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  1. I assumed this because you said ARK crashed. When you do a download, steam is running, not ARK. So it must have been steam that crashed. This is a problem with steam, not ARK. Can't say I've ever had steam crash, but I've had bad downloads before. Don't really have any advice other than what you are currently doing (downloading it again).
  2. So you changed the default in steam to allow downloads while playing? Never tried this. I always do downloads with no game running from steam. It does seem dangerous and probably why you lost your data.
  3. This just enforces my general rule on unofficial servers: Only join a server with active admins and a Discord server. Read the rules and know what to expect from the admins before playing or investing much time on the server. When you join a server where you don't seem to know who is running it and that they want to charge you fees, is just asking to be surprised by something like this. If you had done the research up front on the server, you would have never played on it. What I am surprised by, is that apparently they do not have a password. Normally a server that charges fees would have a password so that only those that join the Discord and read the rules and pay the fees could play on the server.
  4. Exactly. ARK is not a survival game. It is a dino taming, breeding, and collecting game. Somewhat of a base building game too. Yet they throw in a few odd survival mechanics that just become annoying, because that is not what the game is about. Now some wish it to be a survival game (not me), and think all the non-survival aspects detract from the game, but I think it is the other way around. Get rid of all those dinos that you can't or don't want to tame that just try and ruin the fun by making you work hard once in awhile to survive in ARK
  5. I keep thinking it is a dinosaur game, at least that is how I play it
  6. On land: 1) The seagull (Ichthyornis) 2) Pegomastax I hate that the stealing your stuff mechanic was added. This ruined any base location that has these two guys for me. So annoying. In the sea: 1) Electrophorus 2) Eurypterid 3) Squid (Tusoteuthis) 4) Jellyfish (Cnidaria) The whole freeze you and you can't move mechanic. I hate it. This was also added for raptors, which I hate. I don't like them dismounting either. I guess I'm just a lazy PvE player, I don't like surprises and mechanics that suddenly put me in a life and death situation for my character when otherwise I was perfectly safe.
  7. I'm the one who started the "thanksgiving" bit, and yes, that was my sentiment. Relax, everything will be fine. The update glitch seemed to be stressing a few people out a bit. Wasn't trying to be north american centrist, but of course us people from the states can't help ourselves Wow, just read some of the responses I generated. That Thanksgiving is a christian holiday. To me, it is just about eating too much and sitting back on the coach and wondering why I ate so much Oh, and seeing relatives you would normally never see.
  8. For compensation, how about we all have a nice Thanksgiving and take a break from the game for at least a few hours
  9. Ya, that was the funniest thing I've seen today. i'm still smiling. Oh, the picture of this tough guy sitting at his keyboard slamming his mouse down, really scary
  10. Maybe they aren't aware how excited some people get over emotes
  11. What exactly is the Windows 10 version? For versions supported in this forum I see PC, XBox, PS4, Switch, and Mobile, no mention of Windows 10. So not the steam version?
  12. Hmm, reminds me of the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If reporting the problem hasn't solved it in the past, maybe you need a different solution than continuing to play ARK on an official server.
  13. I just walk over a fire and it is killed. I'm pretty sure that should work. The wiki says that after you die, you should be able to remove the leech. Try holding the use key (E) and selecting remove leech.
  14. Oops. I'm playing both Conan Exiles and ARK currently. I lost track of which game pippi was for There are mods though that remove chat all together and link it to Discord. Those two were easy to find, there may or may not be one that improves it in game, I don't know. Seems like if there was a demand, someone would make the mod though. So many mods for ARK already, I'm sure more than for Conan.
  15. WC has made several attempts to create a server that didn't have mega tribes. The problem is the basic game mechanics benefit those who create the biggest tribe. If you limit tribes to 10 players, people just create mutltiple 10 player tribes and use an external device to organize such that they still act as one large tribe. Players will always find the advantage and exploit it, that is just what a good PvP player does (or at least one that wants to win). There are games where large tribes are not an advantage, but they need to design that in from the very beginning, not try and force that on to players when they realize this is ruining the game for many players.
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