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  1. If Ark 1 is being ported to Unreal 5 now, maybe WildCard will wait until Unreal 6 is released... Then port Ark 2 to Unreal 6 before going into early access 🙂
  2. I did wonder if announcing the bad word filter might result in more bad words being used as people tested its limits 🙂
  3. Two questions... 1. How do the following settings work if they're added to a server which already has a badly name tribe or character - or do they just work with chat? 2. Is there an official URL with bad words and good words? GameUserSettings.ini [ServerSettings] bFilterTribeNames=True // Filters out tribe names based on the badwords/goodwords list. bFilterCharacterNames=True // Filters out character names based on the bad words/good words list. bFilterChat=true // Filters out character names based on the bad word/good words list. BadWordListURL="URL GOES HERE" // for hosting your own bad words list. BadWordWhiteListURL="URLGOESHERE" // for hosting your own good words list Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Line 23, you have a wolf spawn name on a gas bags line. Line 24, you have carno and trike on the same line. Line 32 (and others) double check the Saber's spawn string - there are a few variations. Line 52, you've misspelled turtle as turdle.
  5. I've copy/pasted your entries into a text file, and they look ok except they all went onto a single line. Can you double check that each ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity= is on a line of its own, and they're under "[/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]" [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=50, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawMutton_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_Fish_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=50, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemResource_Ambergris_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_WyvernMilk_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_NamelessVenom_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemResource_Crystal_IslesPrimal_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Honey_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItem_SanguineElixir_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=5, bIgnoreMultiplier=true))
  6. Also check how much disk space you have available. Ark is quite big.
  7. Your save file might be corrupt. If you can you upload it somewhere, I'll try opening it.
  8. I'm guessing you have a file that ends with ".bat" which starts your server. It goes in there. You should also change your admin password because you've told everyone what it is 😞
  9. Put it just after -nosteamclient on your command line.
  10. Did your Mum never tell to not to accept sweets from strangers? It's like that with software as well. You don't know what's in there.
  11. 355.6 is a minor version update, you should be able to connect to any server that has version 355.x
  12. It loads ok without mods. I can only suggest that you try removing half the mods to see if it loads. And keep removing or replacing half until you can get it down to the problematic mod 😞
  13. Check your file system for corruption, and run a virus scan. Once you've done that (assuming you're on windows) run sfc /scannow in an adminstrator CMD prompt. That might require another step if it finds problems that it can't fix. If you can upload your save file somewhere, I'll see if it starts up for me.
  14. Although I can imagine WildCard wanting people to move to Ark 2, I don't see them taking away the ability for people to run unofficial Ark 1 servers. They've already said that unofficials will be able to trigger Ark 1 events (Easter, Raptor Claus, etc) after official support for them ends. Additionally: I don't think WildCard would want to alienate players. I for one would be severely annoyed if I couldn't carry on running an Ark 1 server.
  15. What port numbers have you chosen? Have you port-forwarded them as TCP to your server? Does your firewall allow those port numbers through as TCP?
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