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  1. EPIC players get a pseudo Steam ID in the filename. I don't know how that's generated, but I'll see if I can get an example.
  2. I'm guessing you'd be ok for about 5 people on a map before they start to see some lag. Each person on a map will consume some RAM and CPU, so the performance will look ok while no-one is logged in. Mods will also consume RAM and CPU - but I can't estimate their effect as I don't have mods on my server.
  3. You should be ok with that. The general recommendation is 1 CPU core per map and 8 GB RAM per map. 1TB disk is plenty of space.
  4. People's Steam IDs are used as the arkprofile filenames - maybe it was done to hide those?
  5. If you think Battle Eye is causing the problem, try playing with it turned off.
  6. Just noticed your poll... I use ASV as an export tool to generate JSON files. I process these further to generate html for the people using my server. I am tempted by the Discord bot, but I'm holding back for now because I want to see how the player numbers react when ASA is released. In any case, ASV has been absolutely brilliant. It provides a great source of information for players and it's helped admins out enormously.
  7. If your servers don't use BattleEye, you can start Ark with it disabled...
  8. I'd forgotten about those files, but they only provide a subset of the full configuration.
  9. Official ini files are here... https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/server-backups/
  10. Can you manually create a file in /home/ark as root ? What happens if you... touch /home/ark/test.txt
  11. It looks like any or all of these could be the problem 1. there's not enough disk space allocated to the VM, and/or 2. the user that steamcmd is running as, is out of disk quota, and/or 3. the user that steamcmd is running as, doesn't have permission to create files in /home/ark
  12. The line starting with /home/ark/steamcmd... type it into the command line to see if you get a better error message.
  13. steamcmd is returning with error -2. It might be worth running that command in a terminal to see if you get a more descriptive error message.
  14. @darkradeon You're correct, I am an idiot 🙂 Correction... I'm a confused idiot... The wiki says bDisableFriendlyFire defaults to false, so friendly fire should be on anyway.
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