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  1. Thank you! I tested out a 25k with just a 235 Wyvern for funsies. By the second wave there were Spinos and Racers, so I'll definitely take your advice there and grab a good Giga. That'll be a fun challenge considering I've only ever tamed a lvl 1
  2. Preparing for an element vein I'm finally getting to mid-late game stages on extinction, and I'm deciding to try and take on some Element veins. I'm a bit worried with what can spawn, but here's my plan to take on a 10k-25k vein: Main Mount: Lvl 125 Enforcer Support group A: a small army of high level raptors, levelled only in melee and health (I should probably give them some stamina) Support group B: a group of high level Velonasaurs set to turret mode (aggressive) And for funsies, I might have a low level Spino on hand. Thoughts? Am I overpreparing, or should this be enough? Any recommended strategies?
  3. It's no worry- I'm on single player as well, so I don't have much to loose if I try! I think I'll give it a shot when I get the chance.
  4. Distracting the Ice Titan with purrlovias Recently, I watched a longer taming video of the Ice Titan, and for the majority of the time, the nodes were an easy shot. The titan aggroed to an underground purrlovia and stayed quite still while attacking. Could I use this as a strategy? Placing purrlovias underground on passive so the Ice Titan will stay still? Has anyone tried this?
  5. !! Omg, will the extinction chronicles also get color events like last time?
  6. Can you TAME the Desert/Sky Titan with Wyverns? I know how easily one can defeat the desert titan with wyverns, but what about taming? I've seen people tame with quetz and argies with high stamina and health, so couldn't a Wyvern do the same? Even low level wyverns can have some damn good stamina and health. What would be the risk regarding the Flock, too? I've seen people tame the titan with the flock seemingly not bothering them.
  7. Utilizing a Wyvern army (single player) So I've recently been going on an egg-stealing binge on my singleplayer Ragnarok save. It's left me with a TON of lvl 150+ Wyvern eggs in storage, and I'm not sure how I want to use them. So, if I did happen to hatch them all (mostly lightnings), what's the best way to use them? I was considering using the swarm for the orbital supply drops on extinction, but I have a feeling it would go awry.
  8. This new creature looks like something I will definitely attempt to hug despite any amount of hostility. Can't wait to tame one, whatever it is!
  9. I tamed my very first Giga today. I know everyone says to use the metal gateway method, but I opted for something a bit more risky: A cage of giant stone gateways. Four, to be exact, with a door on each end. I set it up at the base of the eastmost mountain on the island, and added pillars between the spaces of the gates to make absolute sure the giga wouldn't get out. I figured I'd need bait, too, so I bred my two summer bash event trikes and ended up with nice looking white twins. Both were named "Giga snack", and with my super easy settings I raised a poison Wyvern just to kite the giga. His name is Nymph and he actually has really cool colors: A brown body with deep green wings. I also had a butt ton of narcotics and arrows from grinding in preparation a few weeks back, so I made a tiny metal base next to the stone cage and put everything I needed in it. My plan was to leave all of my things in the bunker, get on Nymph, grab a Giga snack, and kite the giga all the way from the top of the mountain into the cage where I'd drop the bait trike to keep its attention if the bear traps in the cage didn't snag it first and make it stay still long enough for me to shut the doors. The plan was executed, and worked perfectly! Even if the gates are going to need serious repair, I know they can hold up to at least a wild lvl 1 Giga. And, as a bonus, Giga Snack survived! It landed perfectly on top of the gate while I was dropping it in during my escape. It still kept the giga's attention. Once the beast was down, I let its torpor drop to half before loading it the hell up with narcotics. That kept it down until it ate.... once! All it took was one kibble, and he was mine. Do I have super easy settings? Yes. Am I proud of my achievements nonetheless? Also yes. I named my Giga "Hulk", because you won't want to see him when he's angry. I can't attach a picture, but here's a clip of me playing with him around my base: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dragonhop417/video/79259610
  10. That's such a nice offer!! Unfortunately though, I only play single player atm I love the crap out of the rock drake design, though, and haven't seen any event colored ones yet- can you show me some pics?
  11. That is, by all means, an extremely fair point. I love what I've seen of it, but it's also home to a special kind of horror... I'm probably still going to spawn in a basilisk for myself on my single player world, but I might save the rest for a sale. Do you know what times of the year dlcs go for low prices on Xbox? I was planning on getting Extinction for my birthday, but if i can get all three...
  12. Don't have Abberation, still want some cool beasts I am in *love* with all the end game creatures from aberration, but I don't have the dlc... I'm instead putting aside some money for extinction. Yet, I still want a way to get the abberation creatures in a way that's at least somewhat fair and balanced. So I decided, why not set up some challenges for myself and spawn them in as a reward? My current challenge/reward plan is this: Get 100 rex arms + 1 alpha rex tooth = 1 tame basilisk Defeat 1 wild Giga without a trap = 1 tame reaper king I'm a little lost on what I want to do for the rock drake. One idea I had was flying through Ragnarok's Wyvern trench without getting hit by Wyvern breath, but that seems a little too easy. I'm open to suggestions!
  13. Dimetrodon vs Air conditioners I have seen SEVERAL YouTubers call the dimetrodon a "totally useless/worthless" tame compared to the efficiency of air conditioners, and say that air conditioners are easier to get, but I totally disagree. Dimetrodons can just be picked up by a wyvern or argie in the swamps. They automatically adjust their temps, don't cost a butt load of materials to make, and you need less of them (in my experience) than you would AC units to hatch eggs. They don't call for fancy electrical grids either, and if I'm hatching Wyvern eggs? I just need to add a few standing torches to the room. Boom! Mega easy to maintain. And they're movable! If their position gets wonky I just reposition them with a cryo pod. Not to mention they eat just fine out of my feeding troughs, so I barely have to worry about keeping them fed. I'm in late game and I still use them for egg hatching Despite all that, though, I really understand the appeal of air conditioners. Easy to set up once you have am electrical grid, and all that. I might be giving them more flak than they deserve What do you guys think?
  14. I think they should incorporate more cosmetics, like cooking and armor stuff, while also still focusing on new creatures/creatures as a whole. After all, taming creatures is one of the central premises of ARK as a whole and drives much of the gameplay, but I do understand where you're coming from.
  15. Event Colors? Hey! Somewhat new player here. I absolutely adored hunting for colored dinos during the 4th of July event, and I'm trying to figure out when the next color event might be? I can't find any sort of timeline, but I do now that some major holidays like Christmas, Easter, and the 4th get the events. Does the Halloween event have event colored dinos? And what other events have there been where you can find special colored dinos?
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