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  1. Well then maybe how it works has changed. I read it a year or two ago as being the area around where you are placing. If it is a cell, that doesn't explain what I've seen (not recently) where you hit the limit, but removing pieces right next to where you want to build do not allow more to be placed. Or for instance, a piece is destroyed, but you can not replace it because somehow it was placed originally without hitting the structure limit, but now is hitting it.
  2. Structure limit is one of the least understood features in ARK. The limit isn't the number of structures allowed in a base, it is the number of structures allowed in any circular area around where you are trying to place a structure. It is checked when you place a structure. If exceeded, then you can't place it. That means that you can move 100 foundations to one direction where there are less structures in the circular area you are trying to place a structure and it will place. This also results in the odd occurrence where you remove a few pieces next to where you want to place something, and still hit the structure limit.
  3. I never found any for the mega. Someone recommended genesis to find saddle BPs in another thread, but I don't have that DLC.
  4. My breed and imprinted megas killed the gamma brood mother easily. I had 10 of em, with Rexes as backup. They had primitive saddles, because I never found a BP for their saddle. They did not do well though against the Alpha Brood Mother. 6 of the 10 were killed. They had just 30k HP on an unofficial with tames boosted in stats a bit, but that wasn't enough. The Rexes had great saddles, but even one of them took 10k damage. I haven't done the bosses much. I'm a bit surprised looking at the stats in the wiki that an Alpha boss is so much harder to kill than the gamma boss. The stats seem to indicate it is about 3x as hard, but it seems more like 10x to me. Maybe I'm just not thinking about the stats right. 3x HP * 3x Melee = 9x harder is probably more like how I should think about it.
  5. Ah. The cluster I play on has Genesis, but I've yet to buy that DLC. I have to admit, the strange way they sell these DLCs, in something called a "season pass" has baffled me. Why can't I buy it for like $25 like I did scorched earth? And DILO I'm I getting when I fork over $34.99? I have no idea, so I've stayed away from it. The way they marketed it too, like it was some big mysterious thing. I buy something for what it is, not for the mystery of it. Maybe I need to read up on it, probably is very well explained now, but when it first came out, it made no sense to me. I recall it being part I or something too. Can I buy the whole thing now, and not get just some part of it? Scorched Earth never seemed finished the whole time I played it, still doesn't. Didn't want to repeat that again. The cluster I play on also has Valguero, which I think has some of the Genesis stuff, or maybe it is the Extinction stuff. I stopped playing ARK for over a year and have totally lost track of what is going on. Only started playing it again regularly when Crystal Isles was released.
  6. Yes, not a bad map when you play it on an unofficial in a cluster and with the right mods. You will really want a teleport mod with this one, that is how I play it. You can't get all the Tek unlocked with the one arena. I found that disappointing so I've done one other boss fight on the Island to unlock some of the Tek I didn't have. I've also had to go to Ragnarok to get a decent pump shotgun BP. I've yet to find a decent saddle BP for the Megatherium, but they might not exist.
  7. Ya, those caves are weird. The whole map is different and sometimes in bizarre ways. That is all part of its character, which I think is intentional. I would call those caves with the wolves murder holes
  8. Do you just want to fight over who can say what and how they can say it here? I never once in this thread gave any specific recommendations on how to fight the Wyvern Queen Boss without some kind of disclaimer. I said how I would do it. How I did it with easy settings which was pretty much how I said I would do it. I did mention some stuff about how to get the talon you need to enter the boss fight. So talk to someone else that you think may or may not be posting misleading information and maybe look in the mirror. It isn't me here that is posting stuff to make this thread less meaningful. Just now you posted three times, adding nothing to this topic when you could have posted just once or no times, since it was entirely unnecessary. Just because no one is posting that they did it and how they did it on official settings, don't take that out on me. Maybe that just shows how uninterested in general people are in playing this map on the official servers.
  9. Yes, you can't please everyone. I recall that she noticed this too, and found it quite demotivating. The map would probably have been done quicker if she didn't get some much non-constructive feedback about it. If the map isn't your cup of tea, well then, don't sip it. It is a very different style of map than most. I personally love Crystal Isles, the beauty of it. Also it looks in some ways more natural and less artificial than some of the other maps. I don't like how many bugs it has, but now that it is an official map, I'm thinking those will be fixed over the course of the next year. I don't like all of Crystal Isles though. I don't like how dark Eldritch Isle is and the constant sound affects you hear in that area. I think the sinister feel could have been achieved in a way that isn't so annoying (at least to me it is).
  10. Nothing really wrong with that if that is the intended design. You get a more natural looking number of creatures. The number of creatures all in one area on the Island does not even remotely look natural. You show up and half the creatures eat the other half of the creatures and then a few minutes later, more spawn in. Having to travel more distance to find the same number of creatures you find in a smaller area on the Island is more realistic for a map like Crystal Isles. Also sometimes all the creatures can distract from the beauty of Crystal Isles. If you want a lot of creatures, simply go to the Island. Now if it is all just a bug, sure they should fix it, but I actually prefer it.
  11. Yes, and I did say "fairly easy settings". So the disclaimer is right there if anyone reads what I wrote. Still got a very "elitist" attitude from someone who says "All the discussion is about making the boss with standard settings as on official". That is clearly not true, as maybe 1/3 of the posts in this thread are from me, someone who never plays on official servers. Most of my posts are good advice for official or unofficial, and as helpful as anyone else's posts. I'm not bragging, but possibly some people don't want to hear that I did it on an unofficial server, since in their opinion, "it doesn't count".
  12. I've noticed that if you aggro a alpha wyvern, that is your one and only chance to kill it. If you lose aggro, it will just fly away like you say. Not sure where it goes, but they are pretty fast at it.
  13. I've no idea of anything in the dev kit, but if they only spawn for ember or the desert spawners, that doesn't explain how I've found at least one alpha blood crystal wyvern where the bloods spawn. I've also found one where the tropicals spawn. Of course I've found one where the embers spawn, and maybe four at the desert spawn. I've found eight total, and killed six so far. We need to keep in mind, the spawn is random. That means there could be days in a row with none, and then like one day when I looked in the dino scanner, there were three. One each in three of the four locations where I've seen them spawn.
  14. I'm wondering if this is because this map is quite a bit bigger. The total population of creatures might be close to the same as the Island, but spread out more. It might be that they had to reduce spawns to allow this map to run on all of the platforms supported. It does seem like some areas have very few spawns, but then you also find some spots with an over spawn. Also things like tusis stuck on the beach. The underwater tunnels had some areas with no spawns, but others with plenty for may tastes (about the right amount). The map needs a bit of work and fine tuning. It is "new" (really old, but was unfinished for a very long time), so give it a few months, maybe years, hopefully it will get fixed up. Like the wyvern nests in "the scar" are really messed up. Some spawn under the mesh. Some are just decorative. Total mess.
  15. Who says? You? More people play ARK on unofficial servers than official servers and many of them with non-standard settings, many with mods. This is the forum for discussing ARK. If that it is the official forum and you think somehow that means it is only for discussing official servers, that is just your simple minded way of thinking, not my problem.
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