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  1. So will xbox one be getting the tether slider back or a longer leash?
  2. @Jat in the past I thought you guys said that cosmetic skins wood be available to everyone. So are the abberations skins going to be a timed exclusive or o lay for season pass holders
  3. So hyped for dragonpunk....I really hope it comes to consoles.
  4. Since the game is close to going full release will there be any more digests or is it just going to be only community crunches from here on out?
  5. Lots of great content this time around and totally loving the newest addition to the sponsored mods program. Is there any news on the next digest? There are a lot of questions
  6. Hmmm I wonder if we will actually see the "extra long whip and lasso".
  7. twitchy1992

    Mysterious Mysteries

    Seeing as prehistoric means the time before recorded history these new creatures in mysterious mysteries and the ice age beasts are still prehistoric creatures. Plus there were a plethora of prehistoric bugs
  8. Love the bolas. I can't wait for all the mischief this is gnna cause on xbox. Also new arena look sweet
  9. Awesome. Broodmother arena looks sweet...where is the cave goin to be at I wonder
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