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"Great game"


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This game is so amazing. Between the amazing hard work you have to do after losing everything to invisible bosses or loot drops. Or even the satisfaction of having a water dino you spent hours taming suddenly die for no reason just so you can have a wonderful time getting the resources to do it all over again. How incredible it is having to do the tek cave multiple times because you don't get the implant as intended so you get the joy of doing it all over again. I'm so glad that wildcard really cares about its community by keeping things the way they are too. But also by worrying more about things like transfers, a different map, and just overall things that keep it the way it is in this great state... It's really awesome having to be right in front of a giga, charc, quetzal, etc. So it can render in close enough so you can get the full appreciation of its colors and textures. Really a "Great game" so great in fact that I've stopped playing, Uninstalled, and requested a refund not only because it's too good to play. But also because the support is so great that when you submit a ticket they respond at the earliest convenience of weeks or even months later. 



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