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  1. Imprint timer mess... I play on single player, with honestly op settings just so things go quick and I can have fun while I have time to play the game. The recent patch sent imprints haywire. Where I did not even have to manually imprint before my baby dinos matured, I now have to manually imprint every 15 seconds... it's ridiculous. Is there a way I can change my settings to get it back the way it was, where dinos will grow up and be automatically imprinted without me having to worry about it? Here are my current settings: Baby Mature Speed: 6.0 Baby food consumption speed: 0.01 Baby cuddle interval multiplier: 0.908 Baby cuddle Grace period multiplier: 1.0 Baby imprinting stat scale multiplier: 1.0 Baby cuddle loose imprint quality speed multiplier: 1.299 If I have to imprint with console commands, I will, but goodness gracious couldn't wildcard warn us about this before implementing it?
  2. I think I understand where OP is coming from, in a general sense. As I said before, in the explorer notes (essentially the story line of ark) the only survivors left in the end are a lesbian couple with a stable and healthy relationship. It's a big curve ball compared to many other games I've seen, where the only Gays(tm) are side characters or just there for token woke points, and nothing is done in regards to their sexuality. Being a diamond in the rough, I understand why some people would want to hear directly from WC and the ARK Devs about LGBT+ subjects. While OP seems to be a little irrational, just know that it isn't made up entirely of trolling nonsense.
  3. Hey! Gay person here. I haven't personally seen any sign of wildcard or the ARK Devs oppressing lgbt+ community members. All the same, I haven't been around for the streams either. First, do you have proof of the moderators' actions? Without that, this whole post is kind of an empty claim. If the questions were deleted, what were the nature of the questions? Were they appropriate questions, or did they have little to do with the stream? Were they provoking in a way that would seem assertive and rude? There are a lot of reasons the mods could have removed your questions on stream. It may be better to think critically about the situation instead of crying wolf and posting to a forum. If you have concerns, there are ways to contact wildcard. Do you have other examples of this type of behavior as you said in your post, with proof? In what other ways has wildcard been oppressing the lgbt+ community? I'm not saying any of this to be mean, or homophobic. As someone who identifies as gay, false claims of homophobia and other instances are something that sully the image of the lgbt+ community. Before ever making the claim that someone or some company is bigoted, there needs to be honest thought and examination of that person/group's actions. They could be unintentional, or misinterpreted. And if they are, I personally believe that rallying and cancel culture are just not the answer. With the ARK Devs specifically... really, I've seen quite the opposite of opression. If you read the explorer notes... it's the only story in a large game I've ever seen where two major characters are LGBT and survive to the end with a healthy relationship. Props to that.
  4. When do you Dotame? (Singleplayer) Single Player people, what are the occasions that you've used Dotame or Forcetame? I have mixed feelings about it for myself, because I want to play the game fairly, but because I'm on single player, using console commands doesn't give me an unfair advantage over others- and! It's a game, it's for me to have fun, so I try to relax about it. With the color events, I've been using Dotame a lot, but I'm also sure to "repay" with the resources I would have used up when taming. (Throw away however many arrows and narcs I would have used, along with the taming food I would have used) For example, I saw an AMAZING event colored Griffin just the other day. Black and orange wings with a purple body... yeah, nope, it had to be mine and I wasn't going to let it kill itself by picking a fight with a trike or something, so I did dotame. Same thing happened with a quetz earlier today. Awsome bright orange quetz... on a map where I had none of my quetz taming supplies and 0 desire to see it fly itself into the Wyvern trench or something. I did dotame, but even though she's a ridiculous level (225 or something) I might not use her. Might breed her, but it still feels unfair to use those high level babies Has anyone else made these kinds of "exceptions" before? What was it for?
