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  1. To answer your other question... >> is there such as thing as user corruption on the server, and if so, how do you fix it? Yes there is, but it's quite rare. The only "fix" is to restore the character's file from backup.
  2. It could be corruption on the one client. Open a DOS prompt as administrator, then... sfc /scannow When that finishes... Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth When both of those are done, Validate Ark's local files through the steam client - or Verify the installation if they're on EPIC.
  3. Have you setup the port-forwarding on your router and opened the firewall for your server?
  4. Try -NoBattlEye on the end of your command line shooterGameServer.exe "TheIsland?SessionName=PVE Cluster Island?AltSaveDirectoryName=SavedIsland?Port=7785?QueryPort=27023" -ActiveEvent=Summer -NoSteamClient -crossplay -AutoDestroyStructures -log -NoTransferFromFiltering -EnableIdlePlayerKick -NoCrashDialog -NoBattlEye
  5. Do you have more than one router on your network? Also double check your server's LAN address with ipconfig
  6. yup, I still get "server is not responding". Can you post a screen dump of your port-forwarding setup please.
  7. Is your external address the same? steam://connect/ reports the same problem as above.
  8. Have you setup the port-forwarding on your router? You need to forward port numbers 7777, 7778, and your query port to your server. Your server should be setup with a static address, don't use DHCP.
  9. You need to forward port 7779 as well. When you specify any server port, Ark will also use the next number up as well.
  10. Looks like you kicked yourself from the tribe. If this was on official, you should try contacting WildCard's support.
  11. Lag can happen when textures and geometry are transferred from RAM/CPU to GPU, and when data is transferred from server to client. It's not always visible in TaskManager. Flying near large bases requires a substantial data transfer from server to client. If the server is busy with other players then you'll notice lag, but your CPU will appear to be doing almost nothing.
  12. A couple of things spring to mind... 1. You need to stop the server, edit the ini files, then restart the server. If you edit the files while the server is running, it will ignore the changes and over-write the files. 2. Which directory are you putting the ini files into ? 3. I can't see where you've specified your port and query port numbers.
  13. WildCard could fix the problem by checking if the incoming connection is from the same IP and Steam/EPIC account as the account already connected.
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