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  1. @deedoubleuThis is exactly how I feel! Thanks mate!
  2. @GPI think if I can transfert anything from Ark1 to Ark2 that would be great. Because to me playing thousands of hours in a game to start all over again = it's depressing, to my eyes. So I also started playing Ark1 in June 2015. I took a long break in 2018-2019 about 8½ months and I came back playing the game. I know I will have fun playing Gen2 for 3-4 weeks but after I am still not sure. Yes Ark1 will be 7 years old in 2022 but why not continue developping Ark1 for an other 7 years? Improving the dino AI, adding NPC's, I mean if some modders can do it why not the devs! Why not adding da
  3. @GP First, thanks for your reply. To your first question, i'll say yes and no. Usully, yes when the sequel of the game is announced because my motivation drops to zero. This is why I am a big fan of devs/game studios whos still support their original game for over a decade like Arena Net with Guild Wars 1. But i'll also answer no, because I don't stop playing my favorite games when a totally new game comes out like Cyberpunk 2077. Second question, what is the point with the new phone version? We are talking about a game here. Finally, When you play thousands of hours in a s
  4. Hello peeps! Since the big announcement for Ark 2, I am questionning my self about the future of Ark 1. I mean there is so much work to be done on Ark 1 (bugs fixes, dino retarded AI etc). I know Ark 2 will launch only in about 1 year or 1½ year probably a bit more. But I am scared that Wildcard will stop working on the first game Ark 1 after the Genesis part 2. I played almost 4k hours in Ark 1 until this day. I know about the Atlas failed (this is my personal opinion, but I consider this game a big fail, I played almost 30 hours). So I stopped playing Ark since the announcemen
  5. 20+ players still waiting for a solution. Our dedicated servers are still down since 4 days (steam). We have tried many things without success. I will remember the 5th anniversary for a long time. ?
  6. Hello again :)! So I tried changing the ports and I disable the bRawSocket, I mean I was not using it, so I think the command was already disable. I patched to version 311.97 just in case. Same problem, connection time out.
  7. Hello, I am using steamcmd with batch files and I am having the same problem. Wat Da fock is ?bRawSocket, do I need to add ?bRawSocket=False to my launch command file? Because there is no bRawSocket in my launch command file. Anyone can confirm if changing ports really work? I am hosting 9 servers. I hope WC will patch soon.
  8. Same here I tried hidding them but the engram menu was lagging af, I changed the amount of points required to learn them without hidding the engrams but the menu is still lagging af. Anyone know a proper solution? I read online that the problem exist since 2015... lol
  9. The Equus KILLER! Hi, I don't know why but I was able to mount the freshly new Equus tame of my ally. I am not in the same tribe. And when he put the saddle on the Equus BAMMM instant dead for me. I was riding the Equus for fun lol. My friend also died after removing the saddle even if the Equus was tame by his tribe he was also riding the Equus when he removed the saddle. Really weird bug on Genesis. Sorry if this bug was already reported. thanks
  10. Same problem on my dedi server. Taming at 4x server difficulty at 10. I was trying to tame a lv270 and I ran out of bloodpacks (3600bp) over 2k% taming lol
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