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    Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.
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    First a disclamer - No one except the devs (and i highly suspect even most of them don't really know any more) knows definitely 100% how it works. Some of the numbers/formulas are just by observation. The stats on a dino are determined by a base value in each stat and level-up points which add a certain amount of values. Dino-Levels are the sum of those level-ups plus one. Lets look at a Rex for example. A level 1 Rex has the following stats: Health 1100.1 Stamina 420 Oxygen 150 Food 3000 Weight 500 Damage 122.1 Speed 90 Torpidity 1550.5 Now a level 2 Rex has one point in eighter one of those values. Each point in Health adds 220 so one point in Health would be 1320.1, two points 1540.1 and so on. Stamina: 42 per point Oxygen: 15 per point Food: 300 per point Weight: 10 per point Damage: 5.7 per point Speed: 0 per point (on speed its 0 on all species - this is no error - wild points don't increase speed on any dino) Torpidity: 93 points per level-point on any of the other stats This way you can "extract" the points in any given stat (or use a tool like "ARK Smart Breeding" to do that for you). The values are different on the many species so best to use a tool so you don't have to know them. The distribution of the wild-points among the 7 stats is purely random and can be eighter average or in favor of one or two stats. Those with uneven distributions are the ones you want for breeding. Because a average dino level 150 after taming around 220 will have about 30-35 points in each stat. But if you are lucky you can find 45+ and even above 50 in the wild (I only recently tamed a ptera with 51 in damage and i have a rex with unmutated 54 in food). Those are the ones you want since you can breed them with other dinos which are specialized in another stat to combine them into your super-dino. And do not only go for 150s when taming. The 51 damage ptera for example was a 145 only. You can get lucky on lower ones also. By pure luck you could even find a wild 150 with 149 points in one stat but the chances are higher for you to win the lottery 20 times in a row rather than that happening to you The only point to mention is that speed is always the same on any level no matter how many points went into it. But the points still get applied (except for flyers). Those are hidden points which can only be extracted by knowing the points on all other stats and the difference to the actual dino-level are the speed levels. You can say they are lost points. But keep in mind they still increase the dino-level and therefore the torpor-level which means they increase the resistance of your dino to stuns etc. which can make a difference in close combat situations. Also you'll need them to show off on your server to have the "highest level rex" Also for the offspring only the points a dino had in the wild + the extra levels he got from taming-efficiency count for the offspring. Any level-up you did after taming has no effect on the babies. This also means you don't have to level up your parents before you breed them further. If you really want to breed a "super-dino" its important to know how these level-points are inherited to the offspring. On each stat the game chooses between the father and mother value with a higher chance to get the higher one of the two (55% for the higher and 45% for the lower one). In addition there is a 3x 2,5% chance to mutate one stat which increases its point-value by 2. This can happen only as long as at least one parent has less than 20 mutations. Thats the value you see if you go to ancestry on a dino on top. It's listed for father and mother sepparatley. For the offspring of a dino the sum of both gets inherited over. For the following example I'll only look at health: You breed these 2 Rexes: Father: 40 Points in HP (9900.1) Mother: 30 Points in HP (7700.1) Possible Childs: 1: 40 Points in HP - Points from the father carried over (55% chance) 2: 30 Points in HP - Points from the mother went over (45% chance) 3: 42 Points in HP - Points from the father went over + random mutation in HP (2,5% chance of mutation + the 55% chance of getting the stats from the father) 4: 32 Points in HP - Points from the mother + random mutation (2,5% chance + 45% chance for the mother side) 5: 44 Points in HP - Points from the father + 2 random mutations - 0,034375% chance (55% + 2 times 2,5%) 6: 34 Points in HP - Points from the mother + 2 random mutations - 0,028125% chance 7: 46 Points in HP - Points from the father + 3 random mutations - 0,000859375% chance 8: 36 Points in HP - Points from the mother + 3 random mutations - 0,000703125% chance Options 3 to 8 are only possible if at least one of the parents has a mutation counter of less than 20 in their ancestry. The percentages stated on 5-8 are if both parents are below 20 if only one of them is below 20 you have a lot less chance for it to happen. 