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  1. Thanks for your research buddy, I'll make sure all my servers match up to those ports and see how we go. Really appreciate it. *Update, changing the query ports worked, yee gads you've done it!!
  2. Because the only one I can consistently get to show up is my 4 year old Island server, trying to connect to any of my newer servers requires connecting via the internet (unofficials tab). The lan connection ability seems to disappear around the same time Ark launched on epic, was a stealth update? Or perhaps I've not tweaked a specific server setting?
  3. Simultaneously pleased and disappointed. I hope the sci fi sticks around at least even if the power armour goes.
  4. I've unfortunately never been able to get it to run. Which is unfortunate as I'd love ark to be more primitive and have sideways density.
  5. I'd be pretty keen on PvX maps, whether like this or via clusters of pvp and pve servers if Ark 2 goes with Atlas server structure.
  6. Hellz, I can't even find a mod that does this. Out of interest in your opinion, why do you think Chitin should stay as is?
  7. Yeah, I carry some around even on non-abb maps and they help. Problem is, that still doesn't really give Chitin a place in the game as, if I can repair smithy gear on the fly, I'm still going to just use flak. Yes, the ingots weigh more and can't be gathered in the field but the durability and armour difference mean it breaks far less and is still worth carting about the mats.
  8. Make Chitin Armour repairable in the backpack. This would give it a purpose for the whole game, rather than just bridging the gap between hide and flak in the early game. Validation: Given the need for cementing paste, I don't personally find metal much more of value nor harder to gather the chitin so why would you ever use chitin? It's weaker and kind of pointless by mid game. If it can be repaired in backpack then it's similar to your first heat kit (cloth) and first cold kit (hide). It'd fill a niche for armour on demand without having to go home but still not in the same league of a
  9. 1000% this, accountability and the capacity to build reputation are both huge, and I'd argue mostly positive aspects to large-scale multiplayer games.
  10. So, I did exactly this for my first giga tame. There's a waterfall in the far north and middle of the Snow biome on the island (you can see it from the coast, just south of a large ruin on the rivers west coast). Got the Giga to chase me over it, then scooted back around top and shot down on it, with a crossbow no less. It took ages, but it eventually went down and next thing you know, I had to wait 40 something levels to ride it.
  11. I'd really love it if Hyaenodon and other similar small and not ridable creatures could consistently fit through a crouch. This way if we wanted to do things dungeons (like the Snow Cave) as intended (so without pods or interior breeding) we could still bring in companions (I play with one tribemate, so for us having some tame company is even more essential). It would also help reinforce otherwise just pet creatures into having a place and use in the game.
  12. This, this 1000%.
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