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  1. A load of great mechanical and gameplay progression ideas in here.
  2. Expansion packs are not historically considered pay to win, that would be more like having a cash shop that allows you to buy end game gear or a 100% damage booster for 3 hours or the like. Actually, just F (real money) cash shops. Personally, I hope they do restrict the capacity to ride expansion dinos to own that expansion because it will allow them to provide the capacity to manufacture expansion items across the many maps without worrying about demonetizing their present content (like has happened in ark one, hence why sand is only on scorched, fungel wood on abb etc). Then we could see
  3. *dreams of building bridges and proper treehouse towns*
  4. Maybe it's an intended mechanic as Maewings are still bottom of the ladder for a growing dino's choice of food source. Odd way to do a quality of life creature but hey.
  5. Pretty sure the competition is for introducing prehistoric creatures that actually existed so using a fiction book as basis is pretty much completely against the point. Consider asking for inclusion the next time Wildcard announce they will add fantasy creatures?
  6. Ancient relic armour skins and the like?
  7. That's still enough data to be worth looking into it myself, thank you for the info. Update - looks like the RTS controls for the exo mech specifically are in there but no other dino commands. So I could rebind middle mouse button on pistol whip and RTS but i couldn't change x to something else without losing the ascend option on a tapajara.
  8. On the topic, is it possible to back up your survivors before doing a transfer between unofficial servers? I've lost a few characters over the years and would love to never have that happen again. I run my groups servers so can backup everyone before we all map change if they save to the server computer.
  9. They have stats that fall in line with all the others, so why can't we breed great Jerboas like we can bulbdogs or otters. It's a tiny tweak but it'd be great.
  10. Can we edit dino hotkeys in here as well? For example, I like to have pistol whip on MMB but doing that in the options menu post gen 2 wipes out the Exo Mechs RTS mode and it won't let you rebind it to a used key (ie, have MMB do both given the exo mech can't whip).
  11. Given that Maewings give better food values to babies than alternative feeding methods, it seems very counter intuitive that juveniles and above choose to eat from a feeding trough before going for the Maewings bounteous teats even when basketed to her.
  12. Thanks for your research buddy, I'll make sure all my servers match up to those ports and see how we go. Really appreciate it. *Update, changing the query ports worked, yee gads you've done it!!
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