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Maedean Shepard's Feedback

  1. Superficial left Positive feedback   

    He gives reasonable crafting prices, pretty quick service, and exactly what he says. I would and will buy from him again.

    Maedean Shepard was The Seller

  2. Mira left Positive feedback   

    Great Communication Prepped Everything I Asked For And Even Went Above And Beyond Learning My Tips At A Fast Pace :)!

    Maedean Shepard was Trading

  3. mhmr81 left Positive feedback   

    A great seller, Very trustful,

    Maedean Shepard was The Seller

  4. ATalkingRock left Positive feedback   

    Pleasant, fair, and accommodating seller! Entire process went smoothly and quickly!

    Maedean Shepard was The Seller

  5. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Very smooth trade and very nice contact. Would do it again :)

    Maedean Shepard was Trading

  6. Varekai left Positive feedback   

    Perfect trade, very good trader! Anytime for a new trade!

    Maedean Shepard was The Seller

  7. Thirel left Positive feedback   

    Nice and honest guy, trustworthy trader i would trade with him again anytime!

    Maedean Shepard was Trading

  8. metallicruz left Positive feedback   

    Very friendly person, I transferred to his server to do the trade. He picked me up, took me to obby, and gave items first. He even traded more items than I had originally asked for since he thought what I was asking was too little and wanted the trade to be even.

    Maedean Shepard was Trading

  9. Jrogers811 left Positive feedback   

    AWESOME trader. Extremely friendly, patient, and outgoing. He will walk you through step by step in trades. He is probably the easiest person to work with on this forum. Can't say enough about him.

    Maedean Shepard was Trading

  10. moonspace left Positive feedback   

    Fast friendly trade

    Maedean Shepard was The Seller

  11. Godan left Positive feedback   

    very nice guy, smooth trade - thanks again!

    Maedean Shepard was Trading

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