  5. I'm having a similar issue. I did a wipe and then flew around the island looking for event colors... I found one orange moschops in half an hour of looking. Didn't see a single skele dino. I found the OCCASIONAL spooky pile but not much else... All this was on single player
  6. I'm getting an update for Extinction along with the base game, so I think there could be some stuff on extinction as well? I'll have to see once the update finishes
  7. Thank you! I tested out a 25k with just a 235 Wyvern for funsies. By the second wave there were Spinos and Racers, so I'll definitely take your advice there and grab a good Giga. That'll be a fun challenge considering I've only ever tamed a lvl 1
  8. Preparing for an element vein I'm finally getting to mid-late game stages on extinction, and I'm deciding to try and take on some Element veins. I'm a bit worried with what can spawn, but here's my plan to take on a 10k-25k vein: Main Mount: Lvl 125 Enforcer Support group A: a small army of high level raptors, levelled only in melee and health (I should probably give them some stamina) Support group B: a group of high level Velonasaurs set to turret mode (aggressive) And for funsies, I might have a low level Spino on hand. Thoughts? Am I overpreparing, or should this be enough? Any recommended strategies?
  9. It's no worry- I'm on single player as well, so I don't have much to loose if I try! I think I'll give it a shot when I get the chance.
  10. Distracting the Ice Titan with purrlovias Recently, I watched a longer taming video of the Ice Titan, and for the majority of the time, the nodes were an easy shot. The titan aggroed to an underground purrlovia and stayed quite still while attacking. Could I use this as a strategy? Placing purrlovias underground on passive so the Ice Titan will stay still? Has anyone tried this?
  11. !! Omg, will the extinction chronicles also get color events like last time?
  12. Can you TAME the Desert/Sky Titan with Wyverns? I know how easily one can defeat the desert titan with wyverns, but what about taming? I've seen people tame with quetz and argies with high stamina and health, so couldn't a Wyvern do the same? Even low level wyverns can have some damn good stamina and health. What would be the risk regarding the Flock, too? I've seen people tame the titan with the flock seemingly not bothering them.
  13. Utilizing a Wyvern army (single player) So I've recently been going on an egg-stealing binge on my singleplayer Ragnarok save. It's left me with a TON of lvl 150+ Wyvern eggs in storage, and I'm not sure how I want to use them. So, if I did happen to hatch them all (mostly lightnings), what's the best way to use them? I was considering using the swarm for the orbital supply drops on extinction, but I have a feeling it would go awry.
  14. This new creature looks like something I will definitely attempt to hug despite any amount of hostility. Can't wait to tame one, whatever it is!
  15. I tamed my very first Giga today. I know everyone says to use the metal gateway method, but I opted for something a bit more risky: A cage of giant stone gateways. Four, to be exact, with a door on each end. I set it up at the base of the eastmost mountain on the island, and added pillars between the spaces of the gates to make absolute sure the giga wouldn't get out. I figured I'd need bait, too, so I bred my two summer bash event trikes and ended up with nice looking white twins. Both were named "Giga snack", and with my super easy settings I raised a poison Wyvern just to kite the giga. His name is Nymph and he actually has really cool colors: A brown body with deep green wings. I also had a butt ton of narcotics and arrows from grinding in preparation a few weeks back, so I made a tiny metal base next to the stone cage and put everything I needed in it. My plan was to leave all of my things in the bunker, get on Nymph, grab a Giga snack, and kite the giga all the way from the top of the mountain into the cage where I'd drop the bait trike to keep its attention if the bear traps in the cage didn't snag it first and make it stay still long enough for me to shut the doors. The plan was executed, and worked perfectly! Even if the gates are going to need serious repair, I know they can hold up to at least a wild lvl 1 Giga. And, as a bonus, Giga Snack survived! It landed perfectly on top of the gate while I was dropping it in during my escape. It still kept the giga's attention. Once the beast was down, I let its torpor drop to half before loading it the hell up with narcotics. That kept it down until it ate.... once! All it took was one kibble, and he was mine. Do I have super easy settings? Yes. Am I proud of my achievements nonetheless? Also yes. I named my Giga "Hulk", because you won't want to see him when he's angry. I can't attach a picture, but here's a clip of me playing with him around my base: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dragonhop417/video/79259610
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