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  1. When using a tek transmitter - he needs to be a tribe admin on the map he is transferring from. Or he needs to use an obelisk or a supply crate.
  2. Try launching a new empty map. If that works, then the problem is likely related to the existing save file. If it doesn't work, then it's the Ark server, the OS, the hardware, or drivers, or corrupt file system, or... Take it a step at a time to rule stuff out.
  3. Are you on the Windows 10 Store version of Ark, or the Steam version ? Try validating your installation of Ark, and maybe run a scandisk on your HD to check for errors.
  4. There's a brief explanation of possible causes of Signal 11 here... https://serverfault.com/questions/67504/what-can-cause-a-signal-11 If the Linux version of Ark was updated recently, I'd be tempted to try reverting to a backup from just before that update. Also validate Ark's installation in case of corruption. Also worth checking if you have any automatic updates enabled on the OS - to see if they could be the cause of the issue. Finally, check the validity of the file system. It's a long time since I've touched Linux though, so you'll need to look up the incantations for doing that.
  5. I've seen cases where a valid (but small) game.ini or GUS.ini are ignored. I never found the reason why, but adding more lines did eventually get the files to be recognised. You can find out if yours is being read or not by putting your game.ini and GUS.ini into the correct directory, then starting the server. Let the server completely start up then stop it again. Look at the files again. Ark will replace your file with its own updated version. See if the lines you want are still in there. Which directory are you using for Game.ini and GUS.ini? Mine are located under c:\ArkServer\Shootgame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer
  6. >> If I delete my SteamID file under the clusters folder on my server, will that fix my problem? Is that safe to do? I suspect that is undocumented ! Stop the server, backup your server, delete the file, restart it and see what happens... Let us know the outcome
  7. Ask support to help you... https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  8. Do these help? -servergamelog -ServerRCONOutputTribeLogs -log https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  9. Turn it off if you want the world to pause. Keep it running if you want the world to continue running when you disconnect. I'd also recommend using a whitelist or a password if you want to restrict who can connect to the server. Don't forget to keep backups in case you have a problem with the server, or the HD or file corruption, etc.
  10. Does your client crash, or does the server crash?
  11. Are you using the steam version of Ark, or the Windows 10 store version? For the Steam version: when you specify "?port=xxxx?" Ark will use that number plus the next number up. So you need to leave a gap of 2 between the port numbers on your servers and forward those port numbers as well.
  12. You can't do it by copying files. Tames are stored in the main ".ark" save file Cryopods might be faster than uploading to an obelisk.
  13. Have you enabled the auto PVE/PVP timer - the server might be in PVP mode? bAutoPvETimer See https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration for details
  14. Sounds like either:- 1. You've declared war on another tribe, or 2. You don't have ServerPVE=True in your GUS.ini
  15. The server is clearly working because you're able to join as a direct connection, so the main thing you need to change is the quotation marks on your command line: The options on the end of the line (with minus signs) should be outside of the quotes. ./ShooterGameServer "TheIsland?AltSaveDirectoryName=TheIsland?listen?MultiHome=" -automanagedmods -nosteamclient -server -log The ark server fails silently with a lot of these options, so it won't report an error when you get these options wrong. At some point: you should add "?ServerAdminPassword=xxxxx" inside the quotes, with a password of your choice otherwise anybody would be able to enable cheats.
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