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  1. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS etc. I kinda hope we get a finishing dungeon leading to the portal or something, but I'll take just a cinematic as it's more than we had before.
  2. This right here might be the single most important change I want in Ark 2 as well.
  3. Holy wall of text batman. You might have some very good points in there but I'm never going to know as I'm never going to put myself through reading anything that unformatted.
  4. I too am really keen to see how these new ideas end up playing out. All the changes look great or potentially worth the sacrifice (looking at you 1st person view) and I am beyond keen for the overhauls to dino AI, item crafting with different components and character skills/engrams.
  5. Conan Exiles, The Island or for something lighter and more handheld friendly Re:Legend might just launch this year if the gods have not abandoned this timeline.
  6. Conan Exiles has an excellent system of sideways progression armour along with tier progression which provides both cosmetic and stat variation would could be used as a basis for Ark 2's brainstorming.
  7. That's an intense and 100% Hell No from me.
  8. With some of The Hunted ideas thrown in to spice things up, even if it's a secondary 'hard' difficulty mode that has it.
  9. A load of great mechanical and gameplay progression ideas in here.
  10. Expansion packs are not historically considered pay to win, that would be more like having a cash shop that allows you to buy end game gear or a 100% damage booster for 3 hours or the like. Actually, just F (real money) cash shops. Personally, I hope they do restrict the capacity to ride expansion dinos to own that expansion because it will allow them to provide the capacity to manufacture expansion items across the many maps without worrying about demonetizing their present content (like has happened in ark one, hence why sand is only on scorched, fungel wood on abb etc). Then we could see more progress and content interweaving between expansions (like we could have had tamable rock dracks on other maps etc). But then, I also hope hope they have the maps progress from one to the other with increasing difficulty and expectations that you've played on the ones that came before it.
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