7 and 8 are such a rare case that for most people its a once in a lifetime thing - by probabilities one out of roughly 1500 babies gets this mutation. Also the Mutation-Counter does not mean actual mutations. If you have a male with 1 mutation point with a female with 1 mutation point the child will have 2 mutation points even if none of the stats that were mutated went over to the child because the one from the other parent was chosen. With this kept in mind if you want to get the maximum out of your breeding line I advise to first get a "clean" pair of base dino whom have all your highest stats of your breeding-dinos in but a mutation-counter of 0 => one male and at least one female. Then you start breeding those 2 together in hopes of getting more females (for faster breeding) and mutations in certain stats. After you have a mutation in lets say HP you breed the mutated dino with your unmutated base-dino so your mutation counter does not increase. This gives you a 55:45-chance to get an offspring with the mutation. The ones without the mutation you should let go since its a wasted mutation point. If you tame a new dino with one stat higher than you have in your base-pair already breed it with the base-pair - not the mutated ones - to get a new base-pair without mutations. Now lets get to color-mutations. Colors are chosen the same way as stats on the offspring with the slight change that its always 50:50 on each color-region to get the color of the father or mother. In addition every time you get a mutation (2.5% chance) you can get a different color in one region which might not even occur naturally on those dinos (cyan, yellow, red, blue etc.). You do get a color-mutation with every stat mutation but it can happen that it mutates to the same color as the parent had or that its in a region where it looks the same so you might not really see it or it can go to a color-region that is not used on the dino (like region 2 and 3 on a rex). Lastly imprinting: Imprinting improves all stats except stamina and oxygen but it has no effect on the offspring of those dinos. So only imprint on the final line you will actually use in boss-fights, harvesting or whatever you do with your dinos. No need to imprint on the breeding-dinos themselves. PS: Personally I use this tool to keep track of all the dinos stats I own but there are several good ones out there I guess: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/39942-tool-ark-smart-breeding-extract-breeding-stats-dino-library-pedigree/ Update: Changed the probabilities since with my observations over the last years it seems to be 55/45 and not the common believed 70/30 split on higher/lower stats! Breeding-Example with live data from my current server: I'm aiming to increase DMG as much as i can on those Tek Rexes without increasing any of the other stats to get the most out of the first 20 mutations (higher chance for new mutations as long as both parents are below 20). 82 is a clean male and 83-105 are clean females all level 334 - meaning none of them have any mutations on them. 115 already has 6 mutations in DMG and is level 346. Now to continue i start to make lots of eggs between 115 and the females. This can result in the following offspring: male/female level 334 - mutated dmg stat was not chosen => KILL (wasted mutation counter) male/female level 346 - mutated dmg stat was chosen but no new mutation => KILL (wasted mutation counter) male/female level 336/338/340 - mutated dmg stat was not chosen and 1-3 new mutations happened => KILL (wasted mutation counter) male/female level 348 - dmg value 63 - new mutation but not in DMG => KILL (wasted mutation counter) male/female level 350 - dmg value 63 or 65 - 2 new mutations but not both in DMG => KILL (wasted mutation counter) male/female level 352 - dmg value 63 or 65 or 67 - 3 new mutations but not all in DMG => KILL (wasted mutation counter) male/female level 348 - dmg value 65 - new mutation in DMG => KEEP male/female level 350 - dmg value 67 - 2 new mutations in DMG => KEEP male/female level 352 - dmg value 69 - 3 new mutations in DMG => KEEP If the dino in options 7-9 is a male it replaces 115 and instantly gets to mate with 83-105 again to get the next mutation. Should it happen to be a female it gets bred with 82 (the clean male) until i get a male copy of it with the dmg value in to continue the lineage. This way i ensure that only mutations in DMG go ahead and the 20 mutation points are reached only when i actually have 20 mutations in DMG to make everything go "faster".
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    Hey Survivors! I'm here to do another round of bug/issue collecting. What issues or bugs are currently affecting your gameplay? A few important notes: 1. Please only report issues that occur in singleplayer, not on a server. When fixing issues, the client and server are treated separately (that's why there is both a server update and a client update, server updates are done in minor versions and client updates are done in major versions, etc). If you had an issue that happened to you on a server, test it to see if it happens in singleplayer. If it doesn't, save it for when I post a multiplayer bug collection thread. 2. Do not report issues if you're using mods. Many times mod usage tampers with the game in unexpected ways. If you had an issue in your modded world, please try to verify if the issue happens without mods too and then report it. 3. You can help us fix bugs and issues faster by being specific! What platform are you playing on? Does this issue happen at specific coordinates (if so provide them!)? How do you make this bug or issue happen step-by-step? Can you make it happen on demand? Can you take a video or a screenshot of the problem? All of these help us. 4. If it was a bug or issue introduced in the previous patch, make sure it's not on the console/PC patch notes as something we already know about. If your bug/issue meets the requirements above, please post it below and we will try to figure out what the problem is and get it fixed. Thanks!
