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  1. Please fix the gen2 missions! Only thing that’s broke for me It’s been great otherwise ty so much wildcard
  2. It’s been really good so far but the missions are broken as hell please fix them (invisible walls and going through walls to that weird ark limbo out in the abyss)
  3. Oh boy I can’t wait for the millions of random complaints about gen 2 and does anyone have a time for its release?
  4. I think they said we would see more after gen 2
  5. Good to know I can ride the maewing!! Thanks wildcard exo looks great
  6. Spinos are the best! I have 10 in my single player game and I use them to go alpha hunting Edit: probably going to use them for a boss soon
  7. Mine is head all the way big and as tall as possible and all the leg stats maxed and everything else tiny. I call him tall man I’ll try and get a pic
  8. I wanna see one of those mod maps be the last addition for ark 1 after gen2 (edit) on console as well as PC
  9. Wizard03’s multiplayer doesn’t work
  10. Is ark working yet? Or is multiplayer still broken
  11. Yea there’s 3 on the surface and 3 or 4 under the ground. No not another frog cave trip lol
  12. Probably going to dead island on a raft and fighting stuff there will get you better XP for your level
  13. Same tho and I’m on xbox
  14. I hope it’s going to be better then the Gen 1 Single player experience
  15. Perry the maewing and the duolingo owl are going to visit your house And kidnap your family if you don’t do Spanish
  16. I’m not trying to make you mad, but WHY would you change the story and make Helena gay for your show, I had no comment on the thing between Mei and Diana, but I thought the entire time Helena was single and straight.
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