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  1. Are you thinking of this... UseOptimizedHarvestingHealth=true https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  2. WildCard disabled some parts of the events in their updates.
  3. You should dedicate one CPU Core per map, and approx. 8GB RAM per map. Ideally use an SSD, otherwise you'll get lag spikes when the maps are saving. Higher clock speeds are better than higher core counts, because the Ark server is multi-threaded, it isn't multi-processing.
  4. Remotely diagnosing other people's problems is difficult... Impossible in fact without asking questions and ruling out possible causes of error.
  5. Other causes of lag spikes that I've observed are... 1. Plyers with large bases or lots of dinos logging into the server. The server has to send lots of data to the player when they login. 2. Players going into a boss fight. A different region of the map is loaded up, so the server briefly has more work to do than "usual". 3. Players flying into a different region of the map with a large base or a large gathering of tames. Again, lots of data is sent from server to host. 4. Other programs or services on the server might momentarily hog the CPU or network, causing a brief lag spike for Ark.
  6. You should contact the mod authors if you think they're ignoring your overrides, maybe it's a bug they're not aware of?
  7. Are you using the admin manager to get the player's ID? I assume you're not using their steam ID.
  8. Do the lag spikes coincide with the autosave frequency? Are you on a physical host, or in a VM on a shared host? What is the CPU spec of the server? Do you know if anything else is running on the server?
  9. My son has this problem too. I've tried manually uninstalling and reinstalling. I've tried validating the client, scanning the SSD, and lots of other things too. Please let us know if you find a fix.
  10. Has the target player uploaded and downloaded their character? https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands says... MaxAscend Description: Unlock Alpha Overseer and Alpha Rockwell ascensions for the player matching the given ID. While the player will unlock the levels and the tekgrams associated with the ascensions, his implant won't change until his character is uploaded then downloaded back and/or the current server save is wiped. Compatible with gaming consoles: Unknown
  11. Does this happen when you try to play the game? If you're playing the game (as opposed to hosting a server) then you shouldn't need to port-forward anything or setup a DMZ. It sounds like you might have a corrupt installation, or a corrupt HD/SSD. Scan your HD/SSD for errors, then from an administrator command prompt sfc /scannow to check your windows installation. If sfc reports an error that it can't fix, then search the message on google or paste the error here. I'm not familiar with the installation process of the Win 10 version of Ark. If it allows you to validate the install (like Steam does) then give that a go.
  12. I completely agree with you. There are several ways of sharing file systems across networks, but they're mostly used within corporate LANs. Sharing across the internet introduces so many points of failure that it's probably not worthwhile for individuals. I've used NFS and SAMBA on departmental networks (approx. 100 machines), but I'd never have considered them for use across the internet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_distributed_file_systems https://www.samba.org/
  13. The setting goes into Engine.ini, not Game.ini. Sorry I missed that in your original post.
  14. Servers on different machines need to share the cluster directory across the network. There's no need for any extra commands within Ark. Servers will use NFS or Window's file shares or similar to "mount" the remote file system locally. Some unofficial server owners have done this with varying degrees of success.
  15. Please post your game.ini so people can take a look.
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