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  1. Create a whitelist of players that are allowed to join. It's less trouble than having to use a password.
  2. Do you have -crossplay on the command line ? You'll need three ports numbers setup on the port-forwarding, and allow Ark through the firewall.
  3. NAT-loopback will be on your router - do you have the manual or can you look it up on the web? Firewall depends on your OS. Windows or Linux?
  4. Start here... https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Dedicated_server_setup Have you setup the port-forwarding on your router? Enabled NAT-loopback on your router (if it's not on by default)? Opened your firewall?
  5. Sorry @GrumpyBear I prefer the thought of there being 12 admins on the server
  6. Maybe there are 12 admins on that server - using the PlayersJoinNoCheckList.txt file
  7. You need to add ten more levels to your config file to take account of the extra ten levels added in Fjordur.
  8. That's right. It doesn't matter which map you're one. Fjordur has added the ability to gain 10 more levels by collecting 200 runes. You won't progress until you've added 10 more levels into the server's config.
  9. You need to add ten more levels to your config file to take account of the extra ten levels added in Fjordur.
  10. I wonder if the law would be different if men could get pregnant?
  11. One quote I saw made me realise how wrong this law is... "You can't prevent abortions from happening. You can only prevent safe abortions from happening"
  12. You need some parameters on shootergame.exe Have a read of https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Dedicated_server_setup
  13. You'll need the Windows 10 Store version of Ark to crossplay with XBox. The Steam version can only crossplay with EPIC store players.
  14. I use DOS bat files and manually edit the ini files for my server. It's better for me because I'm used to writing software. Worse for people on my server because I make misteaks every now and then. ASM has a good reputation so I'd be tempted to suggest you stick with it. I can't think of anything else for you to check... Port-forwarding on the router, NAT-loopback enabled on the router, firewall settings to allow Ark through. Three unique port numbers per map. Are there any error messages in the map's log file?
  15. You can't allocate more RAM to the ark server - it will use what it needs... How much RAM does the server have? The CPU being maxed out will be a problem - it will at best cause lag and at worst might be causing the connection problem. -useallavailablecores I think is a client option, not a server option. I don't use ASM so can't help there - but someone else might see something. Personally, I think you're facing a network type issue (port forwarding or firewall) or you need a more powerful PC to be the server. Although, I'd expect your CPU to be ok. Maybe check that you don't have anything else eating CPU time. Like Opera or Firefox or a third-part virus checker or Windows file-indexer.
  16. Take a look at the server's CPU and RAM use - are they maxed out? Assuming the server is running Windows - put the windows power saving to High Performance in case it's shutting some components down to save power. Also use a wire to connect the laptop to the network. I know some people on my server play the game across their wifi - but have regular issues with connections.
  17. You have 1012 open brackets and 1023 close brackets - but there should be the same amount of each. You also have 1353 quotation marks - But I'd expect an even number.
  18. Did your friend use your public IP address? Go to https://whatismyipaddress.com/ to find your public IP address. This will be different to your 192.168.x.x address. Also check on https://www.battlemetrics.com/ to see if your server appears there.
  19. Your crash log says "Ran out of memory allocating 241664 bytes with alignment 0" Are you using Windows or Linux for the server?
  20. Beware that you've posted your admin password in that screenshot. You'll need to lookup your router's manaual to see if it supports nat-loopback, and see how you setup the port-forwarding. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Dedicated_server_setup
  21. Have you done the necessary port-forwarding and does your router support nat-loopback?
  22. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/152391285463391985/ https://arkservermanager.freeforums.net/thread/8203/server-crash-after-auto-update There used to be a command line option called -NoHangDetection but I can't find any recent references. https://gameservershub.com/forums/threads/ark-cross-server-chat.67/page-7 It might be worth checking the windows event logs to see if that has any more information on the crash.
  23. You never need a reason to upgrade
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