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  1. LoL hold up, do ANY of you play PVE??? Tribe limit is curently 200, so how is this Negative at all other than the Lag we will now get for bumping our Egg farms up even more? I think this is a step in the right direction seeings they want ppl to Tribe up while only offering the same dino cap for individuals as tribes. Our tribe of 3 almost split up because of the 200 cap. XB1 PVE+
  2. Join alliance and they will also eat from your food troughs.
  3. One way around it is to create a separate account and put your egg farm under it "assuming u have one". We reached max and I had to race to base and unclaim some Dino's for it to stand up. im also on xb1 prim+
  4. Same here, bronto showed -thatch and wood with yellow lettering as if it was consumed.
  5. In 2 weeks we have "lost" a Giga and A Bronto.... They managed to sneak through Behemoth gates from 2 different bases in our official PvE P+ Server. GG I did happen to catch a Spino glitches halfway thru the map in our beach base and was able to call it back. Maybe I'll whistle "Follow All" and they'll rise from the ground...?
  6. So today I need to tame dodos until I hit cap then killem off as needed. Awesome
  7. How is the Server limit 5k? If Server allows 70 survivors with 200 Each that's 14k. If 25 survivors was the max I would believe 5k being Server limit. XB1
  8. Yup, same problem with a Diplo, slippery sucker kept on moving.
  9. We have 2 Rex's glitches inside small trees on our official server, can't cut the tree down and Rex is just running in place. Also had my giga glitch through ground.
  10. Bump Official primitive plus server, haven't seen any of the Dino's listed above. We have turned to mating the few left so others can enjoy them.
  11. Bump, I had the same issue yesterday with 2 of my tames. 150 saber kib tamed popped up a 221 with 11,570.5 torpor "Took pic". Showed tribe mates ooo aaa. Log on next day Bam 7k torpor....