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  1. What if the simulations “glitches” aren’t actually glitches? What if those fragment people aren’t “glitches”, but more so a infection/virus?
  2. My genesis just started downloading after updating my Xbox, but it’s still gonna take me like 5 hours to download but at least it’ll be done by the time the servers release
  3. Seriously on weekends official servers at max pop are usually 1-2 70 people servers (which are duper’s having endless massive fights with duped Meks and manas) around 5-10 30 people servers (normal people trying to build up but duper’s know this and go on these servers occasionally and wipe everyone) and the rest are under 10 people. Personally I think we need ACTUAL classic pvp servers, real old school good pvp when quetzals, gigas, and breeding weren’t a thing and when the rex and Spino were still feared, but you could still win fights on foot pvp if you were good at it.
  4. Please Wipe Official Servers Official servers are absolute cancer right now. No matter how long you try to defend if anyone wants to wipe you they can just infinitely dupe Meks and rush your base for however long they want until your eventually wiped. Most duping methods have been patched but all of the duped loot is still there and the recent “enforcement” that was supposed to wipe/ban the cheaters didn’t work at all because on the server me and my friends play on they literally rolled back the server after the dev left and they got all their loot back. What I feel should happen is that all the official servers and small tribes servers get wiped, and for the first 24 hours of the fresh servers take out explorer notes so there’s not people who are instantly level 70-80 and so we can also get some fun pvp that isn’t level 80s 5 minutes into the server running around with 200% movement speed or some melee bob with 350% melee damage that can punch you out in one hit.
  5. Can we get some new servers for the 4th birthday anniversary? Possibly Duo/Trios?
  6. Made 4 Heavies on my 5th day playing after grinding for awhile then got meshed Sunday night when I wasn’t on. They needed to mesh 4 heavies and about 30 turrets omegalul
  7. Unbanning HOD is cool and all, but you missed the ENTIRE POINT. (Somehow, because the whole point was fixing meshing, which you apparently banned him for.) This does NOT give you an excuse to not fix meshing, all you provided here is a copy and paste trash blanket statement so you won’t be responsible. But here’s the thing, we’re not taking your blankets anymore. Not some “were working on it” vague trash. Really? You’ve been fully, actively working on it for 3-4 years like you’ve been saying? I’ve been hearing your “working on it” trash since early access. Plus the fact there’s mods that fix meshing that have been released long ago is pathetic honestly. Nobody’s waiting anymore, you’ve already got loads of people leaving the game with more leaving daily, and they are NOT coming back (I know I’m not) until you do something as simple as copy and pasting (something we know you’re good at) someone else’s mod that fixes meshing and then your done. That’s it.
  8. There’s LITERALLY mods that fix meshing. They’ve been out for a good year or two as well, so? Are you stubborn and want to fix it yourself without help, or trying to kill off this game?
  9. Me and my friends aren't playing until meshings fixed or duos come out, we've been playing for years and these recent events were more than enough of an excuse for us to quit.
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