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    I'm having the same thing, only just noticed it but currently I'm in almost exactly the same place as you were so it may only be localized to those types of plants or the swamp region.
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    Ok, so I have posted my ‘Im back!’ topic, so I guess I can share a story with you all, now that I have returned. I won’t bore you all with the why, or the what, just about what happened on my return. I logged in on Saturday after a few months out, the base was now over the river from our previous cliff base. I get a ‘Anarki is back’ comment from one of the other players – I liked that! My tribemate has been working hard and we are in a foundation stage but I didn’t want to start off the day getting to know the layout. I wanted to borrow a Raptor and check out the local cave and so, off we went. POW, KABOOM, CLASH, SPANK! Ok, so dino’s don’t make those noises but I do when I’m on my mount attacking things! We worked our way through the cave of the Cunning (I’ve named it this due to the artefact that you get from the chest) farming chitin for our MC saddles we wanted to make for 2 of Pteras. Then we get distracted, a 145 Beetle. We were already wearing our gillies so that’s fine. We forget about the artefact and tame a pair of Beetles and return to base. I then state that the Raptor was fine but I wanted my own Sabre as that is what my tribemate was using in the cave. Off to get a Sabre then… but again we get distracted and head off to the Redwoods in search of Beehive. We spot one, and this is the first attempt at getting a bee. It falls to the ground and my tribemate chases after it trying to feed it. Finally he gets it to feed (he wasn’t sure how it worked) but a Pego comes out of nowhere and upon his wild stab with his pike – he kills the bee, typical! He then chases the Pego off a cliff to his death! Second time around after returning to get more repellent etc we are more successful but it takes an age flying the bee to the base only to discover when we are back that he could have moved it into his inventory – we really haven’t covered ourselves in glory so far today. So, weve a pair of Beetles and a Bee, my tribemate is very happy but I’m not - where is my Sabre! Ok, Ok, he says and he gets on his attack Argy and we fly over to half burnt island. We fly around a few times scanning on ongoing battles between Rexes, Scorpions, Sabres and Argys. After 20 mins we see a 145 male with nice dark colours – ‘he looks a winner’ I say and we drop down to clear the area. My tribemate clears out everything on his Argy and tells me I’m free to do the deed. I drop down, and my tribemate bola’s the beast and I lay a couple of arrows into him using my longbow. ‘NO!’ the beast drops dead and I clench my fists as I realise I hadn’t switched arrows. The pressure of taming a best after a while away from ARK obviously got to me – n00b status already gained. After apologising to my tribemate we spent another hr searching for a high lvl Sabre – nothing. I feel gutted, not only did we not get a good Sabre, I wasted about an hr and half of my tribemates time when he could have been progressing with the base – but at least we got him a pair of Beetles and a Bee.
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    @Jat Dunno what's up with the graphics after this latest patch on Xbox, but all of the bushes look worse than minecraft. Here's a link to a video on single-player split-screen ~ http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/F1nchyStryd3r/video/33883105 @ around .25 seconds in.
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    So the fact that there are duping bugs and easy ways to ddos the server isn't game breaking. Official server are being attacked by ddos daily. The ragnarok map didn't even come out on Xbox yet and all the animals looks like polygons after the last "optimization". The full game is delayed as well so yeah they're really on track.....
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    OP's problem is not configuration. If he can transfer between them but can't travel it's his router not supporting NAT loopback. Need to get a new router that supports it or get a firmware upgrade if available. The "travel" option will try to connect to the advertised IP. Which is his public internet IP. If his router does not support NAT loopback it will not be able to route the requests back to the server if they go over the prublic IP.
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    This post is updated regularly (regardless of the date posted). Please check back often for any changes to the list. To report an outage if not listed below, go to ark.gg/outage and fill out the report form. Also, be sure to check our maintenance thread for announced maintenance at ark.gg/maintenance Currently known server outages and reason(s): (L) indicates legacy server offline indicates that the server is not running currently (time is not moving forward) though is being worked on. Last Updated: 6/23/2020
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