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  1. Try running a memory checker like this one... https://www.memtest86.com/
  2. Are you running Windows in a Virtual Machine, or directly on a PC? What version of Windows? Do you allow Windows to install Microsoft updates? Are all your motherboard drivers up to date? Are all your device drivers up to date? Have you run a virus scan? Have you scanned your HD/SSD for errors?
  3. You're right - Ark is the best mind-reading program I've ever come across
  4. You can also use supply drops to transfer off Aberration. But they have a habit of not appearing when you need one
  5. Players using official servers have to make an appointments because WildCard and Nitrado don't have enough staff to deal with all the player's questions and problems all of the time. The official admins are staff who have to be paid, so official admins are an expensive resource. 1. You need an official admin to properly answer this, but... In theory, they could see people joining and leaving. They could obtain IP addresses. They could get dino and player and tribe information. I get most of this information on my unofficial server, and I imagine that WildCard and Nitrado have bett
  6. Yup, same here. EGS players currently have to connect by going into single player and using the open command to connect to a server.
  7. Which CPU are you using? Try also running a scan on your HD/SSD to check for errors. And run a virus scan.
  8. Try running one of your maps on bare metal, to see if the VMs are causing a problem.
  9. See https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/API/Runtime/Core/Misc/FDateTime/UtcNow/index.html FDateTime::UtcNow is a function call the programmers use to obtain the current date and time. You can't change this unless you're a programmer on WildCard's team. Or (I suppose) if you live in a timezone that happens to use UTC, then your Ark logs will show your local time
  10. That's not a setting. That's how the server determines the current date and time.
  11. Which mods ? That's not a normal startup time. My slowest modded server took about 6 minutes to start on Windoze.
  12. Are you able to join both servers without transferring ? And do you have 3 unique port numbers for each map - so 6 unique port numbers total ?
  13. That's the time of day. 10:58 and 26 seconds. 431 is probably milliseconds. 12.13.38 is the time of the event. 12:13 and 38 seconds. If you look at the date/time string: 2020.10.16_12.13.38 You have YYYY.MM.DD_HH.MM.SS
  14. It's also a GUS.ini setting... [ServerSettings] AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=true I wonder if any tribe settings are preventing it from working for you?
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