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  1. So? If you know it is broken, then don't tame them that way. I think you might be able to tame a really low level crystal wyvern with just crystals, but it really isn't that hard to get the primal crystals. You need to be level 65 I think to tame a crystal wyvern. So by level 65, you can build a stone gateway. You can make darts or tranq arrows. You find a crystal wyvern on the ground. Drop a few gates over it to trap it. Now knock it out. Get the primal crystals. Now use them to tame your crystal wyvern. So it is a bit difficult, especially the first one. How easy does this game have to
  2. There is a limit to the size of dino you can bring to the boss fight. You can not bring Gigas.
  3. The areas devoid of ocean creatures, the East and SE areas are also the areas of the map that were finished last. Almost like someone forgot an important step when finishing the map ?
  4. Nice map for PvE on a private server too. Just a great map in my opinion. BTW, pretty sure the lighting electric shock effect slows you down. If you are swimming in one of the water balls that are there, you really notice how it slows you down.
  5. I've played 5k hours. Stuff like falling in trenches and getting stuck were common in the first year I played, but haven't had that happen in a few years. I've played a bit on Valguero, but not much. Maybe 100 hours. I almost always play with the Awesome Teleporters mod and try and ensure I have a tracker on my bird. That helps a lot if they game does something odd. You don't say, but I assume PC. Some platforms like Xbox might have a harder time with a map that had been a mod previously. They can be not as well optimized. I've lately been playing on Crystal Isles, which was ver
  6. Well then maybe how it works has changed. I read it a year or two ago as being the area around where you are placing. If it is a cell, that doesn't explain what I've seen (not recently) where you hit the limit, but removing pieces right next to where you want to build do not allow more to be placed. Or for instance, a piece is destroyed, but you can not replace it because somehow it was placed originally without hitting the structure limit, but now is hitting it.
  7. Structure limit is one of the least understood features in ARK. The limit isn't the number of structures allowed in a base, it is the number of structures allowed in any circular area around where you are trying to place a structure. It is checked when you place a structure. If exceeded, then you can't place it. That means that you can move 100 foundations to one direction where there are less structures in the circular area you are trying to place a structure and it will place. This also results in the odd occurrence where you remove a few pieces next to where you want to place something
  8. I never found any for the mega. Someone recommended genesis to find saddle BPs in another thread, but I don't have that DLC.
  9. My breed and imprinted megas killed the gamma brood mother easily. I had 10 of em, with Rexes as backup. They had primitive saddles, because I never found a BP for their saddle. They did not do well though against the Alpha Brood Mother. 6 of the 10 were killed. They had just 30k HP on an unofficial with tames boosted in stats a bit, but that wasn't enough. The Rexes had great saddles, but even one of them took 10k damage. I haven't done the bosses much. I'm a bit surprised looking at the stats in the wiki that an Alpha boss is so much harder to kill than the gamma boss. The stats seem to
  10. Ah. The cluster I play on has Genesis, but I've yet to buy that DLC. I have to admit, the strange way they sell these DLCs, in something called a "season pass" has baffled me. Why can't I buy it for like $25 like I did scorched earth? And DILO I'm I getting when I fork over $34.99? I have no idea, so I've stayed away from it. The way they marketed it too, like it was some big mysterious thing. I buy something for what it is, not for the mystery of it. Maybe I need to read up on it, probably is very well explained now, but when it first came out, it made no sense to me. I recall
  11. Yes, not a bad map when you play it on an unofficial in a cluster and with the right mods. You will really want a teleport mod with this one, that is how I play it. You can't get all the Tek unlocked with the one arena. I found that disappointing so I've done one other boss fight on the Island to unlock some of the Tek I didn't have. I've also had to go to Ragnarok to get a decent pump shotgun BP. I've yet to find a decent saddle BP for the Megatherium, but they might not exist.
  12. Ya, those caves are weird. The whole map is different and sometimes in bizarre ways. That is all part of its character, which I think is intentional. I would call those caves with the wolves murder holes ?
  13. Do you just want to fight over who can say what and how they can say it here? I never once in this thread gave any specific recommendations on how to fight the Wyvern Queen Boss without some kind of disclaimer. I said how I would do it. How I did it with easy settings which was pretty much how I said I would do it. I did mention some stuff about how to get the talon you need to enter the boss fight. So talk to someone else that you think may or may not be posting misleading information and maybe look in the mirror. It isn't me here that is posting stuff to make this thread less meani
  14. Yes, you can't please everyone. I recall that she noticed this too, and found it quite demotivating. The map would probably have been done quicker if she didn't get so much non-constructive feedback about it. If the map isn't your cup of tea, well then, don't sip it. It is a very different style of map than most. I personally love Crystal Isles, the beauty of it. Also it looks in some ways more natural and less artificial than some of the other maps. I don't like how many bugs it has, but now that it is an official map, I'm thinking those will be fixed over the course of the next year.
  15. Nothing really wrong with that if that is the intended design. You get a more natural looking number of creatures. The number of creatures all in one area on the Island does not even remotely look natural. You show up and half the creatures eat the other half of the creatures and then a few minutes later, more spawn in. Having to travel more distance to find the same number of creatures you find in a smaller area on the Island is more realistic for a map like Crystal Isles. Also sometimes all the creatures can distract from the beauty of Crystal Isles. If you want a lot of creatures, simply go
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