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  1. Bugs are part of the game until they are fixed. Saying they are not an intended mechanic and don't count doesn't make them go away (if that is what you were trying to say), the ocean is still broken until these types of bugs in it are fixed.
  2. I'm getting this problem with the Crystal Isles map on a laptop that runs ARK from the D drive. In most ways other than this, it is similar to my PC which runs the map fine. I've tried what the author of Crystal Isles suggests, I've tried the stuff in this thread, but always it fails to install the map. Sometimes the download of the map even fails. I do get folders that can't be deleted, but have been booting to safe mode to delete them. One thing I notice is that when the download fails, I look at what is being downloaded, and it includes a Linux folder, which seems odd. I don't see this when it gets copied to the mods folder though. I've probably spent 10 hours trying to get this mod to run, but hasn't run once on the laptop. Took me about 2 hours to get it to run on the PC. Had a few failures at first, but the normal validating files thing and then waiting fixed it. Is there anything like technical support with steam that can resolve a problem like this?
  3. Can you elaborate on the 2 Gigs part? I'm playing on a new map, Crystal Isles. It is already over 2 Gigs and not even half done. I told the developer, downside of it being so big, as it will never become an official mod. There response was it is only 2x the size of the Island, but I've no idea if they meant file size or some other measurement. I like the experience of the big map, but getting it to work well with ARK seems to be a big downside.
  4. This is way too much work for the average PVE player just so they can have a little fun in ARK. I've left the officials for this reason and a few others. I'll be playing on unofficials until this sort of thing is resolved. Why deal with A-holes when there are servers that have admins that remove these people?
  5. Right, the ocean really needs a lot of love Why do none of the ocean creatures attack each other like the land ones do? I was afraid for a long time to go in the ocean when I knew a DC meant death from drowning. I lived with that for a while and then just gave up on the ocean. Now it sounds even worse. I did try it a few weeks ago but stayed away from the jelly fish and didn't see an eel. Wasn't going back until I tamed a basilosaurus.
  6. The moderator already moved it to server advertisements. Nothing for you to do but maybe add more information about your server.
  7. LOL, I opened this and that it was moved to the proper location immediately after. You should probably include a bit more information, like what map, what mods, etc. I already play on a few private servers, but good luck finding some new friends!
  8. I'm having fun playing Crystal Isles at the moment. The map is only 40% done though, so it is a little frustrating trying to figure out where it is safe to build and where you might later get wiped when the landscape changes No wiki for it either, so you are kind of on your own as to where things are. I like the map because it adds a lot of new types of floral and a few new creatures. It also is amazing to look at. Certainly breaks the boredom I've been feeling with some of the standard maps.
  9. The game needs more support for PVE built in, not just PVP with some restrictions as it is now to make the game into PVE. The back stabbing starts when your base is damaged, destroyed, or dinos go missing. The log says almost nothing as to who or what did it (because the log is designed for PVP, not PVE). Now if you have someone in your tribe that you don't know well, you start wondering if they did it or was it a griefer not in the tribe? Once you can't trust the game or your fellow tribe mates, you might as well quit playing at that point, as the game just becomes too frustrating.
  10. Well, you don't actually have to feed a wyvern every 2-3 hours as long as you only raise high level ones. The first one I raised was a level 190 poison (max level). I had hatched it accidentally when trying to just incubate it a bit. I thought I'd just let it die because I had to go to work, but when I got home, it was still alive 10 hours later, so I fed it enough milk to fully feed it and raised it the rest of the way. Once the wyvern runs out of food, then the health slowly goes down. It only dies when the health reaches zero. Now if you want to imprint the wyvern 100%, that is another thing, then you need to be there for it every 3 - 4 hours. You walk it, cuddle, or feed it a wyvern milk from the 0 slot (randomly picked for you) to imprint it. The hard part about raising the wyvern is getting the milk. On scorched earth, it can't be put in a refrigerator and only lasts about 2 1/2 hours in a preserving bin with preserving salts and spark powder. So you have to get a new female to milk each time, although you can milk it again in one hour, but must remain logged in to keep it in a cage. Not an easy task on scorched earth where you die from dehydration in about 2 hours. Some people raise them on the Island where the milk lasts longer, but then of course you need to transfer from scorched earth with it which is the only source of the milk.
  11. I totally agree with you here. If what the foundation spamming tribe wants is for people to quit playing, then they have succeeded. I left that server once I saw that some tribes were going to spam metal foundations to prevent other player's from progressing. I guess that is just how PVP works though, so I'm back to playing PVE.
  12. This might explain what happened when I tried to raise four sheep. I think I force feed one of them, but not the other three. I left them alone for like five minutes and when I was heading back to them, I get a death message for three of them saying they were killed. One lived and was fine in health and food when I checked it. I was even using the swimming in water method to reduce food consumption and three died, apparently from starvation.
  13. The OP was asking about the Center, where yes they are very hard to find. Although he named the thread "finding sheep", so he keeps getting replies about how they aren't that hard to find on the Island or even SE. I really had no problem finding them on the Island, once you know where to look. Even knowing where to look on the Center, I've only found one dead one. Since I'm on a private server, I just got the admin to spawn me a bunch, but no idea what someone on an official Center server is expected to do. Maybe trade for one that someone raised and give them 2000 ingots or more for it? Or maybe they need to transfer to the Island and make a small sheep taming base
  14. I'm on a private center, been two weeks of looking, still no sheep on the Center (well, one dead one). Anyone know of a mod or ini file setting that will spawn more sheep (or alternatively, maybe just less wolves would work)? Been trying to talk the admin into spawning me a few, but so far he hasn't
  15. If only the OP had named this thread "Imprinting Sucks!", I think we would have more agreement That is my basic opinion on imprinting too.