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3 hours ago, GrumpyBear said:

I'd doubt it. 

Microsoft has been extremely strict on not letting a game launch on the series X without the S.

Baldur's Gate 3 has been delayed for months just because of split screen problems on the S.

I doubt Microsoft would let the Ark get published to Xbox at all without Series S support.

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11 hours ago, TerrierOfBoston said:

Hello. I saw that asa came out on xbox and flocked to go buy it. I play on a series S and its not letting me buy the game.  I dont know why its doing this but is the Series S compatible with the game?

[I'm on Xbox S]

Yes, it is playable on Xbox S.

I purchased and downloaded without problems, tested the access to the Servers and the connection is stable [with defects, latencies, elastic effect, etc.. but] and I have not had any crashes in 3 hours of trials (including Single Player, Official Server PC, Unofficial). 

For those who are wondering: yes, I also wanted to try downloading a Mod (A.A. and U+) for testing and I can confirm that they are installed and working (you just need to restart the game, with closing from Quickresume). 

Now I'm just waiting for the Xbox Servers only to open, and to try to see if in the game settings it is possible to increase the graphic quality (standard = little better than ASE, but far from expectations and from what we see from the videos on PC even at medium level)

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