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  1. It's just like what I said earlier in this comment section yesterday. I don't believe bringing employee, leadership, or customer political virtue signaling stances is a good idea into game communities. no matter the good intent, because it can incite political offense and upset to anyone in said communities who come across this stuff and spread that aggression anywhere within. There's always a right and wrong time and place for anybody's personal political stance to be heard. But I don't believe game communities are that right place at anytime.
  2. No matter the political views or favoring party of a game company's leaders, employees, and customers, and no matter the good intent for anyone involved from who's speaking out, political statement issues, such as a U.S. Supreme Court ruling stance of a company's employees or leadership, in my opinion, shouldn't be stated anywhere in video game communities. Because they can bring about political incite to customers, causing escalated hatred and aggression towards other customers and the game's company's own employees and associates, regardless of their stances. I believe in my opinion the vocalization of this political stance publicly by the studio's employees within Ark's social media (Facebook, Twitter, Steam, and the official forums) is a bad move for the reason's stated above. Edit to add more: I'm on the opinion that video game communities should be a place of respect to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves in them such as these forums and any other form of social media. It doesn't feel right to add political stance issues into them by anyone. Here's a policy quote that I agree with from another official forum site that I'm a part of regarding politics: "These forums are used by individuals of all nations, beliefs and creeds. To ensure everyone can enjoy the forums we ask that you not post any threads or content that discusses political topics as they can cause offence and upset."
  3. You know, if this does make it into the game, I like to imagine them being almost like the giant red bats from "Primal", in which they come out at night under a "blood moon", picking up large prey and walking on the ground.
  4. And you know what else? It has a "log cannon" crossbow-like weapon of sorts on its back which it can shoot large and sharp logs. I wonder if Titanoceratops can also have something similar like it for a change of things? Andrewsarchus does have a mini-gun mounted saddle on its back, by the way. Juts a random side thought.
  5. You know, I was thinking of an idea for it. Should a "unique" saddle for it be made, one idea I thought of was something similar to and inspired by the Trike Titan from the 2006 real-time strategy game, ParaWorld. How ironic because not only are the tribes in that game who use that titan unit based on Vikings, Fjordur in and of itself is built to have a Viking theme and feel to it.
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