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  1. Sounds like you've built on a spawn point. These people spawn in, can't get get out of your base, then give up and exit. The random stuff is a bit confusing though? I wonder if they're hoping you'll take the random stuff so they can report you for stealing items from their body?
  2. Different maps need different settings, but the wiki doesn't list Extinction https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Difficulty
  3. Reporting bugs will increase the chances of a fix - if no-one reports a particular bug then there would be a chance that WC simply wouldn't know about it. Despite popular belief - and despite appearances - bug reports are looked at.
  4. I've had similar happen when a program on the server reads the world save file (the .ark file) at the same approximate time the map is told to shutdown. Ark can't write to the .ark file so it creates a .tmp file instead. I've also had it happen (less often) when the .ark file has become corrupt. Just a thought, but What is your auto save interval set to?
  5. Your Google must be different to my Google. I didn't find that one !
  6. I've written more C++ than C# - but it can be a PITA at times It would be interesting to see what information a plugin has access to - compared to a mod.
  7. Please remember that EPIC players can't use mods. That might change... but... WildCard ! There's also the potential headache of keeping the mod in step with Ark updates and the devkit updates.
  8. Your post got me wondering what version of Unreal is used for Ark... we can find out from the file properties... Unreal Version 4.5 was released in October 2014 (I can't find a release date for 4.5.1). Ark was available from June 2015. So it looks like WildCard haven't updated their game engine Interestingly, the Atlas server also uses Unreal 4.5.1
  9. I think you'll find that there is a separate dev team for Ark 2 - it would be unmanageable to have a dev team switching between versions of Unreal to work on Ark 1 one day, and Ark 2 the next
  10. Double check your port forwarding... If you specify (for example) port=7777, you need to forward ports 7777 and 7778. Also double check your firewall on your router, your host machine and the VM. RCON uses TCP. Port and Queryport use UDP. Can BattleMetrics see your server?
  11. Hi Mirage. I'm seeing a huge performance gain here... Limiting ASV to a single core on the server: Rag used to take approx 30 mins to process. Version has reduced that to approx 6 minutes. You're superb
  12. Hi Hi Mirage. I'm using ASV exactly as you provide it - I don't edit any of the config files.
  13. There's nothing to fix - you're on the correct version. The client version number doesn't always match the server version.
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