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  1. Crystal Griffins and other creatures for ISO Crystal Isles! Everyone has raved about Crystal wyverns, but my favorite creature from the Isles has to be the Crystal griffins! They're gorgeous and another fun thing to tame on the map. The liquefied creatures are also amazing... as are the Embertross. It is understandable if all of them can't be included, but the community would love to see as many of these creatures as possible on the official Crystal Isles. They are part of what makes the map fantastic. Thank you, development team!
  2. Enable Flyers and Disable Mission Zones on Xbox/Ps4 Xbox and Ps4 players don't have access to the .ini files to change these settings on genesis. Not everyone has the money to rent a nitrado server and players deserve the freedom to use flyers and build on the map as they please in single player and non dedicated sessions. Please add settings in the Advanced Server Settings on Xbox and Ps4 to toggle flyers and mission zones
  3. Enable Flyers and Disable Mission Zones? (Xbox) I read that these are now options for ARK players on genesis, but I can't seem to find the checkboxes in advanced server settings (single player) for these things. Has the update not come to Xbox, or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Magmasaur + Extinction City Harvesting? Has anyone tried harvesting materials like crystal and Element in sanctuary city with the Magmasaur? To my understanding, it harvests metal and the like quite well, but I'm curious to see how effectively it could harvest city resources.
  5. How to tame Galli/Kangaroo after update? With the recent update, these creatures are now stupidly difficult to tame. You can't bola them. You can't carry them to a taming pen. Rare flower is likely to end up with them dead, with other creatures rushing to attack you as well. How on earth am I supposed to tame these guys now? Any suggestions?
  6. It doesn't have to be exact- with the server rates of the boosted server, it's possible for me to get some op stats on tames that make them seriously fun. I have a lightning wyvern, in his max level, with 60k health, 3k stamina, and I think 2k melee. He destroys deathworms in 2 breaths. I also have a tuso, not yet max level, with 100k health. He's not even level 200 yet and he's not bred. This is the stuff I'm looking to do on single player. I just need to know which EXACT SETTINGS to adjust, because attempts to emulate this are just failing endlessly
  7. Note: The data I observed was taken on the server with the high rates. On my single player, I'm still getting very "default" stat changes even when changing the settings that alter stats gained per point invested. I should offer data on what my single player harvests are providing- I'll get to that soon. When it comes down to it, I'm really just looking for how to emulate the 15x harvest and 4x stats (for player/tamed dinos) that Nitrado provides without using Nitrado. Still, thank you! I forgot to uncheck single player settings before.
  8. Server Settings HELP I need someone with a big heart who likes math/estimations, because I need a Christmas miracle over here. I've started playing on a server recently, powered by Nitrado. It's an awesome boosted server with 4x stats for players and tamed dinos, and 15x harvesting. The settings are so good, I'm trying to emulate them on my Xbox single player world, but to avail. The sliders are not my friends, and the things I change don't seem to match up with the results showcased on the boosted server. I'm trying to figure out what settings I need for the harvest sliders and
  9. Galli, Kapro, Kangaroo, and Megalo carry since update I understand why the drag weight changes were made to these creatures- it's a little op to be able to carry multiple players with a creature like a wyvern that should only carry two at max. However, I've found that the change has made it needlessly difficult to tame transport these creatures. Gallimimus, Kapro, and the Kangaroo tend to be native to dangerous areas like mountains/swamps/highlands, where carrying them to a taming pen is almost a necessity. Luring them to a taming pen with a rare flower is likely to end with other c
  10. When do you Dotame? (Singleplayer) Single Player people, what are the occasions that you've used Dotame or Forcetame? I have mixed feelings about it for myself, because I want to play the game fairly, but because I'm on single player, using console commands doesn't give me an unfair advantage over others- and! It's a game, it's for me to have fun, so I try to relax about it. With the color events, I've been using Dotame a lot, but I'm also sure to "repay" with the resources I would have used up when taming. (Throw away however many arrows and narcs I would have used, along with
  11. !! Omg, will the extinction chronicles also get color events like last time?
  12. This new creature looks like something I will definitely attempt to hug despite any amount of hostility. Can't wait to tame one, whatever it is!
  13. I tamed my very first Giga today. I know everyone says to use the metal gateway method, but I opted for something a bit more risky: A cage of giant stone gateways. Four, to be exact, with a door on each end. I set it up at the base of the eastmost mountain on the island, and added pillars between the spaces of the gates to make absolute sure the giga wouldn't get out. I figured I'd need bait, too, so I bred my two summer bash event trikes and ended up with nice looking white twins. Both were named "Giga snack", and with my super easy settings I raised a poison Wyvern just to kite t
  14. Bad day... On single player, I went to transfer supplies over to ragnarok and found that everything in the Obelisk was deleted. No idea how or why. I decided to try and transfer anyway, but when I hopped on Ragnarok, the items weren't there. While I was on Ragnarok I decided I would try to get another Griffin. I caged it successfully, and after knocking it out I left for a moment on my Wyvern to go grab prime meat... I barely went into another biome, and the griffin was despawned when I got back ? It's only 10 a.m., but I think I'm done for a while
  15. Yeah, mine's crashing a lot too. I'm terrified that I'm going to log back in and find all my single player data gone... And at least twice now I've lagged out mid-flight on a Wyvern, and the second time the only thing that saved me when I logged back in was my sense to pause and do /fly It's a real shame that wildcard ignores these problems. They're great at designing creatures, but the creatures can't be properly enjoyed if the game isn't optimized...
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