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Community Crunch 402: Oasisaur Concept, Bob's Tall Tales, and More!

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On 3/30/2024 at 9:29 AM, MMaas said:

Except you could not repair them if someone else decided to pilar a beach or so. I know there were workarounds but just try see it from a fresh build character without acces to teksuits, trying to build his first farm.

Not everyone starts with lvl 100 on day 1.

Yeah ik but my point is that regardless of whatever problems the pipes had, the railways are almost guaranteed to have all of them and then some.

just because a bad mechanic exists/used to exist isn’t an excuse for future mechanics to make the same mistake

in fact I’d argue that because pipes had issues like that, they should have seen the issues with the railroad and not added it, unless they’ve found a solution that thus far eludes me

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