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  1. Bad day... On single player, I went to transfer supplies over to ragnarok and found that everything in the Obelisk was deleted. No idea how or why. I decided to try and transfer anyway, but when I hopped on Ragnarok, the items weren't there. While I was on Ragnarok I decided I would try to get another Griffin. I caged it successfully, and after knocking it out I left for a moment on my Wyvern to go grab prime meat... I barely went into another biome, and the griffin was despawned when I got back It's only 10 a.m., but I think I'm done for a while
  2. Everything in Obelisk disappeared? On my single player save, I just went to the Obelisk to move some materials over only to discover that everything I kept in the Obelisk was gone, including creatures and items. It's a shame- had some nice dinos and a good shotgun in there. Does anyone know the cause so I can prevent this from happening again? Or possibly a fix so I can get everything back? Edit: Okay, so I just attempted to transfer materials from the Island to Ragnarok. Put the stuff in the obby, went to Ragnarok, and opened the obby to find nothing. Does this have anything to do with transfers being disables? I thought that was only an issue on multiplayer...
  3. I don't think it's a half bad idea! Though I think it might be better for it to function as a mutation, or something like this combines with mutations. I think most flyer speeds are fine as it is, but the poor Quetzal really does need some way to get a boost
  4. I've never attempted a mobile taming platform, but I DO have a "taming quetzal" ready to go. I'm actually kinda proud of the setup, even if it's probably not the best. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dragonhop417/screenshot/12545074 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dragonhop417/screenshot/12545084 I have a ballista set up to down quetzals with chain bolas when they come close enough, plenty of room to fire with a longneck, and even a "Ti Fighter"- if the targeted quetz starts booking it faster than my quetz can keep up, than I persue on the griffin instead. I haven't tried it out, though, and It may never see use due to me having multiple quetz to mate already, but it's still fun to have a battleship sitting around.
  5. This method looks amazing- nice job! My only issues with is is that I've done "demos" of it in creative mode, and every time, without fail, the quetz flies right up out of the trap once spooked. It's so hard to get those gates lined up right, so serious props to you.
  6. Just tried it, it did the same with darts. So it looks like you can't stay grappled into something if torpor is applied. Curse you, Wildcard
  7. Hmm... maybe you need to use darts? I know that if you grapple onto an enemy tame, you can pelt it all you want with bullets and won't fall. I'll test it out in creative and see what happens
  8. Okay, okay, New and possibly VERY STUPID idea: What if I grappled to a wild quetzal and hit it with tranqs as it dragged me along? And, in case of falling, I could have a parachute ready. But, considering that this isn't a wildly popular method, I have a feeling there's something that makes it impossible even if it sounds foolproof to me
  9. I saw that! Makes me wonder if I can set honey on a quetz saddle and lead a wild quetzal into a trap like that... it would probably be easier to lead the wild one to the ground with honey and lock it in with gates, but still.
  10. Yeah, mine's crashing a lot too. I'm terrified that I'm going to log back in and find all my single player data gone... And at least twice now I've lagged out mid-flight on a Wyvern, and the second time the only thing that saved me when I logged back in was my sense to pause and do /fly It's a real shame that wildcard ignores these problems. They're great at designing creatures, but the creatures can't be properly enjoyed if the game isn't optimized...
  11. Good golly I can't believe I forgot to add "Makeover" to the list of things the Araneo needs. You're spot on- the Araneo looks pretty messy. Very messy. The poor baby deserves better, and especially deserves some better Leggies
  12. I like testing it on the fly! What's the fun in safety? Thank you- though, every other source says that rare flowers don't work... I'll still give it a shot, though. I never even thought of a pachy. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be trying that too.
  13. Kiting Wild quetzals... with eggs? Given that the Quetzal is a skittish creature unaffected by rare flowers, it really seems like they're impossible to kite anywhere... but then I read a blip on the wiki. According to the wiki, a wild quetzal- like all dinos -will turn aggressive when a Quetzal egg is picked up in their vicinity. Would it be possible to kite a wild quetz if I approached one on my own Quetzal's platform saddle, dropped a Quetzal egg from my inventory, than picked it back up to aggravate it? I'm not sure if it would work with an egg laid by a tame quetzal, but I might give it a try tomorrow and see if it works. I tried searching all over for any mention of a method like this, but I couldn't find anything, so I guess I'm the first to try and actually mention it.
  14. Looking for colored dinos is extremely fun! I honestly can't wait for the next color event, be it halloween or Christmas
  15. I'm neutral on it. I ADORE taming fantasy creatures, but it's also super nice to see little-known ancient animals get their 15 minutes of fame, WITH added creative liberties so people can ride them. I'd be happy to see more dinosaurs, but I'm also content with being given unique fantasy creatures to tame.
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