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  1. Have you changed anything in the config files or startup commands? Check the following settings and look them up on the wiki... 1. AllowCaveBuildingPVE=true 2. PvEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops=true 3. EnableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes=false https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  2. Apologies for the misunderstanding
  3. You need to press E to jump on the Unicorn, then immediately press E to feed it. Put carrots in your "0" hotbar slot, and press E when it asks for food. Higher levels will want more than one carrot. Look them up on dododex https://www.dododex.com/taming/unicorn
  4. Put carrots in your "0" hotbar slot, and press E when it asks for food. Higher levels will want more than one carrot. Look them up on dododex https://www.dododex.com/taming/unicorn
  5. 1. Leave a gap of 2 between port numbers. Ark silently uses the port number AND port number +1. so your server needs ports 27015, 27016 and make QueryPort=27017. 2. Have you setup a static LAN IP address on your server and port-forwarded the necessary ports on your router? https://ark.gamepedia.com/Dedicated_Server_Setup You can use BattleMetrics as a rough check... https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?q=chaosman&sort=score Finally: if BattleMetrics sees your server, but you don't see it from the same LAN, then it's probably because your router doesn't have NAT-reflection (aka NAT-loopback) turned on.
  6. Do the usual stuff... 1. Scan you HD/SSD for errors and virii. 2. If your server is on Windows, run sfc /scannow in an administrator command prompt to validate your Windows installation. 3. Use steamcmd to validate the server files. 4. If you're using mods, check for updates. 5. If you're using mods and still get errors then try removing mods one-by-one until the server starts up. 6. If it still doesn't start, try rolling back to an earlier save to see if the save file is corrupt.
  7. If Ark starts up without mods, then it sounds like the mods need an update. I had a similar issue and had to remove the Admin signs mod for my server to start properly. Have you posted a message on the mod's forum page to explain the problem and find out if a fix is being prepared?
  8. Do the standard stuff... Validate the game files (if you're on Steam). Scan your HD/SSD for errors Virus check Validate the Windows system files. sfc /scannow from an administrator Dos prompt. If you still get crashes, then try a server that doesn't use any mods. It could be one or more of the mods causing the problem. Version 301.1 has stopped one mod from working on my server (Admin Signs) and it's possible that other mods are affected by the update too.
  9. Geforce experience didn't choose the best settings for my PC, so I uninstalled it. This might be a silly question, but have you set your screen resolution to the monitor's native resolution?
  10. I have it on Ragnarok. It's a long standing issue that is really annoying. I'm tempted to do a screen recording and upload it to youtube so the devs can see how annoying it is. Having said that, a friend did a similar thing a few years ago with a shadowing bug. AFAIK, that bug report was ignored I'll get him to check. Should I or shouldn't I?
  11. Raptors - because they don't kill you straight away. They give you time to be scared !
  12. I use it on mine, it works fine. It saves CPU time and memory with no negative effect on users.
  13. Which engrams are hidden? I'll to test it out when I get home from work.
  14. Mods sometimes conflict with each other. Try removing half of the mods to see if the other half work by themselves. Keep halving the mods until you have something that works. The other possibility is a corrupt filesystem. Scan your HD/SSD for errors and (if your server is on Windows) then sfc /scannow from a administrator command prompt. Another possibility is a corrupt save file. Try rolling back to a previous save. Good luck, and let us know how you get on.
  15. It wouldn't surprise me if WildCard have implemented some "undocumented" commands for use on official servers. Please correct me if you think I'm wrong.
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