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  1. TradingTony

    Nerf Manas

    The hitbox from mana is so bad at the moment, because its so lagy
  2. TradingTony

    Red Wood Tree

    In sunken, and no i cant put sap taps ^^
  3. TradingTony

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Make my first 50k vein solo
  4. TradingTony

    Mega Mek

    thank you guys ?
  5. TradingTony

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    i tamed my first lvl 150 megatherium ?
  6. I'm looking forward to it ?
  7. TradingTony

    Dragon Beta

    Thank you all for your answers ?
  8. TradingTony

    Mega Mek

    Hey guys, where can i get the M.O.M.I. to create a mega mek ? are that comes automatically if I put four pieces next to each other or can I farm that somewhere ? Yours sincerely Tony
  9. TradingTony

    Dragon Beta

    Hey guys, someone knows a strategy to kill the Dragon Beta with 2 Players ??
  10. TradingTony

    Red Wood Tree

    Hey guys, after the new patch my Red Wood Tree where was in middle of my base are despawn, now its not looking good, so my question are they come back ?^^ ?
  11. TradingTony

    Desert Titan Tame

    I build a 1x1 metall house on my quetzl to safe me for dismount and it works, but your quetzal need 4k+ hp if the titan hit you that not gonna die with one hit
  12. TradingTony

    Forest/Ice titan taming methods

    The first node you can do with the mana, and the second and the third we did with mek and asc sniper rifle and railgun