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  1. DerAlchymischt

    I need to get in Trade Forum

    I want serious trading where I can Trade with honest players. Im sick of Players who dont take it serious! Big Shout out to (Thefoxuer- Lyarani and Bibie) who brought me this Idea to get in Trade Forum. im rly lookin forward to meet honest trader even its a struggle to get in. happy surviving ?
  2. DerAlchymischt

    How to get Mega MEK mod?

    I was wondering where to get the mod for the MegaMek.
  3. DerAlchymischt

    Getting stuck on EVERYTHING?

    same happend to me and many other players on official extinction 465..... no clue whats the issue. my Teksuite saved me out of Blackhole
  4. DerAlchymischt

    What bug hit you today?

    Lost Mana during laag to the REDLANTERNS in Snowbiome! is this a Bug?
  5. DerAlchymischt

    Forest/Ice titan taming methods

    Managramar for the first Node.2nd Node Mek and for the 3rd Node Mek and a friend with Railgun/Sniper! pretty easy but it takes a long time 45min-1h Tame. after patch it look like IceTitan reset often, so keep it in the middle of Arena! hf:)
  6. DerAlchymischt

    I can't find any enraged/alpha rexes...

    u find enraged Rex the most and often by Bluedrop on northwest spawn they spawn pretty every wave!
  7. DerAlchymischt

    Lost Managramar to Redzone cause of laag

    In my Opinion WC should work around the redzone on Official Servers! to many dinos dieng to redzone cause laag. On stable server i think its OK to have such a Endgame barrier but on unstable server like on the official`s its not the Players fault if they lose dinos trough laaag! have a nice Day keep ur rage calm. Happy surviving
  8. DerAlchymischt

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I logg in and straight on my Desert Titan to get some drops and Veins but the borders are open so every drop/Vein was alrdy claimed with Gigas.LoL RiP Titan
  9. DerAlchymischt

    Desert Titan Tame

    Quetz technique works for me but i made the same expirence with flok dismount.I think its while u hover to long at the same position.I guess it happend in 3rd Node Phase for u! Just try to move after u hit the lightning!
  10. DerAlchymischt

    Stuck on OSD drops after Claim

    Somtimes I get stuck on the OSD Drop after I claim it. I tried to relog after relog Drop is invisble for a good amount of Time till it apears again.
  11. DerAlchymischt

    Structures Plus (S+) & Kibble Rework Beta Is Live!

    S+ yeah? great news
  12. DerAlchymischt

    Unplayeble Ark LAG

    465 the same ?
  13. DerAlchymischt

    crash PVE Servers Crashing

    465 Crashloop........................
  14. DerAlchymischt

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Every Minute Server Crash...465 pve extinction.am i abl3 to Play or not.steam wont give money back cause over 2hours playtime! So u guys from WC What to do now? I use to represent the Game to other people cause the Vision of the Game is uncredible good But in reality IT doesnt work.im sad now even i eat a great lasagna.
  15. DerAlchymischt

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Yeah Tell them to Check they Office of swamp fever?