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  1. Mirage's utility can produce a text version of the important stuff in the character's data file.
  2. Monitor the save directory and watch for the arkprofile files to change their date stamp. If you can suss out the file contents, you should be able to get the character's name.
  3. Your map has loaded without any mods, so it might be that you have a corrupt mod or an out of date mod.
  4. @IanHighlander Are you able to get name of players that use the EPIC version of the game?
  5. Do you need to use two accounts for the two maps? If you do, umask might help with default file permissions.
  6. You don't need to spawn the bosses in - you can use a command to give the boss fights to players... https://arkids.net/command/defeatboss
  7. Could the save file be corrupt? Try using one of your backups to see if an earlier version will load.
  8. The Steam version of Ark requires you to press B to talk in game, and there are options to change this. Have you checked your game settings to see if the XBox microphone has any settings?
  9. If you're on Steam or EPIC, start by validating your game files. Also worth running sfc /scannow in an administrator CMD window.
  10. That was about 2 hours after a restart. No users on Gen2. Now approx 15 hours after a restart, Gen 2 is using just under 6Gig RAM with about 4 users online.
  11. I've tried a couple of options, but nothing seems to make a substantial improvement.
  12. You've used the word "option" on the command line, but I don't believe that's a valid option ! Try replacing it with the word "all".
  13. Mirage's utility reads the save files, so you won't be able to get live data from it.
  14. I'm keeping fingers crossed for a positive experience with Ark 2.
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