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  1. There are other things that block building, like loot drops. Possibly one of those things?
  2. Hmm, are you talking about the cement sloped roofs in primitive or the standard ARK sloped stone roof. The standard sloped stone roof only seems to snap to those sloped wall things. They do not snap to a foundation of any sort.
  3. I think if I understand your argument, it is only unhealthy if you do 100% imprinting, so just don't do it. I'm taking a more "black and white" view. If you do a 100% imprint it it is unhealthy. I think that is what the OP said. And I agree. Probably only 5% of players should try to do a 100% imprint, but then why have it in the game? Why include something that if you do it, it is unhealthy? Makes no sense to me. No one is forcing you, blah, blah, blah. All of that is irrelevant, because if you do a 100% imprint, it is unhealthy. That is the whole point of this thread. Not sure how you can disagree with the main point of the thread.
  4. Maybe you didn't read my first sentence, because there you go again: A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue
  5. Right. Many of the posters are trying to change the question here, using the Logical Fallacy of the Red Herring (just looked this up, I think I got that right). The question is, "Is imprinting unhealthy", although the OP posted it as a statement: "Imprinting is unhealthy". The answer is for many people, Yes, it is unhealthy. The question is not "Is imprinting required?" or "Do you need to get a 100% imprint?", or "Is it the fault of the player", etc., etc. Comes right down to it, the game includes a mechanic that at its core, if you follow it, your health will be affected negatively (not debating whether it is permanent or deadly) for most people.
  6. Ah, so maybe this works differently between steam and Xbox One. Possibly this is a bug, and should be posted there. I'm thinking that way it works on the PC is the correct way, where you do get the "Brofist" bonus after transferring a creature and using it with a different character under the same steam ID.
  7. I focus on the no lifer aspect, because unless you have no life (at least temporarily), you can't do some of these 100% imprints. There is no choice really, you just can't do it. For the average person, there is no amount of time management that will allow them a 100% imprint on some tames. Ya, no one is making anyone do it, but your choice really is "Give up your normal life for X amount of days if you want the 100% imprint" or "Don't do the 100% imprint". Why should there really be no option to get the 100% imprint for the average person? I happen to have a girlfriend who wanted some wyverns and wanted me to spend the four days (two days of vacation) to get them raised and imprinted close to 100% (we got some to 99%, some to 95%, and I think some to 91%). I doubt most people that have a family can do this though. I am done doing it. Did it twice, and for me it was not healthy, won't do it a again for at least a few months if ever. Not sure if it was worth it.
  8. It isn't that they wouldn't have more, it is that the casual player can get some.
  9. Ya, I think there are a lot of people who agree with you. Everyone here keeps talking about a choice. The choice they are really talking about, is to be a no lifer or have a real life. Most of us don't consider that a choice to make just so we can play a video game. The game should have real options that you can pick to accomplish all of the stuff in the game. Nothing should be unobtainable (for a reasonable person).
  10. Ya, I was trying to be funny But the point still is, WC needs to take some responsibility for a game mechanic that triggers our OCD and makes us want to get 100% imprint no matter the consequences. Someone mentioned that the Valentine rates may have been too easy, but I was able to do those rates with the help of my girlfriend and only lose about an hours sleep.With the normal rates, it did disrupt my sleep pattern. I found it took almost a week to get completely back to normal after raising 5 - 10 wyverns (about 4 days of imprinting). During the week after, my ability to concentrate was reduced. I was likely less productive at work and just generally a bit grumpy
  11. Ah, so you are saying if WC pushes us off a cliff, it is not their fault that gravity causes us to fall very fast and hit the bottom with fatal results? Ah, so no matter what they do, it is just OK, because some players will do it and find a way to survive (I guess the really hard core gamers just make sure they are wearing a parachute and pull the cord before they hit the bottom). This seems to sum up the two arguments for and against. One side says WC shouldn't push us off the clif, the other side says that is no problem, I have a parachute
  12. This is a common occurrence and an old bug. There is a workaround for this that is discussed in a separate thread. This happened to me and I was able to recover my stuff using this. 1. Leave the Tribe you are in2. Create a Tribe with the same name you wanted to create originally3. Set everything in Tribe Governance to Personal Owned4. Leave the TribeOptional 5. Create a new tribe this time clicking only once on create then closing the tribe UI and re-opening it, if that did not work re-log and your tribe should be created This also works if you are already in a new tribe and you can go back to that tribe after doing the above and your stuff will be yours again. BTW, the simple workaround, is that when you create a tribe, always wait a few minutes for the server to sync up before you do anything with that tribe, like try to set ranking or change settings. It is the act of trying to access the tribe settings before they are sync'd that ends up booting you from the tribe you just created.
  13. Ha ha. Could this be why WC loves this mechanic? How many of these BREEDER accounts are there and how much extra money is WC getting from these? Could this be a real source of revenue to them? Many games allow you to have multiple characters. Some 5, but at least some number more than 1, because they do have mechanics like this, that in all reality, do require you to have access to more than one character if you have any kind of real life. This is a mechanic best done with multiple characters, I think pretty much everyone can agree on that. Yet WC does not let you have more than one character per steam ID, so you need to have access to more than one steam ID to have more than one character in the game that you can play. Many do this by creating a shared steam ID and pitching in to buy another copy of the game for this ID.
  14. You sure about that? I've transferred wyverns to the Island, created a new character there, and I do get the imprint bonus. The characters are linked through your steam ID, not the character name or anything like that. As long as you are actually the one that did the imprinting and you use the same steam ID on any server where you transfer a creature, I think you still get the imprint bonus. Similar thing happens for transferring stuff. Anything you put in the ARK under the same steam ID for a character is retrievable. The only downside I have found so far of having two characters, is that you can't transfer stuff over in your inventory. There are a small amount of items that will only transfer that way. One of which is wyvern milk. You would think the other downside would be the character leveling, but in one hour on the Island I can level to about 65. Just one run of the swamp cave on a high level frog does the trick I like leveling, so not a problem for me. A couple more swamp cave runs (maybe about 5, I don't recall), gets me to level 80 and I can pretty much do anything I need to do at that point. .
  15. I think it has already been shown that the dino not using as much food is intended. It is coupled with them not losing stamina in water so that they can swim farther without drowning. So combining this mechanic with breeding is just being a smart gamer. Another example of something you would probably call an exploit. In Scorched Earth, there are unknown zones. Sometimes these are just 1 x 2 areas, sometimes bigger. These areas always have 100% wind. So when you go to build a base, first you find one of these in the area you want the base. You put a wind turbine there and build the base around its location. That way you an have power 100% of the time. Now did they add those for us to figure out a way to get 100% power? Maybe not, but who can say, but a smart gamer will use this to provide power, as the other option involves constantly repairing a power generator. So this is why I don't think using a game mechanic that is clearly part of the game is not an exploit.