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  1. PvE manas are almost entirely useless now...
  2. No it’s a new update that nerfed manas, they can only jump 3 times and dash 1 time before having to land.
  3. I mean manas were pretty strong compared to most other Dino’s and they’re still usable, it’s 5 strafes 3 jumps and 1 dash, you can still repeatedly dash slam the floor and they’re still pretty fast so they are still viable, just not an absolute game winner you can rely on anymore.
  4. Mana's Nerded Hard With New Update "Managarmyr limited to 5 strafes, 3 jumps and 1 dash before having to land.”
  5. I’ve been login locked for literally 45 minutes now, still can’t get into my server. Like who thought this was a better idea than giving animals ID #’s?
  6. What in the actual raptor are wildcard thinking? If you ever dc you get a 5 minute timer to log back in, in what scenario is this going to be useful in any way? Dc in a fight, 5 minute timer so gg. Someone ddosing? Multiple 5 minute timers. Like DILO how can you think this is s good idea
  7. Is “Genesis” Encouraging The Use Of Land Tames? So far most of the genesis creatures we saw have been land Dino’s, and we’ve also been getting items and dinosaurs that seem to be counters to flyers. First off, we’ve gotten the cruise missile, which I believe will be very effective against flying tames and make them easier to kill most flyers since the cruise missile seems to be pretty fast. Secondly, almost all of the tames we’ve seen so far have been land Dino’s, the magmasaur, bloodstalker, ferox, and the only flyer I believe we’ve seen so far is actually a counter to flyers. The Astrocetus’s (Space Whale) saddle has three gun turrets and a “bomber” mode that lets you shoot bombs downwards as well (It uses its natural energy as ammo, so I’m assuming stamina like a velonasaur). Seeing how this could be used to chase after other flyers and shoot them out of the sky with your flying turret whale, will land Dino’s be the meta again?
  8. Time for more people’s bases and dinos to despawn/starve oh yeahhh
  9. Still 0 servers for me as well, if wildcard expects to sell dlcs with stuff like this going on then idk what's wrong with them.
  10. More than just me at the least as by easily going to the activity page you can see MANY other people complaining about the exact same problem i'm experiencing right now.
  11. Xbox - All Officials Broken AGAIN! Last update over thanksgiving I couldnt connect to any servers, and again right now I cant join any servers and am getting timedout/lost connection to host, like honestly how incompetant can these devs be, doing nothing to fix everyones lost bases and dinos from last time and doing the same mistake AGAIN and duped tames still running rampant with no real fixes in sight and just more game breaking patches, I dont see how they expect people to buy genesis when people literally wont be able to play it since all officials are dead...
  12. Seriously on weekends official servers at max pop are usually 1-2 70 people servers (which are duper’s having endless massive fights with duped Meks and manas) around 5-10 30 people servers (normal people trying to build up but duper’s know this and go on these servers occasionally and wipe everyone) and the rest are under 10 people. Personally I think we need ACTUAL classic pvp servers, real old school good pvp when quetzals, gigas, and breeding weren’t a thing and when the rex and Spino were still feared, but you could still win fights on foot pvp if you were good at it.
  13. How long will genesis last? I get that when the map first comes out (I believe it’s seven weeks) that transfers are disabled, but what happens when they are enabled after the starting grace period where it’s disabled? After transfers are enabled people are just going to bring in more level 400+ manas and duped meks, raid everyone they see, and then those servers will more than likely die out. (Is there going to be any restrictions to specific tames being transferred to genesis or is there no info on that yet?)
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