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  1. Seems that dinos are disappearing when removing a cryopod from a cryofridge.
  2. I run an unofficial server - several people (different tribes) have reported the loss of dinos recently. Nothing in the tribe log, and the dinos have definately gone from the map. Ragnarok seem to be the biggest offender so far.
  3. I find that having a full inventory increases the chances of losing your inventory when you transfer.
  4. It might be related to a long standing bug - if your inventory is full then it has a chance of disappearing when you transfer across maps. I've also been told of inventories disappearing when a player "sleeps" in a bed or tek pod and disconnects.
  5. I have a windows server, so I can't easily test it on Linux
  6. I understand how you feel @invincibleqc. It's sad when a company as big as WC simply can't be bothered to keep community documentation up to date. I could have sworn that WC had a community manager! Maybe I'm wrong
  7. See https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Console_commands for information on each parameter.
  8. You should contact the server admins to see if they're aware of the problem. I might be wrong, but it sounds like you're on an unofficial server which has a different config file for each map - and the configuration of levels is not consistent across the maps.
  9. Might be that cave building is turned off... AllowCaveBuildingPvE=??? or building near supply crates is off ?PvEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops=??? or might be an exclusion zone that is controlled by the map so you can't do anything about it. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Server_Configuration
  10. If you're on an official server, you should submit a support ticket. No-one here can help you. If you're on an unofficial server, you need to contact their admins.
  11. Firewall? If you have multiple copies of ArkServer, each will need to be allowed through.
  12. Your port-forawrding screenshot shows 27015:27015 WAN, but 27015:27025 LAN. I think they both need to be the same. Port checkers don't always work with Ark. All my ports show as closed, despite the fact that my Ark server is working.
  13. I did read and I did mean well But I'm also serious about doing the checks because HD/SSD corruption, and OS corruption can cause spurious problems.
  14. Ouch Do you leave your router on 24/7 ? And have you spoken to your ISP to see if they can offer a static IP address?
  15. Try going back to basics... Run a Check-disk to look for disk errors on both your client and server. Run sfc /scannow in an adminstrator CMD prompt (on both your client and server). Validate your local game files. Use SteamCMD to validate the files on your server.
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