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ARK: Survival Ascended on PlayStation and an Update on Windows Battleye


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38 minutes ago, Fico said:

I hope its only me seeing that cuz no way im buying it lol 

I just saw in CC 368 the following:

Given the news:

ARK: Survival Ascended will now be launching at an Early Access price point of $44.99
with a launch-discount bringing it to $39.99.

We had initially planned to ship with more content on Day One, but that won’t be happening, so we’re adjusting the launch price accordingly.

So for PS5 launch €339 is wrong buit the €44,99 I see is also not correct.
Well played...


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16 minutes ago, MMaas said:

Ich habe gerade in CC 368 Folgendes gesehen:

Angesichts der Neuigkeiten:

ARK: Survival Ascended wird jetzt zu einem Early-Access-Preis von 44,99 $ erscheinen,
mit einem Startrabatt von 39,99 $.

Wir hatten ursprünglich geplant, am ersten Tag mit mehr Inhalten auszuliefern, aber das wird nicht passieren, also passen wir den Einführungspreis entsprechend an.

Für den PS5-Start sind also 339 € falsch, aber die 44,99 €, die ich sehe, sind auch nicht korrekt.
Gut gespielt...


Naja wenn man ase kostenlos gespielt hat ,dann ist es nur Kleingeld 😉

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Gz, the game is now back to a worse state than before xbox release on official servers. 3 rollbacks in 2 hours on 5183. Well done guys, your really know how to do your jobs!

Tell me again why you guys don't fix bugs, and just keep releasing the game on new platforms?

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So far not pleased. Yall spent way more time tweaking esthetics in menu looks and crap rather then just fixing the crashing, rubber banding, and response times. Also. Your greenhouse glass looks like @ss. Make it clear and not blurry and tinted. Or at least give us the option to choose a plain window pane PLEASE. Plus the center gravitating cursor like in inventory and other options needs to go because it feels like I have stick drift and I know I don't. there's tons more issues obviously but most will be or has already been mentioned by other players so.

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On 11/29/2023 at 5:44 AM, St1ckyBandit said:

No Playstation only servers is a joke.

This remake has less server options than the previous game from 2017. Way to take a step back with this subpar cash grab.

You left all the bugs and glitches in from ASE, couldnt you just leave the playstation only servers in too.


This is ridiculous i dont know why they havent released ps5 only servers i dnt want to have to use my phone as a way to communicate. Its just more complicated when you have to play with xbox tribe mates and they dont own a ps5. Same with pc.

Wild card plz throw sum ps5 ONLY SERVERS OUT!!....or if they not gunna do it can u take the ps5 servers option out cuz it dont even function 

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when will the Windows Battle eye for pvp be fixed. ive been playing on cloud play and decided to install it.. now i cant play on my pvp server because i guess the install for pc is different.. so no pvp servers unless i uninstall and continue to use the cloud.. secondly ,, this pillar and now cryo fridge land claiming system peopel are using in place of pillars , thats going on is ridiculous.. y'all have got to do something about people land claiming the whole map! Its totally annoying and is ruining the game for everyone.. shouldn't be able to put cryo fridge on ground.. that would stop that.. ause the fridge is giving 45 days decay timer..and they are everywhere on every server ive been too.. new and old..its said this is happening yet again on another new game of yours and you did nothing to stop or change it from people being able to litter the map with claims..taking any advantage a player might could find away so there are no places to build.. Its BS WildCard! Fix IT!

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mis spelled
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