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  1. My ASE cluster is running ok. The server is on Windows 11 Pro. I had a similar issue a few years back when my ISP updated the firmware on their supplied router - they'd silently disabled NAT Loopback. Also double check that your firewall hasn't magically updated and blocked some port numbers/protocols. I suspect not though as you can login to the servers. Finally check that you're not using consecutive port numbers on your maps. Again, I suspect not if you've previously had a working cluster.
  2. Your friend's computer might not be a good enough spec to host a game. Or your friend might have low network bandwidth.
  3. Happened once on my ASA server, but I've no idea what the cause was. The "cure" was to use a backup. Restore the backup to a temporary server on the cluster. Have the player login to the temporary server and transfer their character to the main server. Just a thought, but are you doing a world save before restarting the server? Also check that you're not somehow losing the cluster directory when the server restarts.
  4. You need to add -NoTransferFromFiltering to your command line to prevent transfers to/from other clusters. The risk with not using it - people could spawn in overpowered dinos or items and transfer them to your cluster.
  5. I'm wondering if the quotation marks around the session and directory names are an issue for Linux? You don't need to redact the cluster ID - it's only used to create a directory name on the end of the Cluster Directory path. Just be sure that you're using characters that would be legal for a pathname.
  6. There's a list of reserved ports here... https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/2EA8-4D75-DA21-31EB#:~:text=To log into Steam and,UDP remote port 27015-27050 But you don't need the steam client on the server so you should be able to ignore that list. If you can start any one map but not two or three - suggests that you have conflicting port numbers. Double check that you are using the port numbers you think you are. Also double check that you're port-forwarding all the port numbers (plus the extras). 7776 to 7782 and 27015 to 27022 as UDP. Finally, double check that you've allowed Ark's executable file through the firewall.
  7. Try changing 27017 into something like 27021 You should have a gap of two between port numbers.
  8. I'm using the command line version of ASV - and I'm getting Alphas... They're listed as "Mega" - thanks to WildCard's wonderful naming system. For example: MegaCarno_Character_BP_C
  9. You could use Wireshark to check that the port numbers you've specified are actually being used.
  10. I have queryport inside the command line - between question marks. I don't know if it is actually needed or not - but my ASA maps work fine alongside the ASE maps. start ArkAscendedServer.exe "TheIsland_WP?Listen?SessionName=SessionName?MaxPlayers=10?OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0?DifficultyOffset=1.0?AltSaveDirectoryName=AscendedTheIsland?QueryPort=27028" -Port=7803 -NoBattlEye -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=clusterid -noundermeshkilling
  11. Have you specified a unique queryport for both ASA maps?
  12. Hi Mirage. I've uploaded a cluster directory to the usual place for you to play with. Don't know if it matters, but ASA creates an extra directory between the "ClusterDirOverride" file path and the cluster's name. So -clusterid=ASA2222 -ClusterDirOverride=\ASA\ASAClusters makes a directory \ASA\ASAClusters\clusters\ASA2222 I tried to PM you with the URL, but the forum says you can't receive messages.
  13. One screenshot shows port = 7777 and QueryPort = 27015 But the next screenshot (Listening Ports) says port 27020 on TCP, 8888 on TCP and 7777 on UDP. Ark uses UDP for "port" and "queryport" RCON ports need TCP I haven't double checked ASA, but ASE uses the "queryport" number AND the next number up. So to use QueryPort = 27015, you also need to allow (and port-forward) port 27016 as UDP.
  14. I don't know about using Centos, but I have both ASE and ASA servers working from home on Windows 11 Pro.
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