpowder, gunpowder, and then ammunition (regular and tranq). After that I look at redesigning the base, adding extra rooms and storage, upgrading the crafting area, adding more crop plots and taps to the farm and planting more veg and berries and crafting kibble if I have the ingredients. After running around hunting, taming and trying not to die it's nice to have some downtime at the base.
  2. Thanks, I think I will move all my dinos from story maps onto Valguero then for now and then wipe the story maps and start again. I love the early game grind but don't want to lose my colour event tames.
  3. Got a chibi terror bird, named it chibi chaser. Did more routine grinding.
  4. Got some more chibis and put some eggs in the fridge ready for hatching, did some metal and resource runs but nothing too time intensive because raptor clause. Also downloaded jurassic world evolution as it is free with games for gold on xbox at the moment, may be useful the next time I need a break from ark.
  5. You are welcome, but thanking me for posting something you have 'facepalm' reacted to seems a little contradictory to me.
  6. Did my first Raptor Clause loot run and now have a pet wyvern named Chibichanga. I also got 2 spinos and a raptor but haven't named them yet.
  7. When the update which increased rex damage against herbivores came out, it caused rexes to do no damage against carnivores. Not sure how it sits with omnivores but I guess that's not important.
  8. Her original dossier was actually written in Daedric writing from The Elder Scrolls series. It translates to a text that appears to be written in Latin, but in fact turns out to be the so-called "Lorem Ipsum", a common filler text used for publishing and graphics design. Copied from the wiki in the notes/trivia section.
  9. I don't have element gachas yet, need to try breeding them. I've gotten some good(ish) weapons and armour from them, along with the metal, crystal or pearls (my best production options). I try to do the grinding while the wife is at work so that our gaming time is fun, but this year has been a bit of a right off due to health issues.
  10. I only play singleplayer so any loot is good loot, and if it's garbage then it's free resources. Anything to help with the grind is welcome as the wife wants us to tame everything if she is around when I play.
  11. I got a couple of event owls on extinction when I tamed a couple of gachas, I didn't learn and don't have saddles for them. I have them near enough to my gachas on the Island for the gachas to pick up the pellets, it helps for the loot crystals.
  12. On unofficial you can run events after they have finished on official or singleplayer.
  13. Well done little miss, I don't like being unmounted underwater either. Did you also get snow owls? Gachas love snow owl pellets.
  14. That sucks. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and you get the colours you want during winter wonderland next week.
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