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  1. It is NOT the Filter!!!! i also have the bug and there is nothing i can do. I am not able to Access the bench. Anything Else works Game is so trash at the Moment and boring. I am done now
  2. I think we all know that Scorched wont be coming in April. To be honest we all should face that this year only one more Map, Maximum two Maps, will release. All we get will be (maybe buggy) Events that Start later than announced. I think by December 2024 we will have Center and Scorched but that its. I am still playing but only once or twice a week so i think this Game will be done silently soon enough for me.
  3. Poor you. Now it is again the fault of WC that you dont know What to do After 300 hours seriously. Get a Life Bro. Its Not their fault that you put so much time in it and complain about Lack of content. Omg it is so annoying
  4. Wow Bro i think you should Start as a Programmer at wildcard. I think with your help the Game will be polished in a week and we have 3 maps
  5. How blind are you? So you buy a Game, ASA, which was clear to be just a Remake and now you complain? Omg cant believe how dumn people Are nowadays
  6. I do have a lot of fun in the Game but yes, the rates Are a joke, the ongoing Server crashes Are pure pain and the laggs horrible That should be Priority #1. But we know it is not. Still the Rhynio disappeared completley and no Word from wildcard. Like always.
  7. And dont forget the ongoing Crap Servers that Crash every Day at least twice. The rollbacks every Day. The new issues coming almost every week, introducing ryhnio not spawning as the newest feature Just a shame what WC is doing. They should Sell this ip and the 3 talented people to an actual Gaming Company
  8. Since they dont communicate at all yeah, that is correct
  9. I bet They fix it on the last Day of the Event so that once again no one has a Chance to reach some goals reptar this
  10. More than 4 hours delay and no Communication on that. Server Crash Couple days before and no Word on people that los days of Gaming. Now 2x Rates, Rhynio broken and Not spawning anymore, Server disconnects and crashes every couple of hours. I love the Game but in the current State Its just a mess.
  11. Seems like you have to either die and respawn or fast Travel. After that it should be Shown in the cosmetics in Ur inventory Of course you gotta Download the mods in the Main Menu before
  12. How on earth do i use the new cosmetics on PS5? I downloaded them. And what then?!
  13. So cool to have Server transfers with one Map. I dont Even know where to Travel first!
  14. I am on official PVE in ASA and quite happy with the game. Would Never Play ASE again
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