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  1. Your post is something I've seen often in these forums. I think you are asking why doesn't WC create a server like this. Other players have seen this need and done something about it. They have created server clusters, created a community (usually organized around a discord server) and made this happen for themselves and others. This to me seems like a much better solution than expecting WC to manage the servers you want. If this was what I wanted, if I had the money, I'd create my own server exactly how I like it and find an admin to volunteer to manage it. Since I don't have that kind of money, I'd search for an existing community that meets my needs. There are a lot out there. I personally prefer PvE. It took me about a month to find the servers and the community I like. I'll stick with them as long as they want to keep them running.
  2. Did you read this:
  3. So the guy posting this "idea" has this descriptions for himself: "Lead Community Manager for @survivetheark / Opinions of a person , not a company / Former personal trainer / game dev" These are his opinions, not Wildcards. No need to freak out about it. Personally, I tried PvP and I was the one who tended to freak out about the game over stuff like this. For me, no game is worth as you describe, sleepless nights and endless battles. I switched to PvE and unofficial servers and the game goes back to where it belongs. I small diversions I use to forget about any real worries in the real world and to have some fun in the evening after work for a few hours. If your life rotates around the game, you may have your priorities screwed up. Just my opinion.
  4. Best way to defend your base from a bronto is to keep the bronto away from your base. This means building tall walls as an outer perimeter. I use 4 high walls around my base. I store dinos that can defend themselves in the space between my main building and the outer walls. 2nd thing is, the bronto is neutral. It will not attack unless you attack it first, so why are you attacking it near your base? If it is just defending itself against a Rex or something else attacking it and you are collateral damage, once again, the walls would prevent that. Use walls that a bronto can't easily damage, so stone at the minimum. Some people use ugly behemoth gates, but I think now that we have the four high walls, they are a better choice.
  5. Ah, my confusion. You can transfer legacy to legacy, but not legacy to official servers, just official to official.
  6. Bored the **** out of other forum readers posting that I didn't do anything in ARK today Actually I'm on vacation with lousy internet at the hotel so can't play.
  7. I've yet to tame a gasbag. I've just comeback to ARK after a break of a few years. The topic of how real should flying be kind of reminds me of people arguing over how real the sailing should be in Atlas. It started out originally pretty difficult and rafts and ships were getting stuck all over the place. They made it easier and then people complained it was not realistic. As far as I know, they did not go back to the harder mode where ships could not sail into the wind at all. Removing hover from birds would be kind of like removing sailing into the wind. More realistic but in practice, not very fun and a real pain to use for either ships or birds.
  8. I honestly don't get what you mean here. You can't transfer from one legacy server to another, so if they add official Genesis servers, you would be starting from scratch to start on it unless you are on a non-legacy, in that case you could transfer to it. So you only want to play on Genesis if no one can transfer to it from another server (including yourself)? I almost exclusively play that way, but I do it on unofficial PvE servers. Either ones not clustered or just start a character on one of the clustered servers and not transfer.
  9. Personally I prefer simplicity over realism for many things, especially flying. For several reasons: 1) Flying on the back of dino is not something any of knows what it should feel like, so there is no standard of what we think it should be like. Most of us don't fly except for in a jet, which isn't remotely the same, so the current type of flying doesn't break with what we know. I doubt making it more "realistic" will add to immersion. 2) Adding a more complicated mechanic doesn't come without costs. Those costs include bugs where it doesn't work right. 3) Variable turn radius would be a lot harder to use. 4) Adding more diving speed increases might be interesting, a few flyers have this already.
  10. I would have liked to have seen them just limit the maximum speed and possibly the weight you can level to for PvE. I can understand why they removed leveling the speed on PvP, but on PvE, it seems the only reason is that it was causing lag and other speed related problems on the official servers. They could have just limited the number of levels you put into speed. I have seen people level it so high that they fly faster than things around them can render. I actually quit playing Scorched Earth and all official servers when this nerf came out. I had about 10 wyverns. These lost all value to me when they nerfed the speed. I had them for months and just left them all to die. I'd have to rate this one change as the worst ever.
  11. Not sure what alternate universe you live in, I would guess about 1/2 or more private PvE servers in some way have the ability to level speed on flyers. Either they have a mod like classic flyers or a mod that replaces the flyers with something that is faster or can level the speed on. I only play unofficial PvE servers where I can level the flyer speed. I've played over 4000 hours of ARK that way, not going to change now just because someone thinks it was unbalanced for PvP.
  12. Pretty sure ARK 2 is called Atlas Lets not do that one again. The jury is still out on whether it will be successful or not (I like ARK much better than Atlas).
  13. What poll? So they fix bugs every year. They also of course create more bugs when they add new content. Still, I'd rather have the new content than just fixing a few bugs that I know all the workarounds for. As for optimizations, my PC runs fine and it is older than ARK is. I just have to turn the settings down from max.
  14. So a couple of tips for you. Tame higher level ones. Look at the bird through the spyglass when you whistle. Without the spyglass, you can only whistle from a short distance to command them. Are you playing on an official server? I'd try something better if you are. Some of the official servers have a lot a lag, especially in areas near large bases. Don't fly below the tree tops in the redwood forest if you can avoid it. There is the Awesome spyglass mod that lets you see where the thylacleo's are hiding. Tame a Argentavis instead. They have more health and melee. Much less likely to die. The Ptera is a early tame and is week unless you tame a high level one and level it up a bit. I don't expect a low level one to last long. Maybe just long enough for you to use it to find a better bird.
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