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  1. Everything seems to be fixed now as of last major update!
  2. I've tried to use both you've highlighted, @Praio77 and I had no luck getting it to work. There is a behemoth glass gate thats been put to the 13th level, and I can not learn it for the life of me even after I used the mindwipe to see if that would fix anything, my server is with ARKSERVERS.IO and administrators have reported this issue to be from wildcard's end, and we are getting no communication neither here or on twitter. I do not know how they managed it, but I hope it will get fixed soon. It's unplayable for people with set playstyle on servers.
  3. I have the same issue going on the server I host for a streamer and his audience, and due to the recent update, everything is a mish-mash as much as this thread. I reported that problem earlier but it does not seem to be addressed neither on twitter or here. I hope this will get resolved soon because its been exactly 2 days.
  4. bOnlyAllowSpecifiedEngrams=true is ignored As of 307.42 server update, following issue does not allow our server being playable. All engrams that are supposed to be hidden are now shown with this option we'd been using for years, and stuff we whitelisted through OverrideNamedEngramEntries, makes them all become available at as low as level 1.
  5. Have the same issue, apparently it has something to do with HLNA's green glow material that keeps redrawing every frame. Hiding her does not seem to fix the issue, but if you open the hexagon store for 5 seconds it fixes it but then gradually comes back down until your crafts are done.
  6. Moeder mission does not teleport As of ARK v307.4 client and 307.4 server, using mission terminal to get to Moeder fight (no matter the difficulty) is unplayable. Upon activation and teleport bubble assembling, it teleports your tames but yourself and results in mission failed, but if you continue spamming it after the tames teleported into the arena, the tames will go back 1 by 1 everytime the teleport is about to happen but it tells you that mission failed, so players do not get teleported. Video link: https://streamable.com/yn219
  7. Best method I found so far is mine obsidian practically anywhere in the Volcano and Arctic biomes, and if you want heaps of chitin for cementing paste, simply tame and breed megatheriums and track mission "Egg-straction" on Volcanic biome next to one of the cave entrances. It simply spawns so many spiders and arthtoplueras at the entrance because of the mission that you are going to be OVERFLOWN with chitin you gonna get the further you go, but watch out for magmasaurs even though they aren't that bad to kill once you get a Bug Killer buff and as long as you run around and hit its back. B
  8. Can confirm, done on 1x, 4x and 10x and all packs require the same amount.
  9. Noticable (and hazardous) screen flickering on the map Hi, so my friend and I have started playing Extinction, and only a day later, he's been having very bad situation when screen flickering all around the north side of the map when he was running around on a mek/using Ice Titan, anyways, screen was flickering was so bad and constant he realized he was very sensitive to it and it was potentially bad for his health. I started to notice it more frequently while I was trying to figure out a fix, shadows and clutter did not work to fix the issue. Someone epileptic playing this game could hav
  10. I am very positive we can use this map generated for singleplayer by copy-pasting it to map folder of the game itself.
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